16 May 2011


Published & formatted by K.S. Doig

imper. sing, 1st pres indic gán
gab- see gaf-
gabban [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gabbeð past gabede ptp gegabed to scoff, mock, delude, jest
gabbung [] f (-e/-a) scoffing, mocking, gibing, jesting
gabere [] m (-es/-as) enchanter, charmer
gabote [] f (-an/-an) platter, small dish, dessert-dish, side-dish [L gabata]
gád [] 1. 1 n (-es/-) lack, want, need, desire [Goth gaidw]; 2. f (-e/-a) goad, point of a weapon, arrow-head, spear-head, sting, prick
gada1 [] m (-n/-n) comrade, companion [Ger gatte]

gaderian see gadrian
gaderscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) wedlock, marriage, matrimony
gadertang [] adj continuous, united, connected with
gadertangnes [] f (-se/-sa) continuation
gadertengan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gadertengeð past gadertengde ptp gegadertenged to continue, join
gaderung1 [] f (-e/-a) gathering together; gathering, congregation; union, connection; joining, council, assembly, crowd; text
gaderwist1 [] f (-e/-a) companionship, intercourse, dwelling together
gádinca [] m (-n/-n) wether sheep, maimed animal?
gádíren [] n (-es/-) goad, goad-iron
gádísen [] n (-es/-) goad, goad-iron
gador see geador
gador- see gader-, gadr-
gadrian1 [] wv/t2 to gather, gather together, unite; agree, refl assemble; collect, store up; pluck (flowers, etc); compile; associate (with); concentrate (thoughts); [geador]
gadrigendlic [] adj collective, congregative
gaf [] adj base, vile, lewd;
gaf see geaf, past 3rd sing of giefan
gafel see gafol
gafeluc [] m (-es/-as) spear, javelin
gaffetung [] f (-e/-a) scoffing, mocking
gafol [] 1. n (gafles/-) gift, offering, tribute, tax, duty, due, debt; interest, usury, profit, rent; settan tó ~ to let land; 2. f (-e/-a) fork
gafolbere [] m (-es/-as) barley paid as rent
gafolfisc [] m (-es/-as) fish paid as rent
Gafolford [] m (-a/-a) Camelford, Cornwall; [gafol tribute, ford a ford: a tributary ford]
gafolfréo [] adj tax-free
gafolgeréfa [] m (-n/-n) tax gatherer, publican
gafolgielda [] m (-n/-n) tributary, tenant, debtor, tributary-payer; rent-payer, renter of land as opposed to the owner
gafolgyld [] n (-es/-) The public chest, state treasury, public revenues; In the times of the emperors, the imperial treasury, imperial revenues, emperor's privy purse [fiscus], revenue
gafolgylda [] m (-n/-n) tribute-payer, tributary
gafolgyldere [] m (-es/-as) tributary, debtor, tribute-payer
gafolheord [] f (-e/-a) taxable swarm (of bees), taxable stock or hive of bees
gafolhwítel [] m (-hwítles/-hwítlas) tribute-blanket, tribute-whittle, a legal tender instead of coin for the rent of a hide of land
gafolian1 [] wv/t2 to rent (land); confiscate, seize as tribute
gafolland [] n (-es/-) leased land, land let for rent or services
gafollic [] adj fiscal, tributary, of or belonging to tribute
gafolmǽd [] f (-we/-wa) meadow which was mown as part of the rent
gafolmanung [] f (-e/-a) place of tribute or custom
gafolpenig [] m (-penges/-pengas) tribute-penny
gafolrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) tribute, rent
gafolrand [] m (-es/-as) a pair of compasses
gafolswán [] m (-es/-as) swine-herd who paid rent, or part of his stock, in kind for permission to feed his pigs on the land, tribute-swain
gafoltíning [] f (-e/-a) fencing-wood given as part of the rent
gafolwydu [] m (-wydwes/-wydwas) firewood supplied as part of the rent
gafolyrð [] f (-e/-a) ploughing, etc. done by a gebúr as part of his rent, cultivation of tribute-land
gafsprǽc1 [] f (-e/-a) foolish speech, scurrility
gaful see gafol
gagátes [] m (-es/-as) agate, jet, precious stone; indecl
gagátstán [] m (-es/-as) agate, jet, precious stone
gagel [] m? (gagles/gaglas) gale, sweet gale, bog-myrtle
gagelcroppan [] m pl tufts of gale
gagelle f see gagel
gagolle f see gagel
gagol [] 1. see gál; 2. see gagel
gagolbǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) wantonness, luxury, riot
gagolisc [] adj light, wanton
gal [] adjectival suffix perpetual, continual
gál [] 1. n (-es/-) lust, luxury, wantonness, lightness, folly, levity; 2. adj gay, light, pleasant, wanton; proud, wicked, licentious
galan1 [] sv/t6 3rd pres gælþ past gól/on ptp gegalen to sing, enchant, call, cry, scream; sing charms, practice incantation
galder- see galdor-
galdere [] m (-es/-as) enchanter, charmer, sorcerer, diviner, soothsayer
galdor [] n (galdres/galdru) sound, song, incantation, spell, enchantment
galdorcræft [] m (-es/-as) occult art, incantation, art of enchanting, magic art
galdorcræftiga [] m (-n/-n) wizard, one skillfull or crafty in enchantments, enchanter
galdorcwide [] m (-es/-as) incantation, magic saying, magic song
galdorgalend [] m (-es/-) enchanter
galdorgalere [] m (-es/-as) wizard, enchanter, soothsayer
galdorléoþ [] n (-es/-) incantation, magic song, enchantment, song, spell
galdorsang [] m (-es/-as) incantation
galdorword [] n (-es/-) magic word, word of incantation
galdre [] m (-es/-as) wizard, magician
galdricge [] f (-an/-an) enchantress
galdru nom, acc pl of galdor
galend [] m (-es/-) enchanter
galere [] m (-es/-as) wizard, snake-charmer
gálferhþ [] adj wanton, licentious, mind-lustful
gálfréols [] m (-es/-as) revel, licentious festival, [lupercalia]
gálful [] adj wanton, lustful, luxurious, licentious; adv ~líce lustfully, luxuriously
galg- see gealg-
gálian [] wv/i2 to be wanton
Galiléa [] m? (-n/-n) Galilee
Galiléisc [] adj Galilean
galla see gealla
gallac see galloc
Galleas [] m pl Gauls, Franks, French
galled see gealled
Gallia ríce [] n (-es/-u) France, the kingdom of the Gauls
Gallias [] m pl Gauls, Franks, French
gállic [] adj lustful
Gallie see Galleas
Gallisc [] adj Gaulish, French, belonging to Gaul
galloc [] m (-es/-as) comfrey, gall-apple
Galmanhó [] ? (-?/- ?) an Anglo-Saxon abbey at York, afterwards St. Mary’s
gálmód [] adj wanton, licentious, light-minded
gálnes [] f (-se/-sa) frivolity, wantonness, lust, lustfulness; luxury, extravagance
gálscipe [] m (-es/-as) excess, luxury, lustfulness, lasciviousness, wantonness, lewdness; pride
gálsere [] m (-es/-as) licentious person, lustful man
gálsmǽre [] adj frivolous, facetious, jocose, light, laughing, giggling
galung [] f (-e/-a) incantation [galan]
Galwalas [] m pl Gauls, Frenchmen, people of Gaul in a body; Gaul, France
gálwrǽne [] adj luxurious, lecherous
gambe see gombe
gamel see gamol
gamelic see gamenlic
gamen [] n (-es/-) sport, joy, mirth, pastime, game, amusement, pleasure
gamenian [] wv/t2 to pun, play, joke, game
gamenlic [] adj belonging to games, theatrical; ridiculous; adv ~líce artfully, sportfully, deceitfully
gamenung [] f (-e/-a) gaming, jesting, playing, pastime
gamenwáð [] f (-e/-a) merry journey, joyous path
gamenwudu2 [] m (-wes/-was) harp, musical instrument, pleasure-wood, glee-wood
gamian see gamenian
gamnian see gamenian
gamol2 [] adj old, aged, hoary, ancient [ge-, -mǽl]
gamolfeax2 [] adj grey-haired, with hoary-locks
gamolferhð [] adj old, aged, advanced in age
gamolian [] wv/i2 to grow old
gán past 3rd sing of gínan
gán1 [] irreg v/i 3rd pres gǽð past eode ptp is gegangen to go, come, move, proceed, advance, traverse, walk; depart, go away; happen, turn out, take place; ge~ get, gain, conquer, occupy, overrun; ge~ observe, practice, exercise, effect; tógædre/tógædere/tógadere ~ to engage in battle; on tún ~ to appear to men; tó gedréoge ~ to ease oneself; tó scrifte ~ to go to confession; tó setle ~ to set (of the sun); on hand ~ to submit; ~ tó swǽsendum to go to dinner;
gancgan see gangan
Gandis [] indecl f the river Ganges
gandra [] m (-n/-n) gander
ganet see ganot
