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14 April 2011

germanic linguistics-laws, Grimm's, Verner's, etc. Important to know for gmc linguistics

Sound Change
breakthrough in comparative linguistics initiated by Danish scholar Rasmus Rask and German linguist Jacob Grimm 
-         research on relationship between Germanic languages and the rest of Indo-European
-         in 1786 William Jones already said:
…the Gothic (Germanic) … though blended with a very different idiom, had the same origin with the Sanskrit.                                                                                             
-         Grimm and Rask investigated this relationship of correspondences between Germanic
and the classical I-E (Indo-European) languages
àtheir goal: to show Germanic is a part of the I-E language family
àinterest especially on differences in pronunciation of Germanic
 result was published in 1818 and 1819
àwork proved Germanic languages are part of I-E
àprovided set of systematic sound changes which differentiated Germanic languages
    from classical languages
àsimilar set of sound changes differentiating German from the rest of Germanic
àset of systematic changes is called Grimm`s Law (in German: First Germanic
    Sound Shift) 

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