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27 June 2012

Carleton Coon on the origin of races

Carleton Coon races Pleistocene.png


Desmond asked: If you have a moment possibly you could explain Coon's theory of racial origin.

20 October 2011

"Mongoloidness" & pigmentation among Finno-Ugric peoples


Heapost, L. INDEX OF MONGOLOIDNESS AND PIGMENTATION IN K. MARK STUDIES. Papers on Anthropology; 2004, Vol. 13, p18-37.

The paper presents an overview of some descriptive anthropological traits of Finno-Ugrians and their neighbouring peoples (133 local ethnic groups, 13,000 individuals). To compare all the ethnic groups between themselves the index of Mongoloidness (MI) was calculated on the basis of eight traits and the index of pigmentation (PI) on the basis of two traits. The results were compared on a correlation field. Here, two tendencies expressing different directions could be discerned: 1) a grouping where the decrease in MI is accompanied by the increase in PI (most Baltic Finns and Erza Mordvinians, Terjuhans and Finnish Swedes); 2) a grouping, which includes most other Finno-Ugric peoples. Here a tendency can be noticed of both indexes increasing in the same direction. A compact grouping that deserves special attention here includes the ethnic groups with the highest values of MI and PI (most Mari, part of Udmurts, northern and Kola Sami, also one group of Chuvash and Tatars). The comparison of ethnic groups on the basis of these indexes provides a graphic overview of the morphological peculiarities of the peoples which are in one way or another

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