gang [] 1. m (-es/-as) going, journey, progress, track, footprint; flow, stream, step, way, passage, course, course (of time), path, bed; passage, drain, privy; pl steps, platform, stage; legal process; 2. imperat, past sing of gangan
gangan [] sv/i7 3rd pres gengð past géong/on ptp is gegangen to go, walk, turn out
gangdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Perambulation days, one of the three processional days before Ascension day or Holy Thursday, Rogation day, when the boundaries of parishes and districts were traversed
gangehere see ganghere
gangelwæfre see gangewifre
gangende [] adj alive; going on foot
gangere [] m (-es/-as) a ganger, footman
gangern [] n (-es/-) privy [ærn]
gangewifre [] f (-an/-an) (a weaver as he goes), spider
gangfeormere [] m (-es/-as) jakes-farmer, privy-cleanser
ganggeteld [] n (-es/-) portable tent, traveling tent, tent, pavillion
ganghere [] m (-es/-as) army of foot-soldiers, foot-army, infantry
gangpytt [] m (-es/-as) privy
gangsetl [] n (-es/-) privy
gangstól [] m (-es/-as) privy
gangtún [] m (-es/-as) latrine, privy
gangweg [] m (-es/-as) thoroughfare, gangway, way, road
Gangwuce [] f (-an/-an) Rogation week, the week of Holy Thursday
gánian [] wv/t2 to yawn, gape, open
ganot [] m (-es/-as) gannet, sea-bird, water-fowl, swan, fen-duck; ~es bæð the sea
ganra see gandra
gánung [] f (-e/-a) yawning; gaping (in scorn)
gapian see ofer~
gár2 [] 1. m (-a/-a) spear, dart, javelin, shaft, arrow, weapon, arms; 2. tempest?, piercing cold?, sharp pain?; 3. see gára
gára [] m (-n/-n) spear-man
gára [] m (-n/-n) corner, point of land, cape, promontory; strip of cloth, saddle cloth [gár]
gáræcer [] m (-es/-as) a pointed strip of land
gárbéam [] m (-es/-as) spear-shaft, the wood or handle of a javelin
gárberend2 [] m (-es/-) warrior, soldier, javelin-bearer
gárcéne [] adj bold in fight, bold in arms, spear-bold
gárclife [] f (-an/-an) agrimony
gárcwealm [] m (-es/-as) death by the spear
Gár-Dene [] m pl spear-Danes, Danes who fought with spears, armed or warlike Danes
gare see gearo
gáre see gár
gárfaru2 [] f (-e/-a) warlike expedition, martial expedition
gárgetrum [] n (-es/-u) armed company, troop armed with spears, javelins
gárgewinn2 [] n (-es/-) fight with spears, battle, spear-war
gárhéap [] m (-es/-as) band of warriors, spear-band, armed-band
gárholt [] n (-es/-) shafted spear, javelin-shaft, javelin
gárléac [] n (-es/-) garlic
gármitting [] f (-e/-a) battle, meeting of spears or javelins
gárníþ [] m (-es/-as) conflict, war, spear-battle, spear-war
gárrǽs [] m (-es/-rásas) battle, war, warfare, rush of spears
gársecg [] m (-es/-as) spear-man, ocean; sea
gártorn [] m (-es/-as) fighting rage, spear-anger, rage of darts
gárþracu [] f (-e/-a) battle [dat ~þræce]
gárþríst [] adj bold, daring, spear-bold, daring with a spear
garuwe see gearwe
gárwiga [] m (-n/-n) spearman, warrior
gárwígend [] m (-es/-) spearman, warrior
gárwudu [] m (-a/-a) spear-shaft, lance, javelin, spear-wood
gásríc [] m (-es/-as) savage animal
gast see giest
gást [] m (-es/-as) breath; soul, spirit, ghost, life, mind; good or bad spirit, angel, demon; Holy Ghost; man, human being
gástan [] wv/t1b to meditate? [geáscian]
gástberend2 [] m (-es/-) living soul, man, spirit-bearer, soul-bearer
gástbona [] m (-n/-n) soul-slayer, the Devil
gástbrúcende [] adj practicing in the spirit
gástcofa [] m (-n/-n) breast, spirit’s chamber
gástcund [] adj spiritual
gástcwalu [] f (-e/-a) torment, pains of hell, torment of soul
gástcyning [] m (-es/-as) soul’s king, God
gástedóm [] m (-es/-as) spirituality
gástgedál2 [] n (-es/-) death, separation of soul and body
gástgehygd2 [] n (-es/-) thought, thought of mind
gástgemynd [] n (-es/-) thought, thought of mind or spirit
gástgeníðla [] m (-n/-n) devil, persecutor or foe of souls
gástgerýne2 [] n (-s/-u) ghostly or spiritual mystery, mystery of the mind; thought, consideration
gástgewinn [] n (-es/-) pains of hell, torment of soul
gástgiefu [] f (-e/-a) special gift of the Holy Spirit (e.g., the gift of tongues)
gásthálig2 [] adj holy in the spirit, holy, spirit-holy
gástléas [] adj lifeless, dead
gástlic [] adj spiritual, holy; clerical (not lay); ghastly, ghostly, spectral; adv ~líce spiritually
gástlufu2 [] f (-e/-a) spiritual love, soul’s love
gástsunu2 [] m (-a/-a) spiritual son, Christ; Godes ~ Christ
gat see geat
gát [] f (gǽte/gǽt) she-goat; [gen sing -gǽt, -gáte; dat sing ~gǽt; nom/acc pl ~gǽt; gen pl ~gáta; dat pl ~gátum]
gátahierde see gáthyrde
gátahús [] n (-es/-) goat-house
gátaloc [] n (-es/-u) goat-house
gátbucca [] m (-n/-n) he-goat
gátehǽr [] n (-es/-) goat’s hair
Gáteshéafod [] n (-héafdes/-) Gateshead, near Newcastle, Durham
gátetréow [] n (-treowes/-) cornel tree?
gáthyrde [] m (-es/-as) goat-herd
gatu see geat
gátwoðe [] f (-an/-an) goatweed [gát]
gáþ pres pl of gán
see geá
gǽc see géac
gæd [] n (-es/gadu) society, fellowship, union, being together
gædeling2 [] m (-es/-as) kinsman, fellow, companion, companion in arms, comrade
gæder- see gader-
gædr- see gadr-
gæf see geaf, past 3rd sing if giefan
gæfe see giefu
gæfel see gafol
gǽfon see géafon, past pl of giefan
gǽgon see for~, ofer~
gǽlan [] wv/t1b to hinder, delay, impede, keep in suspense; intr to linger, hesitate, delay; dupe
gæleð 3rd pres sing of galan
gǽling [] m (-es/-as) delay
gǽlnes see gálnes
gǽls [] m (-es/-as) pride, wantonness, luxury, extravagance; (worldly) care; a greedy person
gǽlsa [] m (-n/-n) pride, wantonness, luxury, extravagance; (worldly) care; a greedy person
gǽlslic [] adj. luxurious, extravagant [luxuriosus]
gælð pres 3rd sing of galan
gælwan see á~
gæmnian see gamennian
gǽn- see géan-
gǽan see ~
Gænt [] m (-es/-as) Ghent in Flanders
gæp [] adj cautious, shrewd, subtle
gǽp see géap
gær- see gear-, græ-
gǽr see géar
gǽred [] adj wedge-shaped
gærs [] n (-es/garsu) grass, blade (of grass), herb, young corn, hay, plant; pasture
gærsama see gærsuma
gærsbedd [] n (-es/-) (grass-bed), grave
gærscíð [] m (-es/-as) blade of grass
gærsgréne [] adj grass-green
gærshoppa [] m (-n/-n) grasshopper, locust
gærshoppe [] f (-an/-an) grasshopper, locust
gærsstapa see gærstapa
gærsswín [] n (-es/-) pasturage-swine
gærstapa [] m (-n/-n) grasshopper, locust
gærstún [] m (-es/-as) grass-enclosure, meadow
gærstúndíc [] m (-es/-as) grass-meadow-dike
gærsum [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) jewel, costly gift, treasure, riches
gærswyrt [] f (-e/-e) herba, grass
gærsyrð [] f (-e/-a) pasturage in return for ploughing-labor
gǽsne [] adj w.g. or w. on + dat deprived of, wanting, destitute, barren, sterile; dead
gæst see giest
gǽst [] 1. m see gást; 2. pres 2nd sing of gán
gǽstan [] wv/t1b to gast, frighten, afflict, torment
gæstliðende [] adj hospitable [missing e in dictionary]
gǽsð see gást
gæt see geat
gǽt pl of gát
gǽtan see géatan
gǽten [] 1. adj of or belonging to a goat; 2. n (-nes/-nu) little goat, kid
gǽð pres 3rd sing of gán
ge [] conj and, also; ~…~ both…and; not only…but also; whether…or; ǽg(hwæ)ðer ~…~ both…and; either…or
ge- [] prefix originally meaning together; but it has lost all collective or intensive force
[] 1. pron 2nd person plural ye, you; dat éow; acc. éowic; gen éower; 2. see géa
géa [] adv yea, yes
geabul see gafol
géac [] m (-es/-as) cuckoo, gawk
géacessúre [] f (-an/-an) wood-sorrel
geáclian2 [] wv/t2 to frighten, excite [from ácol]
geácnod [] adj increased
geácnung [] f (-e/-a) conceiving
geácolmódian [] wv/t2 to alarm, sadden
geádgian see geéadgian
geador2 [] adv unitedly, together
geádlian [] wv/i2 to be diseased or ill, languish; to cause disease; to become ill; to become impotent
geador [] adv together, altogether; var of eador
geadrung see gaderung
geaduling see gædeling
geaf past 3rd sing of giefan
geaf- see gif-
geafl see gafol
geaflas2 [] m pl jaws
geaflian? [] wv/t2 to get, obtain?
