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26 April 2011

racial types in Iceland, gun-rights, sexy women and my family-album in this not well-written post--but it's fun


This blog deals NOT only with the academic subjects we find in books (which I love and have many, or linguistics or other laboratories, classrooms, museums, or archaeological sites, but it also deals with the world of the living, what we(people of indo-European [IE], primarily of Germanic ancestry) do for fun, how we date and meet the opposite-sex, trends, "fashions and the here and now". I try to write in a matter (which I believe is not to nerdishly professor-like, I know most scientific-linguistic terminology, but why night use native-English words that anyone can understand instead of creating a huge specialized vocabulary/lingo made up of foreign, usually Greek and Latin (even though they are distant indo-European relatives), why not use everyday words made up of either Germanic Anglo-Saxon or long-time resident loanwords (from extremely closely related north-Germanic Norse, brought primarily by vikings from Denmark,, felt to be totally native to us English-speakers,everyday simple core-English words like; they, them, their, skirt, egg and hundreds more and even more in Scots, the modern-Scottish Germanic language derived from northumbrian [Anglic] Old-English with a huge amount of loanwords from fellow Teutons, the Vikings from Norway and quite a few non-Germanic but IE-Celtic, either from the Brythonnic p-celtic, Welsh-like as were classical Gaulish and Leptonic, and obviously Celtic-Gaelic, a Goidelic-Celtic, q-Celtic family brought to Scotland by the Gaels/Goidels from Ireland. While the Celtic-Nordic Kelt's were essentially of the same IE race, culture, religion as the Germanic's, linguistically, Celtic, while related, was but a distant cousin. By the way, Ireland is racially far more Gaelic/Celtic than Scotland, both linguistically and racially. Scotland by DNA-analyses is about 50% of the same race as the ancient northern-Germans, Frisians and southwestern Danes, which makes sense since that is where the anglian tribes originated, Jutland Denmark, then had to migrated (and intermarry with other very closely related Germanic tribes, like the Saxons and Frisians on their march to the coast to set sail for Britain. The vast majority if lowland-Scots, except many in Galloway who are of ancient Brythonnic Celtic blood who could speak and understand the Welsh and Cumbrians. It is the darkest-haired and eyed region in Scotland, as many of the British-Celts have a lot of pre-indo-European Mediterranean or Atlanto-Mediterranean, these were the main races in the British Isles before the first Indo-Europeans settled there, these were the very Nordic Celts, probably the Goidels (q-dialect, ancestors to the Irish and many Scots) then later by p-Celtic-speaking tribes from Gaul. It seems like the goidels/Gaels were parts of the really ancient Celts that moved SW into Spain and Portugal and some mixed with the non-IE, Mediterranean Iberians, this is historical fact, but especially the Irish and welsh have certain DNA-markers in common with the Spanish and Portuguese and an even stronger DNA-connection to the non-IE basques. By the way, many Spanish basques are and were before the Celts, very dolichocephalic with a high percentage of the Atlanto-Mediterranean race (found all along the fringes of western Europe and some in the Mediterranean Basin. (more later)

a classic westcoast-Norwegian
Trønder with Hallstatt pre-

Icelandic Trønder i.e. westcoast Norwegian, ie.
a stabilized mix of upperpaleolithic (they were
already in northwestern Europe when the indo-
european-speaking, proto-indo-european (PIE)
mediterraneans (gmc-nordic/hallstatts & to a

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