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23 February 2016

Proto-Indo-European nominals (PIE grammar)

map: location of various
Indo-European peoples in
Europe & Anatolia, c.
1000 BC
Published, edited, formatted & annotated (in red) by Kenneth S. Doig

map: western Eurasia: Indo-European peoples c. 800 BC

(websource: Wikipedia)

Nominals in the Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) include nouns, adjectives and pronouns. Their grammatical forms and meanings have been reconstructed by modern linguists based on similarities found across all Indo-European (IE) languages. This article discusses nouns and adjectives, while Proto-Indo-European pronouns are treated elsewhere.

21 January 2013

(some of) The techniques of historical linguistics

Published, edited, images added & annotations/comments (in red) by Kenneth S DoigFrom Logo

The techniques of historical linguistics

In the course of the 19th century when Indo-European (IE) studies evolved as a science in its own right various techniques and methods were developed which help the linguist to arrive at solid facts about previous stages of a language. 

Of all the methods, the two listed at the beginning below are the main ones, the next two representing additional techniques which can be useful occasionally; the last phenomenon quoted below is important when one is considering the plausibility of change.

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