geafol see gafol
géafon past pl of giefan
geaforod [] adj lifted up
geafu see giefu
geágan [] 1. irreg v/t 3rd pres áh/ágon past áhte ptp geágen to own, possess, have, obtain; have control over, take charge of; give, give up, deliver, restore; have to pay, owe; have to do; ~ út find out, discover; 2. pret 3rd sing of onginnan
geágen [] adj own
geágennod [] adj adopted
géagl [] 1. m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) jaws, throat, gullet, jowl; 2. see gál
geaglisc se gagolisc
géaglswile [] m (-es/-as) swelling of the jaws
geagn- see gegn-
geágnian [] wv/t2 to own, possess, inherit, appropriate to one’s self, claim as one’s own
geágniendlic [] adj owning, possessive
geágnod [] adj own
geágnung [] f (-e/-a) acquisition
géahl- see géagl-
géahð see géað
geal past 3rd sing of giellan
gealádl [] f (-e/-a) gall-disease, jaundice
géalágé [] interj yea, amen [géa géa]
geald past 3rd sing of gieldan
geald- see gald-
gealg [] adj sad, angry
gealga [] m (-n/-n) gallows, cross, gibbet;
gealgian see geealgian
gealgian [] wv/t2 to protect, defend
gealgmód2 [] adj sad, gloomy, angry, furious, sad in mind
gealgtréow [] n (-treowes/-) gallows-tree, gallows, cross
gealh see gealg
géalhswile see géaglswile
gealla [] m (-n/-n) 1. gall, bile; 2. a galled place on the skin, a gall, fretted place on the skin
gealládl [] f (-e/-a) melancholia
geallede [] adj galled (of horses), fretted
geallig [] adj of the senses and things affecting them, sharp, dazzling, stinging, pungent, fine, piercing; Of sensation in its widest extent: sharp, severe; Of the internal states of the human system, violent, sharp, severe, gnawing; Of the states of mind: violent, vehement, passionate, consuming; Applied to the intellectual qualities, subtle, acute, penetrating, sagacious, shrewd; applied to moral qualities: In a good sense, active, ardent, eager, spirited, brave, zealous; in a bad sense: violent, hasty, hot, passionate, fierce, severe; [acris]; sad, sorrowful, mournful, dejected, melancholy, disconsolate, trist; Of things associated with misfortune or suggestive of sadness, melancholy, saddening, unhappy; of taste: harsh, disagreeable, bitter; Of smell, offensive, foul; of behavior towards others: Glum, gloomy, peevish, morose, ill-humored: Stern, harsh, severe; of things, gloomy, sad, melancholy, stern, harsh [tristis]
gealp past 3rd sing of gielpan
gealpettan [] wv/t1b to boast
gealpettung [] f (-e/-a) boastfulness
geambihtan [] wv/t1b to minister, serve
geambihtian [] wv/t2 to minister, serve
géamrung see géomrung
géan see gén
géana see géna
géan- see gegn-
geanbídian [] wv/t2 to abide, await, wait for, expect
geanbóc? [] f (-béc/-béc) duplicate charter, counterpart
geanbyrdan [] wv/t1b to strive against, resist, oppose
geancsumian [] wv/t2 to make anxious, vex
géancyme [] m (-es/-as) meeting, coming against
géancyrr [] m (-es/-as) meeting, turning against, coming against; return [-cyrnes f?]
géancyrrendlic [] adj relative
geándagian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geándagað past geándagode ptp geándagod to appoint a day or term
géandele? [] adj steep
geandettan [] wv/t1b to confess
geandswarian [] wv/t2 to answer
geandwerdian [] wv/t2 to present, bring before one
geandwlatod [] adj shameless
geandwyrdan [] wv/t1b to answer
géandýne [] adj arduous
geáned [] adj made one, united
geáned see geánian
géanfær [] n (-es/-faru) going again, return, returning
géangang [] m (-es/-as) return?
géangewrit [] n (-es/-u) rescriptio [also –gewreotu]
geangsumian [] wv/t2 to vex, make anxious or uneasy
géanhweorfan [] sv/i3 3rd pres géanhwierfð past géanhwearf/géanhwurfon ptp is géanhworfen to return, turn again
géanhworfennes [] f (-se/-sa) return
géanhwurf [] m (-es/-as) return
géanhwyrft [] m (-es/-as) turning again
geánian [] wv/t2 to unite
geánlǽcan [ye-an-lai-chen] irreg wv/t1b to make one, join, unite
geanlícian [ye-an-leek-yan] wv/t2 to make like, liken
geanlícian see geonl-
geanmédan [] wv/t1b to encourage [mód]
géannes [] f (-se/-sa) meeting
géanoð? [] m (-es/-as) complaint [Goth. gaunóðus]
géanryne [] m (-es/-as) meeting, a running against
géansprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres géanspricð past géanspræc/géansprǽcon ptp géansprocen to contradict
geantalu [] f (-e/-a) rejoinder, contradiction
géanþingian [] wv/t2 to reply
geanul [] adj obvius [in the path, in the way; opposite, opposing]
geanunga [] adv directly
geanwyrdan [] wv/t1b to conspire
geanwyrde [] adj known, acknowledged, confessed, manifest
géap [] 1. adj open, wide, spread out, extended, extensive, broad, roomy, spacious, lofty, steep, deep; bent, crooked, curved; deceitful, not straightforward, cunning; 2. past 3rd sing of géopan; 3. see géapu
géapan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres géapð past géapte ptp gegéaped to gape, open
géapes [] adv in width, wide
géapian [] wv/t1b 3rd pres géapað past géapode ptp gegéapod to gape, open
géaplic [] 1. adj crafty, deceitful, cunning; 2. adv ~líce deceitfully, boldly
géapneb [] adj crook-nibbed, arched, with bent beak, (epithet of corslet) meshed (? see géapweb wide-meshed)
géapnes [] f (-se/-sa) astuteness
géapscipe [] m (-es/-as) cleverness, cunning, craft, deceit, fraud, trickery, artifice
géapu [] f (-e/-a) expanse, room;
géapung [] f (-e/-a) heaping, heap, pile
géapweb see géapneb
gear past 3rd sing of georran
géar [yar] n (-es/-) year; tó ~e in this year; yearly tribute; name of the rune for g;
gehwyrft ~es anniversary
geara [] adv utterly, altogether, well, very much, enough
géara [] adv of yore, formerly, in former times, once, long since; ~ géo see géo~ (gen pl of gear]
geara see gearwe
geara- see gearo-
géara [] adv of yore, formerly, in former times, once, long since; ~ géo see géo~ (gen pl of gear]
gearbót [] f (-e/-a) penance lasting a year
gearcian1 [] wv/t2 3rd pres gearcað past gearcode ptp gegearcod to prepare, make ready, procure, furnish, supply
gearcung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, preparing, practice
gearcungdæg1 [] m (-es/-dagas) preparation-day, day before the Sabbath
géarcyning [yaer-cü-ning] m (-es/-as) consul, year-king
géarcyningdóm [] m (-es/-as) consulate, year-kingdom
geard [] 1. m (-es/-as) yard, garden, fence, enclosure, enclosed place, court, residence, dwelling, home, region, land; in ~um at home, in the world; hedge; 2. see gierd
géardagas2 [] m pl days of yore, yore-days, days of years; lifetime, time of life
géardagum [] adv in days of yore, formerly
geardlic [] adj worldly, mundane
geare [] f pl furniture, gear for horses
géargetæl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of years, a tale of years
gearsteall [] m (-es/-as) cattle-yard
geardung [] f (-e/-a) habitation
geare [] adv promptly, readily, entirely, altogether
géare [] adv formerly, of old, of yore
géare see gearwe 1, 2
geare- see gear-, gearo-
géare see géara
Geared [] m (-es/-as) Jared
géarfæc [] n (-es/-facu) space of a year
gearfoð see earfoð
gearfoðe [ye-ar-fo-the] adj difficult
géargemearc [] n (-es/-) space of a year, year’s limit or space
géargemynd [] n (-es/-) yearly commemoration
géargeriht [] n (-es/-) yearly due
géargerím [] n (-es/-) numbering by years, year-number, number of years
géargetæl [] n (-es/-getalu) number of years, tale of years
géarhwamlíce [] adv yearly
geárian [] wv/t2 w.d. to give honor, honor; to have mercy or compassion upon any one, be merciful to, pity, pardon; to endow
géarlanges [] adv for a year
géarléac see gárléac
géarlic [] adj yearly, of the year, annual; adv ~líce yearly, from year to year
géarmǽlum [] adv year by year
géarmarcet [] n (-es/-) annual fair
gearn [] n (-es/-) yarn, spun wool
gearnful see geornful
gearnung see geornung
gearnwinde [] f (-an/-an) yarnwinder, reel
gearo see gearu
gearo- see gearu-
géaro see géara
gearod [] adj clothed, endowed; ptp of gearwian
gearor cmp of gearu adj, gearwe adv
gearowes gen sing masc and neut of gearu
géarrím [] n (-es/-) number of years, a year-number
géartorht [] adj perennially bright, yearly bright, every year glorious
géarþénung [] f (-e/-a) annual service, yearly service
gearu [] 1. adj prepared, ready, equipped, complete, finished, yare; wk gearwa; gsmn –(u)wes, asm gearone, napn gearu; 2. see gearwe adv
gearubrygd [] m (-es/-as) quick movement, deft playing (of an instrument)
gearufang [] m (-es/-as) grappling hook?
