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27 February 2015

East-Nordid race

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young women of eastern Nordic type
 (i.e., East-Nordid)

Published, edited, reformatted, certain images (the risqué ones) added & annotations/comments (in red) by Kenneth S. Doig

The name, coined by Lundman, derives either from the association of the type with eastern Europe, or from its eastern provenience in relation to the Hallstatt and Keltic Nordid types.
Tanya DziahilevaShe does have an East-Nordid
influence which can be seen in the higher cranial
vault, narrower- & higher-bridged nose & probably
fairer pigmentation

Stabilized blend of a dominant high-headed Corded element with less important eastern European gracilized low-headed Cro-Magnoids, the former of which is often resurgent in East-Nordid individuals.

Swedish Hallstatt-Nordic,
(Elsa Sylvan), close
kin to East-Nordid's 

Other elements, e.g. Hallstatt Nordid, may have been involved, but they are secondary to the above-mentioned. For further speculation on the topic of Nordid origins, please review the main page of the Nordish Gallery.

24 September 2014

Gudmund Schütte (1872 -1958) Danish philologist & historian specializing in Germanic studies & Danish prehistory.

Goldshilling from c. 385-970 AD, found in Ribe, Denmark.
Seems to depict the æsir/ása-religion
Published, edited, annotations/commentary (in red) & images added by Kenneth S. Doig
Béowulfs genealogy, etc.
If you're interested in an in-depth (somewhat refreshingly dated view) on Germanic studies, mythology, legends, anthropology  civilization, etc.,  do everything you can to get your hands on either an e-book or the real book below. K.S,Doig

22 July 2014

"The Scythians" (Nordic Iranians)

Published & edited by Kenneth S. Doig

The Scythians
What the Kelts were to western Europe, the Scythians and their relatives became, at about the same time, to the treeless plains to the east.
Riding astride, wearing trousers, and sleeping in covered wagons, they spread rapidly over the grasslands of eastern Europe and western central-Asia, shifting so adroitly that Darius with his army could not catch them, and disappearing almost as rapidly from the face of eastern Europe as they had appeared.

24 August 2013

"Who were the ancient Central-Asians?" An extremely brief & simplistic 'article'

Published, edited, images added & commentary (in redletter) by Kenneth S. Doig
Sacae writes:

Rob, were the ancient central Asians White just like Europeans, were they Slavic?

28 February 2013

Published, images added & formatted by Kenneth S. Doig

(websource: Aegeus—Society for Aegean Prehistory)
05 June 2012

Stella G. Souvatzi, 2008. A Social Archaeology of Households in Neolithic Greece: An Anthropological Approach, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Hardback, 320 p., 82 figures, 7 tables, 25.3x17.7 cm, ISBN 978-0521836890

Reviewed by Maria Chaloglou, PhD candidate, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
(mchaloglou [at]

This monograph is the product of Stella Souvatzi’s doctoral thesis which she received from Cambridge University in 2000. The

26 February 2013

More Fun with Swedish Girls? Functions of a German Heterostereotype

Published, edited, images added and commentary (in red) by Kenneth S. Doig

Personally, having been to Scandinavia  times and gaving lived in Gothenburg and Oslo, the women there are almost all beautiful. Tiger Wood's wife is a "plain Jane." I noticed that in nightclubs and bars, Danish girls were by far the most aggressive and sexual, closely followed by Norwegians. I have never picked up a girl in Sweden, Swedes are obsessed with the reputations and tend to be very respectable, but when they go! In thruth, they are no more promiscuous than American girls. K.S.Doig

More fun with Swedish girls: 
Functions of a German heterostereotype. SM SCHRÖDER, M DALE Ethnologia Scandinavica 27, 122-137, Royal Gustav Adolf Academy, 1997.
More Fun with Swedish Girls? Functions of a German Heterostereotype
By Stephan Michael Schröder
“More fun with Swedish girls”, tempts a small

20 January 2013

"Grant vs. Boas" : physical/medical anthropology vs politically correct "cultural anthropology"

Published, edited, comments/annotations (in red) & images (with captions) by Kenneth S. Doig

Grant vs. Boas

In case you were wondering, Kevin MacDonald did not ghostwrite the following article. Spiro is Jewish and Patterns of Prejudice is an organ of the "Institute for Jewish Policy Research".

Spiro, Jonathan P. "Nordic vs. anti-Nordic: the Galton Society and the American Anthropological Association," Patterns of Prejudice 36:1 (2002): 35-48.

18 October 2012

"Dutch Ancestry - two NYT articles"


Published, edited & images added by Kenneth S. Doig

 (from the race/history/evolution blog)

Dutch ancestry - two NYT articles

The Van Dusens of New Amsterdam:  
As with the Old Testament patriarch who gave birth to a nation, it all began with Abraham, whose forebears were from the town of Duersen in northern

09 July 2012

What "Greek gods" actually looked like

                                                                                                       ANCIENT GREEK ART'S EVOLUTION (


(from the race/history/evolution notes blog)

Men's Health reports the following measurements for the Doryphoros at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts:

06 March 2012

"Boasianism as a cult"

Published by Kenneth S. Doig(from race/history/evolution notes)

Gelya Frank. Jews, Multiculturalism, and Boasian Anthropology. American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 99, No. 4 (Dec., 1997), pp. 731-745.

THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN a lively, if sometimes hushed, in-house discourse about American anthropology's Jewish origins and their meaning. 
The preponderance of Jewish intellectuals in the early years of Boasian anthropology and the Jewish identities of anthropologists in subsequent

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