Here are a few ancient Germanic words used in several Western European languages (French, English, Spanish...). Note that the translations in English and Latin languages derived from each old Germanic word do not always mean the same.

Old Norse origin (8th to 12th century)

- steik : steak (steak in French, bistec in Spanish)

Old North French origin (10th to 12th century)

- escauwage : scavenger (related to O.H.G. scouwon and O.E. sceawian)

Frankish origin (3rd to 6th century)

- baro : baron (baron in French and Spanish, barone in Italian)
- bannjan : abandon (abandonner in French, abbandonare in Italian), bandit (bandit in French, bandito in Italian and Spanish)
- bera : beer (bière in French, birra in Italian)
- binda : band (bande in French, banda in Italian and Spanish)