gearufolm [] adv with ready hand, ready-handed
gearulíce [] adv readily, fully, clearly
gearusnotor2 [] adj very skillful, very wise
gearusnottor2 [] adj very skillful, very wise
gearuþoncol [] adj ready-witted, very considerate or prudent
gearuwita [] m (-n/-n) intellect, understanding
gearuwitol [] adj sagacious; austere
gearuwitolnes [] f (-se/-sa) sagacity
gearuwyrde [] adj fluent of speech
gearuwyrdig [] adj ready of speech, ready in words, speaking with ease or fluency, eloquent
gearugangende [] adj going swiftly
géarwǽstm [] m (-es/-as) yearly fruit
gearwan see gierwan
gearwanléaf see geormanléaf
gearwe [] 1. adv utterly, altogether, well, very well, enough, very much; effectually, sufficiently, thoroughly, entirely, clearly, certainly,; quickly; near; cmp gear(w)or, spl gear(w)ost; 2. 2 f (-an/-an) (usu pl) clothing, attire, gear, adornment, armor, equipment, ornament, trappings, harness, armor; 3. f (-an/-an) yarrow
geárweorðian [ye-ar-worth-yan] wv/t2 to honor
gearwian1 [] wv/t2 to equip, prepare, procure, facilitate, do, make ready; construct, erect, make; procure, supply; clothe, adorn, put on; grant;
geárwierðan? [] wv/t1b to honor
gearwung1 [] f (-e/-a) preparation, making ready; working; parasceve
gearwungdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) parasceve
gearwutol [] adj austere
géasceaft see géosceaft
géasne see gǽsne
geáscian [] wv/t2 to learn by inquiry, discover, learn, hear of
geáscung [] f (-e/-a) an asking, inquiry
geasmirian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geasmirað past geasmirode ptp geasmirod to smear, anoint
geásne [] adj w.g. deprived of, void of
geaspis [] m? (-es/-as) jasper
geasyndrod [] adj sundered, separated
geat [] n (-es/gatu) gate, door, opening
géat past 3rd sing of géotan
Geat [] m (-es/-as) Geat, Jute
géatan [] wv/t1b to say ‘yea’, consent, grant, confirm, assent to
Géatas [] m pl the Jutes, the ancient inhabitants of Jutland, who, with the Angles and Saxons, colonized Britain; the Gauts, the inhabitants of the south of Sweden, which in ancient times comprehended nearly the whole south of Sweden
geatelod [] adj misshapen, deformed, hideous
Géatisc? [] adj of the Geats
Géatland [] n (-es/-) Gautland, the land of the Gauts
geatolhíwian [] wv/t2 to disfigure, make hideous
geatolic2 [] adj adorned, magnificent, stately; ready, prepared, equipped
geattorr [] m (-es/-as) gate-tower
geatwa see geatwe
geatwan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geatweð past geatwede ptp gegeatwed to equip, make ready, adorn
geatwe [] f pl arms, equipments, trappings, ornaments, garments
geatweard [] m (-es/-as) gatekeeper, doorkeeper, porter
géað2 [] f (-e/-a) foolishness, mockery, luxury, lightmindedness [géac]
geáurnen [ye-a-ur-nen] adj overrun, overtaken
geáworpen [] adj cast or thrown away
geæbiligan [] wv/t1b to make angry, offend
geǽcnósliende [] adj degenerating
geǽfenian [] wv/t2 to draw towards evening, become evening
geǽfenlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to imitate
geæféstian [] wv/t2 to envy
geæfnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geæfneð past geæfnede ptp geæfned to perform ,execute, perpetrate, accomplish, complete, make; to hold, sustain; to stir up, excite; to bear, suffer, endure
geæhtan [] wv/t1b to value, prize
geæhtian [] wv/t2 to value, prize
geæhtendlic [] adj valuable, estimable
geæhtle [] f (-an/-an) esteem
geæhtung [] f (-e/-a) deliberation, counsel
geælfremd [] adj estranged
geælfremed [] adj estranged
geælged [] adj colored, painted, tanned, sunburnt
geæmettigian [] wv/t2 to be unoccupied, be at leisure, be void
geæmtian [] wv/t2 to be unoccupied, be at leisure, be void
geæn- see geen-
geǽnan [] wv/t1b to unite oneself to, join with
geændung [] f (-e/-a) end, finish
geænged [] adj troubled, anxious
geǽrendian [] wv/t2 to speed, succeed; to go on an errand, to ask, tell, intercede
geærnan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres geærneð past geærnde ptp is geærned to run; wv/t1b to run for, to gain by running
geærnian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geærnað past geærnode ptp geærnod to earn, deserve
geærwe [] adj depraved, wicked, perverse
geǽswícod [] adj offended, scandalized
geǽtred [] adj poisoned, envenomed, poisonous
geǽðed [] adj under oath, sworn [past part of ǽðan]
geæðele [] adj natural, congenial, suitable, in accordance with one’s nature or race
geæðelian2 [] wv/t2 to make noble or renowned, render celebrated, renowned, excellent, to ennoble, improve
geǽwierdlian [] wv/t2 injure
geǽwnod [] adj married
gebacen [] adj baked
gebán [] ? (-es/-) bones
geban see gebann
gebann [] n (-es/-) command, ordinance, decree, summon, proclamation; the indiction (cycle of 15 years)
gebannan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gebenð past gebéonn/on ptp gebannen to command, order, proclaim; to summon, call together
gebanngéar [] n (-es/-) indiction, year of the indiction
gebasnian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebasnað past gebasnode ptp gebasnod to expect
gebaswian [] wv/t2 to stain red
gebæc [] n (-es/-bacu) bake-meats, anything baked; baking
gebæcu [] n pl back parts, hinder parts
gebǽdan [] wv/t1b to compel, constrain, force, impel, urge, oppress
gebǽded [] adj compelled, driven
gebælcan [] wv/t1b to root up
gebælded [] adj made bold, animated
gebændan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebændeð past gebændde ptp gebænded to bind
gebǽne [] n (-es/-?) bones
gebǽran [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebǽreð past gebǽrde ptp gebǽred to bear one’s self, behave or conduct one’s self; [ge-, bǽru bearing, habit]
gebǽrd [] f (-e/-a) natural quality, nature; see gebyrd 2
gebǽrdstán [] m (-es/-as) A small stone used in gaming, a counter [calcisvia]
gebǽre [] n (-es/-u) bearing, state, habit or disposition of body or mind, manner, conduct, behavior, demeanor, manners in society, society; gesture, cry; action [beran]
gebærmed [] adj fermented, leavened
gebærnan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebærnð past gebærnde ptp gebærned to burn
gebǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) bearing, manner
gebærnlím [] n (-es/-u, -léomu) quicklime
gebǽrscipe see gebéorscipe
gebǽru see gebǽre
gebǽtan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebǽteð past gebǽtte ptp gebǽted to bit, bridle, curb
gebǽte [] n (-es/-u) bit, bridle; pl trappings
gebǽtel [] n (-es/-u) bit, bridle; pl trappings
gebéacnian [] wv/t2 to make signs, indicate, point out
gebéacnung [] f (-e/-a) presage, sign, speaking by tropes or figures, predicament;
gebéagian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebéagað past gebéagode ptp gebéagod to crown
gebealg [] adj made angry, irritated, enraged
gebearded [] adj having a beard
gebéat [] n (-es/-) scourging, beating, blow
gebéatan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gebíeteð past gebéot/on, gebeoft/on ptp gebéaten to beat, strike
gebécan [] wv/t1b to make over in writing, grant by book or charter, to charter
gebécnend [] m (-es/-) discoverer, discloser, informer
gebécnendlíce [] adv figuratively
gebéd [] n (-es/-, -u) prayer, petition, supplication; religious service, ordinance; onfangenum ~e after engaging in prayer
gebédan see gebǽdan
gebedbigen [] f (-ne/-na) payment for prayers
gebedclyfa [] m (-n/-n) den
gebedda [] m (-n/-n), f (-n/-n) bedfellow, consort, wife, husband
gebéddagas [ye-baid-da-xas] m pl Prayer-days
gebedde [] f (-an/-an) bedfellow, consort, wife, husband
gebedde see gebedda
gebéded see gebǽded
gebeden [] adj demanded, intreated; ptp of gebiddan
gebedgiht [] f (-e/-a) bed-time; evening; time for going to prayer
gebédhús [] n (-es/-) prayer-house, oratory, house of prayer
gebedian [] wv/t2 to pray, pray to, worship
gebedmann [] m (-es/-menn) prayer-man, one whose duty it is to pray, one of the clergy, worshipper, priest
gebedrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) the office of prayer, prayer
gebedscipe2 [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation, wedlock, bed-fellowship, marriage
gebedsealm [] m (-es/-as) precatory psalm
gebedstów [] f (-e/-a) prayer-place, place where prayers have been offered, oratory
gebedtíd [] f (-e/-e) time of prayer
gebégan [] wv/t1b to cause to bow, bow, bend, bow down, recline, press down, humble, crush;
gebégdnes [] f (-se/-sa) crookedness
gebégendlic [] adj bending, flexible
gebeldan [] 1. wv/t1b to cover, bind (a book)?; 2. see gebieldan
gebéldan [] wv/t1b to cover?
gebelg [] m (-es/-as) anger, offence; arrogance
gebelgan [] sv/r3 3rd pres gebilgð past gebealg/gebulgon ptp gebolgen to make one angry, irritate, enrage reflex. acc.; sv/t2 w.d. to anger, incense; sv/i2 to be angry
gebelh see gebelg
gebelimpan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gebelimpð past gebelamp/gebelumpon ptp is gebelumpen to happen, occur, befall
gebellic see gafollic
gebén [] f (-e/-e) praying, prayer
gebend [] n (-es/-) a band
gebendan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebendeð past gebendede ptp gebended to bend; to bind, fetter
gebénlic [] adj prayer-like, nun-like
gebenn [] n (-es/-) command, edict
gebennian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebennað past gebennode ptp gebennod to wound
gebensian [] wv/t2 to pray
gebeod [] n (-es/-u) prayer, supplication
gebeod see gebeod
gebéodan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gebíedeð past gebéad/gebudon ptp geboden to command, order, summon; to announce, proclaim; to offer, propose, give, grant 
gebéogol [] adj submissive, obedient; forgiving; [búgian]
gebéon [] adj been; past participle of béon
gebéor [] m (-es/-as) pot-companion, guest
gebeoran [] wv/t1b to bear, bring, offer
gebeorc [] n (-es/-) barking
gebeorðor [] n (gebeorðres/-) child-bearing, child-birth; what is born, fetus, offspring
gebeorg [] n (-es/-) defense, protection, safety, refuge; mountain
gebeorgan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebiergð past gebearg/geburgon ptp geborgen to save, protect, defend, secure, spare, preserve
gebeorglic [] adj fitting, profitable; safe, cautious, prudent, becoming
gebeorhnes [] f (-se/-sa) refuge
gebeorhstów [] f (-e/-a) place of refuge
gebeorhtian see gebeorhtnian
gebeorhtnian [] wv/t2 to make bright, brighten, glorify
gebeormad [] adj leavened
gebéorscipe [] m (-es/-as) feast, banquet, revel, beership, convivial society, drinking party, entertainment
gebéot [] 1. n (-es/-) threatening, threat, boast, boastful speech; on ~e boastfully; promise, vow; command; peril, danger; 2. past 3rd sing of béatan
gebéotian [] wv/t2 to promise in a boastful manner, to vow
gebéotung [] f (-e/-a) threatening
geberan [] sv/t4 3rd pres gebirð past gebær/gebǽron ptp geboren to bear, carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend; bring forth, produce; be situated by birth; wear; endure, support, sustain; ~ úp set forth, open (a case); geberende fruitful; geboren born
geberbed [] adj filled with worms [vermiculatus], barbed
geberd- see gebyrd
gebére see gebǽre
gebered [] adj crushed, kneaded; harassed, oppressed, vexed
geberende [] adj fruitful
geberg [] n (-es/-u) protection, defense, refuge
geberian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebereð past geberede ptp gebered to happen
geberian see gebyrian
geberst [] m? (-es/-as) a bursting, eruption
geberst [] n (-es/-) bursting
gebéru see gebǽru, gebǽre
gebésmed [] adj bosomed, bent, crooked; bellied (of sails) [bósm]
gebétan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebéteð past gebétte ptp gebéted to make better, improve, mend, amend, repair, restore, cure; to make strong, fortify, surround with a wall; to make good, make amends, reform, remedy, reparation, ‘bót’ for, repent, compensate, atone, pay ‘bót’ for an offence; attend to (fire or light); to obtain a remedy against, to get ‘bót’ from, avenge; þurst ~ quench thirst
gebétendnes [] f (-se/-sa) amendment
gebeterian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebeterað past gebeterode ptp gebeterod to better, make better
gebeterung [] f (-e/-a) an amending, bettering, making better
gebétt [] adj amended, reformed
gebétung [] f (-e/-a) a bettering, amending, repairing, renewing, restoring; repair, maintenance
gebeðian [] wv/t2 to wash, bathe; heat, foment, warm; cherish
gebícnend [] m (-es/-) index, indicator, discloser; forefinger
gebícnendlic [] adj pointing out, showing, indicative
gebícniendlic [] adj allegorical; gram indicative
gebícnigendlic [] adj allegorical; gram indicative; pointing out, showing, indicative
gebídan [] sv/i1 3rd pres gebídeð past gebád/gebidon ptp is gebiden to stay, continue, live, remain, delay; sv/t1 (usu w.g.) to wait for, await, expect, abide, tarry, look for; endure, experience, find, endure; attain, obtain, meet with; unǽtnessa ~ to die
gebiddan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gebiddeð past gebæd/gebǽdon ptp gebeden to ask, entreat, beg, pray, beseech; order, command, require (often followed by reflexive dative); ~ and béodan/hálsian to beg and pray
gebíecnan [] wv/t1b to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify, point out, show, indicate, betoken; summon [béacen]
gebíecnian [] wv/t2 to make a sign, beckon, wink, nod; signify, point out, show, indicate, betoken; summon [béacen]
gebíegan [] wv/t1b to bow, bend, turn, turn back, incline; twist, bow down; inflect or decline a part of speech; depress, abase, humiliate, humble; subject; bring under, subdue, crush, persuade, convert [búgan]
gebierde [] adj inborn, natural
gebierde see gebyrde
gebierhtan [] wv/t1b to brighten, be or make bright, illuminate, enlighten; make clear; celebrate [beorht]
gebierman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma]
gebiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gebiernð past gebarn/geburnon ptp is geburnen to burn, be on fire, be consumed, give light; sv/t3
gebigð see gebigeð
gebigeð see gebygeð pres 3rd sing of gebycgan
gebígednes [] f (-se/-sa) a bending, inflection, declining, declension, case; cásus, þæt is fiell oþþe gebígednes a case, that is, a declining or inflection;
gebígendlic [] adj inflectional, declining with cases; bending, flexible
gebígendnes see gebígednes
gebígnes [] f (-se/-sa) confrequentatio
gebihð see gebyht
gebild [] adj bold, brave, confident
gebilod [] adj having a bill or beak [bile]
gebind [] n (-es/-) binding, fetter, fastening; costiveness; a bind (measure); constipation
gebindan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebindeð past geband/gebundon ptp gebunden to bind, tie up, tie, fetter, fasten, restrain; adorn
gebird see gebyrd
gebirg [] n (-es/-) taste
gebirgan [] wv/t1b to taste, eat
gebirman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven [beorma]
gebisenian [] wv/t2 to give, set an example, instruct by example; follow an example or pattern; express figuratively; to inform, imitate
gebisenung [] f (-e/-a) example, pattern
gebisgian [] wv/t2 to occupy, employ, busy; trouble, vex, afflict, oppress; overcome, agitate, weaken, destroy
gebismerian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebismeraþ past gebismerode ptp gebismerod to mock, laugh at, deride, provoke, revile, illtreat, blaspheme
gebisnere [] m (-es/-as) imitator
gebítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gebíteð past gebát/gebiton ptp gebiten to bite, tear; cut, wound; to dash down
gebiterian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gebiterað past gebiterode ptp gebiterod to be or become bitter; make bitter
gebitt [] n (-es/-) biting, biting together, grinding, gnashing
gebland2 [] n (-es/-) a blending, mixture, mingling, commotion, confusion
geblandan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geblendeð past geblénd/on ptp geblanden to blend, mix, mingle; trouble, disturb, corrupt, stain, color
gebláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geblǽwð past gebléow/on ptp gebláwen to blow, kindle, inflame; to spit
geblǽcan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geblǽceð past geblǽcde ptp geblǽced to bleach, whiten, fade, make pale
geblǽd [] m (-es/-as) a blowing out in the skin, blister
geblǽdan [] wv/t1b to puff up, inflate
geblǽdfæst [] adj fruitful
geblǽdfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) success
geblégenod [] adj blistered
geblegnod [] adj blistered
geblendan [] wv/t1b 1. to blind, make blind, deprive of sight; deceive; 2. to mix
gebléod [] adj beautiful, beautiful in countenance, gifted with beauty; variegated, colored, of different colors
gebleoh [] n (-bléos/-) a color;
geblétsian [] wv/t2 to consecrate, ordain; bless, give thanks, adore, extol; sign with the cross; pronounce or make happy; [blód]
geblíðian [] wv/t2 to make glad
geblindfellian [] wv/t2 to blind, blindfold
geblinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geblinð past geblann/geblunnon ptp geblunnen to cease, leave off, rest from; lose forfeit; be vacant (bishopric); [be, linnan]
geblissian [] wv/i2 to be glad, rejoice, exult; wv/t2 to make happy, gladden, endow, fill with bliss; applaud
geblissung [] f (-se/-sa) a rejoicing, joyousness, hilarity
geblódegian see blódgian
geblódgian [] wv/i2 to be bloodthirsty; wv/t2 to make bloody, cover with blood
geblót [] n (-es/-) sacrifice
geblótsian [] wv/t2 to bless
geblówan [] 1. sv/t7 3rd pres gebléwð past gebléow/on ptp geblówen to blow, flourish, bloom, blossom; 2. see bláwan
gebócian [] wv/t2 to give or grant by charter, to charter; to furnish with books
gebod [] n (-es/-u) command, order, mandate
geboden [] adj announced
gebodian [] wv/t2 to tell, make known, announce, proclaim
gebodscipe2 [] m (-es/-as) a commandment, command, message
gebogen [] adj submitted
gebógian [] wv/t2 to inhabit
geboht [] adj bought
gebolged [] adj caused to swell, made angry
gebolgen [] adj offended, angry
gebolstrian [] wv/t2 to support with pillows, prop up
gebolstrod [] adj guarded, environed, defended, supported or bolstered up
geboned [] adj polished, burnished
gebónian [] wv/t2 to ornament [bón]
geboren [] adj born
geborga [] m (-n/-n) protector, guardian
geborgen [] adj defended, safe, secure
geborhfæsten [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geborhfæsteð past geborhfæstede ptp geborhfæsted to bind by pledge or surety, to determine or fasten by a surety
geborsnung see gebrosnung
gebósmed [] adj bosomed, bent, crooked; [ge-, bósm]
gebótod [] adj bettered, mended; ptp of bótian
gebrastl [] n (-es/-) crackling (of flames)
gebræc [] n (-es/-bracu) a breaking, crashing, noise
gebrǽceo see brǽc 1
gebræceo see gebrǽc 1
gebræcséoc [] adj epileptic, lunatic
gebræcséocnes [] f (-se/-sa) the falling sickness, epilepsy
gebrǽdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebrǽdeð past gebrǽdede ptp gebrǽded 1. to make broad, broaden, extend, spread, stretch out; be extended, rise, grow; [brad]; 2. to roast, toast, bake, broil, cook
gebrægd [] m (-es/-as) deceit, fraud
gebrægd see brǽd 3
gebreadian [] wv/t2 to restore the flesh or body; to regenerate, restore
gebrec [] n (-es/-u, -breocu) a breaking, crashing, clamor, noise
gebrec see gebræc 2
gebrecan [] sv/t4 3rd pres gebricð past gebræc/gebrǽcon ptp gebrocen to break, bruise, crush, destroy, shatter, waste
gebrecdrenc [] m (-es/-as) drink for epilepsy
gebredian see breadian
gebredian see gebreadian
gebréfan [] wv/t1b to write down shortly
gebrégan [] wv/t1b to frighten, terrify, alarm
gebregd [] 1. n (-es/-) quick movement, change; fabric; 2. see brǽd 3
gebregd [] m (-es/-as) craft, cunning
gebregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gebrigdeð past gebrægd/gebrugdon ptp gebrogden to scheme, feign, pretend; draw breath, take breath, breathe, inspire, to weave, plait; to draw, unsheathe, brandish
gebregdnes [] f (-se/-sa) fear, dread; quick movement?, sudden terror?
gebregdstafas [] m pl learned arts, literary arts; cunning skill in letters
gebréman [] wv/t1b to celebrate, make famous, honor
gebrengnes [] f (-se/-sa) food, support
gebrídlian [] wv/t2 to bridle, restrain, curb
gebringan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gebringð past gebróhte ptp gebróht to bring, lead; adduce, produce, bear; on fléam ~ to put to flight;
gebritnod [] adj bestowed
gebrittan [] wv/t1a to exhibit, give, to crumble, break small
gebróc [] n (-es/-) affliction, sorrow
gebroc [] n (-es/-u, -breocu) breaking, broken piece, fragment
gebrocen [] adj broken
gebrocen [] adj enjoyed
gebrócod [] adj afflicted, broken up, injured
gebrocséoc [] adj lunatic, frantic
gebrogden [] adj drawn, unsheated; entwined
gebrogne [] n (-es/-u) a bush
gebroht [] adj brought
gebrosnod [] adj corrupted, decayed
gebrosnodlic [] adj corrupted, corruptible, perishable, transitory
gebrosnung [] f (-e/-a) decay, corruption, ruin
gebrot [] m (-es/-as) barn-keeper
gebrot [] n (-es/-u, -breotu) fragment [breotan]
gebróðor [] m pl brethren, brothers collectively
gebróðorscipe [] m (-es/-as) brotherhood, fraternity, brothership
gebróðra [] m pl brothers, brethren [less common than gebróðru]
gebróðru [] m pl brothers, brethren
gebrowen [] adj brewed; past participle of bréowan
gebrúcan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gebrýcð past gebréac/gebrucon ptp gebrocen to enjoy, eat
gebryce [] m (-es/-as) breaking, breach, fracture, infringement
gebrýcgan [] wv/t1b to use
gebrýcian [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit
gebrýcsian [] wv/t2 to use, enjoy; profit, benefit
gebryddan [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gebrydeð past gebrydede ptp gebryded to frighten, terrify
gebryidan [] wv/t1b to take, to seize property improperly held by another
gebryrdnes [] f (-se/-sa) incitement, instigation; compunction
gebrýsed [] adj bruised
gebrýsednes [] f (-se/-sa) bruising
gebrýtan [] wv/t1b to break up, destroy
gebúan [] irreg v/i 3rd pres gebúeð past gebúde ptp gebúen, gebún to dwell, abide; v/t w.a. to inhabit, occupy
gebúgan [] sv/i2 3rd pres gebýgð past gebéag/gebúgon ptp is gebogen to bow or bow down oneself, bend, stoop, sink; submit, give way, turn, turn away, revolt; depart, flee, retire; sv/t2 w.a. to bow to, turn towards; join, go over to; convert
gebúgian [] wv/t2 to inhabit, occupy
gebún [] adj inhabited; ptp of búan
gebunden [] adj bound; ptp of bindan
gebundennes [] f (-se/-sa) a binding, obligation
gebúnes [] f (-se/-sa) dwelling
gebúr [] m (-es/-as) dweller, husbandman, farmer, countryman, boor
gebúrgerihta [] m (-n/-n) a boor’s or farmer’s rights or dues
geburhscipe [] m (-es/-as) township
geburnen [] adj burnt; ptp of beornan
gebúrscipe [] m (-es/-as) neighborhood, association of dwellers in a certain district acknowledged by the state
gebuterian [] wv/t2 to butter
gebycgan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gebygð past gebóhte ptp gebóht to buy, procure, purchase, pay for, acquire; redeem, ransom; procure, get done; sell
gebýcnian see gebíecnan
gebýgan see gebíegan
gebýgednes see gebígednes
gebýgel [] adj subject, submissive, obedient
gebygu [] f (-e/-a) a bend [= byge]
gebyhð see byht 2
gebyht2 [] n (-es/-) abode, habitation, dwelling
gebyhte see byht 1
gebyld [] 1. f (-e/-a) boldness, courage; 2. adj bold, courageous
gebylded [] adj emboldened, encouraged, animated; ptp of byldan
gebylgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebylgð past gebylgde ptp gebylged to anger, provoke, to cause to swell, make angry
gebylgan [] wv/t1b to anger, provoke
gebýran [] wv/t1b to colonize
gebyrd [] 1. f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) birth; origin, beginning, descent, parentage, race; offspring; nature, quality, state, condition, rank; lot, fate; [beran]; 2. adj bearded; burdened; 3. see gebyrded
gebyrdan [] wv/t1b to beard, fringe, embroider
gebyrdboda [] m (-n/-n) herald of a birth
gebyrddæg [] m (-es/-dagas) birthday
gebyrde [] 1. adj inborn, innate, natural; 2. see gebyrd 1
gebyrded [] adj bordered
gebyrdelíce [] adv energetically, zealously
gebyrdlic [] adj harmonious
gebyrdtíd [] f (-e/-e) birth-tide, time of birth
gebyrðtid see gebyrdtíd
gebyrdtíma [] m (-n/-n) time of birth
gebyrdu [] 1. f (-e/-a) birth; descent, parentage, race; offspring; nature, quality, rank; fate; [beran]; 2. adj burdened; 3. see gebyrded
gebyrdu see gebyrd 1
gebyrdwiglere [] m (-es/-as) birth-diviner, astrologer
gebyrdwítega [] m (-n/-n) astrologer
gebyredlic [] 1. adj suitable, fitting, due, convenient, congenial; 2. adv ~líce suitably, orderly; ~ béon to be associated with (tó w.d.), to have dealings with
gebyrelic see gebyredlic
gebyrg [] béon on ~e w.d. to help, protect [beorgan]
gebyrgan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gebyrgeð past gebyrgde ptp gebyrged to bury, raise a mound, hide
gebýrgan [] wv/t1b to taste
gebyrgednes [] f (-se/-sa) burial
gebyrgen [] 1. f (-ne/-na) caul, grave; 2. tinipa
gebýrian [] wv/i1a 3rd pres gebýreð past gebýrede ptp gebýred to happen, fall out, pertain to, belong to; impers wv/t1a to pertain to, happen, belong to, befit, become, behoove
gebyrman [] wv/t1b to ferment with barm, to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma]
gebyrman [] wv/t1b to ferment, leaven; swell up, be proud [beorma]
gebyrmed [] adj barmed, fermented, leavened
gebyrmed [] n (-es/-) leavened bread
gebyrnod [] adj corseleted, furnished with a coat of mail
gebyrst [] adj furnished with bristles
gebyrtíd see gebyrdtíd
gebyrðen [] f (-ne/-na) what is born, a child
gebýsnian see gebisnian
gebýtlan [] wv/t1b to build, erect
gebýtlian [] wv/t2 to build, erect
gebytlu [] n pl building, dwelling
gebytlung [] f (-e/-a) a building
géc see géoc
gecafstrian [] wv/t2 to bridle, curb [cæfester]
gecamp [] m (-es/-as) warfare, a contest, battle
gecampian [] wv/t2 to strive, fight
gecanc [] n (-es/-) a mock, gibe, jeering, scorn, derision
gecapitulod [] adj divided into chapters
gecǽlan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gecǽleð past gecǽlde ptp gecǽled to cool
gecælcian [] wv/t2 3rd pres gecælcað past gecælcode ptp gecælcod to whiten
gecealcian [] wv/t2 to whiten
gecealfe [] adj great with calf
geceapian [] wv/t2 to bargain, trade; buy, purchase, trade; endeavor to bribe
gecearfan see geceorfan
gecel see gicel
gecélan [] wv/t1b to quench (thirst), refresh; to make cool, cool, allay; wv/i1b to become cold, be refreshed
gecélnes [] f (-se/-sa) coolness, cool air, breeze
gecennan [] wv/t1a to conceive, bring forth; beget, create, produce; nominate, chose out; assign, attribute, give; clear, declare, prove, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court;
gecennes [] f (-se/-sa) summons
geceolan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geceolð past geceolde ptp geceoled to make cold, cool
geceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gecierfð past gecearf/gecurfon ptp gecorfen to cut, cut down, slay, kill; carve, cut out, engrave; tear
gecéosan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gecíesð past gecéas/gecuron ptp gecoren to choose, seek out, select, elect; decide, test; accept, approve, prove
gecéowan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gecíewð past gecéaw/gecuwon ptp gecowen to chew, gnaw; eat, consume
gecíd [] n (-es/-) strife, altercation; reproof
gecídan [] wv/t1b w.d. or wið to contend, quarrel; complain; chide, blame
gecíegan [] wv/t1b to call, name; call upon, invoke, summon, convene; wv/i1b to call out
gecierran [] wv/t1a, wv/i1a to turn, change; wv/i1a to turn oneself, go, come, proceed, turn back, return; regard; translate; persuade, convert, be converted, agree to; submit; make to submit, reduce
gecierrednes [] f (-se/-sa) conversion; entrance, admission
gecígednes [] f (-se/-sa) calling, summons; name
gecígendlic [] adj calling, vocative, addressing
gecígnes [] f (-se/-sa) calling, invocation, entreaty
gecígung [] f (-e/-a) calling, invocation
gecile see gicel
gecláded [] adj clothed, clad; ptp of gecláðian
gecláðian [] wv/t2 to clothe [clǽðan]
geclǽman [] wv/t1b to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint
geclǽne [] 1. adj clean; pure, chaste, innocent; unencumbered, unfettered; hallowed; clear, open; on ~um felda in the open field (of battle); honorable, true; acute, sagacious, intellectual; 2. adv clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely
geclǽnsian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, purify, chasten; clear out, purge; w.a. and g. justify, clear oneself
geclǽnsung [] f (-e/-a) cleansing, purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation; purity, chastity
geclibs [] ? (-?/-?) clamor
geclifian [] wv/t2 to adhere, cleave, stick
gecliht [] adj gathered or collected together into a whole or to a point, assembled, drawn or brought together, collected [collectus]; ptp of gecliccan, geclyccan
geclipian [] wv/t2 to call, call upon, invoke, summon
geclistre see geclystre
geclofa [] m (-n/-n) counterpart (of a document) [cléofan]
geclútod [] adj clouted, patched
geclyft [] adj cleft [cléofan]
geclysp see geclibs
geclystre [] n (-es/-u) cluster, bunch, branch
gecnáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gecnǽwð past gecnéow/on ptp gecnáwen to ascertain
gecnáwe see gecnǽwe
gecnáwnes [] f (-se/-sa) acknowledgment
gecnǽwe [] adj w.g. conscious of, acknowledging, knowing, aware of; known, notorious, manifest (a380)
gecneord [] adj eager, zealous, diligent
gecnéorednes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (3)
gecnéorenes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (2)
gecnéornes [] f (-se/-sa) generation, race (1)
gecnos [] n (-es/-u) collision [cnyssan]
gecnycc [] n (-es/-) bond
gecnycled [] adj bent, crooked
gecócnian [] wv/t2 to season food
gecócsian [] wv/t2 to cook, roast
gecollenferhtan [] wv/t1b to enhearten
gecóp [] adj proper, fitting
gecóplic [] adj proper, fitting; adv ~líce
gecor [] n (-es/-u) decision [céosan]
gecorded [] adj having a cord
gecorenlic [] adj elegant; adv ~líce
gecorennes [] f (-se/-sa) goodness
gecorónian [] wv/t2 to crown
gecosped [] adj fettered
gecospende [] adj fettered
gecostnes [] f (-se/-sa) proving, temptation, trial
gecow [] n (-es/-u) thing to be chewed, food
gecræftgian [] wv/t2 to strengthen, render powerful
gecrócod [] adj crooked, bent
gecrod see hlóð~; lind~
gecróged [] adj saffron-hued
gecrymian [] wv/t2 to crumble
gecrymman [] wv/t1a to crumble
gecrympan [] wv/t1b to curl
gecs- see geocs-
gecuman [] sv/i4 3rd pres gecymð past gecóm/on ptp is gecumen to come together, arrive, assemble
gecwealmbǽran [] wv/t1b to torture
gecwealmful [] adj pernicious
gecwed [] n (-es/-u) declaration
gecweðan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gecwiðeð past gecwæð/gecwǽdon ptp gecweden to order, give orders; to consider, regard
gecwedfæsten [] f (-ne/-na) appointed fast
gecwedrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) agreement; conspiracy
gecwedrǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement, covenant
gecwedstów [] f (-e/-a) appointed place, place of meeting
gecwémsum [] adj pleasing
gecwicung [] f (-e/-a) restoration to life
gecwide [] n (-es/-u) speech, saying, word, sentence, phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, discourse, homily; opinion; testament, will, enactment, agreement, decree, decision, judgment; [cweðan]
gecwylmful [] adj pernicious
gecýd see gecýðed, past part of gecýðan
gecyrtan [] wv/t1b to lop off
gecýdd see gecýðed, past part of gecýðan
gecygd see gecíd
gecýgednes see gecígednes
gecynd [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) origin, generation, birth; race, species; place by nature; nature, kind, property, quality; character; offspring; gender; genitalia
gecyndbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) Book of Genesis
gecynde [] adj natural, native, innate; proper, fitting; lawful, rightful
gecyndlim [] n (-es/-u) womb; pl genitalia
gecyndnes [] f (-se/-sa) nation; produce, increase
gecyndo [] f see cynd
gecyndu [] f see cynd
gecynn see gecynd
gecýpan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gecýpð past gecýpte ptp gecýpt to buy, traffic, sell, barter
gecýpe [] adj for sale
gecyrtan [] wv/t1b to shorten
gecyrtenlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make sweet
gecýðan [] wv/t1b confirm; make celebrated
gecýðednes [] f (-se/-sa) testimony
gecýðig [] adj knowing, aware of
ged see gæd, gidd
gedafen [] 1. n (-es/-) what is fitting; 2. adj becoming, suitable, fit, proper
gedafenian [] wv/t2 (often impersonal) to beseem, befit, be right
gedafenlic [] adj fit, becoming, proper, suitable, right; adv ~líce
gedaflic see gedafenlic
gedafniendlic see gedafenlic
gedál [] n (-es/-) division, separation, sharing, giving out; distinction, difference; destruction; share, lot
gedálan see gedǽlan
gedálland [] n (-es/-) land under joint ownership, common land divided into strips
gedæfte [] adj mild, gentle, meek
gedæftelíce [] adv fitly, in season, in moderation, gently (1)
gedæftlíce [] adv fitly, in season, in moderation, gently (2)
gedæftu [] f (-e/-a) gentleness
gedægeð pres 3rd sing dares?, braves?
gedǽledlíce [] adv separately
gedǽlland see gedálland
gedærsted [] adj leavened, fermented
gedd see gidd
gedéaðian [] wv/t2 to kill
gedéaw [] adj dewy, bedewed
gedéðan [] wv/t1b to kill; mortify
gedéfe [] adj befitting, suitable, proper; meek, gentle, kindly, good; adv
gedéfedlic [] adj fit, becoming, proper; adv ~líce
gedéfelic [] adj fit, becoming, proper; adv ~líce
gedéfnes [] f (-se/-sa) mildness, gentleness
gedeftlíce see gedæftlíce
gedelf [] n (-es/-u, -deolfu) digging, excavation; what is dug, trench, quarry, canal
gedelgian see getelgian
gedeorfléas [] adj free from trouble
gedeorfnes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, tribulation
gedeorfsum [] adj troublesome, grievous
gederednes [] f (-se/-sa) injury
gederian see 1. gaderian; 2. derian
gedícan see gedícian
gedígan [] wv/t1b to survive, endure, overcome; escape; profit, do good, benefit
gediht [] n (-es/-) piece of writing, composition, literary work
gedón [] irreg v/t to arrive at; to halt, encamp, cast anchor; to reduce; tó forlore ~ to destroy
gedræg2 [] n (-es/-dragu) concourse, assembly; tumult
gedreag see gedræg
gedréfedlic [] adj oppressive
gedréfnes [] f (-se/-sa) confusion; tempest
gedrehtnes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition
gedréog [] 1. n (-es/-) a dressing for keeping (shoes) in good condition; usefulness?, gravity?; tó ~ gán to ease oneself; 2. adj fit, sober, serious; tame, gentle (horse)
gedréoglǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to put in order, regulate, arrange, attend to
gedréoglíce [] adv discreetly, carefully; meekly, modestly, humbly
gedrep [] m (-es/-as) stroke, blow
gedrettan [] wv/t1a to consume
gedríf [] 1. n (-es/-) a drive, a tract through which something moves rapidly; 2. what is driven, stubble
gedríhð [] f (-e/-a) sobriety, gravity
gedrinca [] m (-n/-n) cup-bearer
gedrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gedríteð past gedrát/gedriton ptp gedriten to go to stool, to be at stool; to defile with excrement [cacare]
gedrófednes see gedréfednes
gedropa [] m (-n/-n) a kind of date
gedrorenlic [] adj perishable
gedrycned [] adj dried up, emaciated
gedryht [] f (-e/-e) fortune, fate
gedryhta [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier
gedrýmed [] adj melodious, harmonious, cheerful
gedryncnes [] f (-se/-sa) immersion, baptism
gedrysnian [] wv/t2 to vanish, disappear
gedúfan [] sv/i2 3rd pres gedýfð past gedéaf/gedufon ptp is gedofen to sink, be drowned
gedwǽrian see geþwǽrian
gedwǽsmann [] m (-es/-menn) fool
gedweola see gedwola
gedweolsa see gedwola
gedwildæfterfolgung [] f (-e/-a) heresy
gedwildlic [] adj deceptive?
gedwildmann [] m (-es/-menn) heretic
gedwimorlic [] adj illusory, unreal; adv ~líce
gedwol [] adj heretical
gedwolbiscop [] m (-es/-as) heretical bishop
gedwolen2 [] adj perverse, wrong, erroneous
gedwolenlic [] adj foolish
gedwolfær [] n (-es/-faru) a going astray
gedwolgod [] m (-es/-as) false god, idol, image
gedwolhring [] m (-es/-as) erroneous cycle
gedwolmist [] m (-es/-as) mist of error
gedwolsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) heretical talk
gedwolsum [] adj misleading, erroneous
gedýlegian see gedílegian
gedyngan [] wv/t1b to dung, defecate
gedýpan [] wv/t1b to anoint
gedyre [] n (-es/-u) door-post, door
gedýrsian [] wv/t2 to praise, glorify, hold dear, prize [díere]
gedyrst [] f (-e/-a) tribulation
gedyrstelíce see dyrstiglíce
gedyrstigian [] wv/t2 to dare, presume
gedyrstlic see gedyrstig
gee see géa
geéaðmódian [] wv/t2 to condescend; to adore, worship
geeahtung [] f (-e/-a) deliberation, counsel
geealgian [ye-ealg-yan] wv/t2 to protect, defend
geéane [] adj yeaning
geearnian [ye-airn-yan] wv/t2 to earn, deserve, merit
geearnung [] f (-e/-a) merit, reward
geéastrian [] wv/t2 to elapse (during Easter)
geedbyrdan [] wv/t1b to regenerate
geedcennan [] wv/t1a to regenerate, create
geedcíegan [] wv/t1b to recall
geedcucoda [] m (-n/-n) man restored to life
geedfréolsian [] wv/t2 to re-grant by charter
geedhíwian [] wv/t2 to reshape, conform, reform
geedhyrtan [] wv/t1b to refresh, recruit
geedlæstan [] wv/t1b to repeat
geedléanend [] m (-es/-) rewarder
geedstalian [] wv/t2 to restore
geedþráwen [] adj twisted back
geedwistian [] wv/t2 to feed, support; make to share?
geedyppol [] adj that is to be reviewed
geefenlǽcestre [] f (-an/-an) female imitator
geefenlician [] wv/t2 to make equal, liken; adjust; 1 conform to
geefnettan [] wv/t1b to compare
geeftgadrian [] wv/t2 to repeat
geeftgian [] wv/t2 to restore, strengthen
geegðan [] wv/t1b to harrow
geeggian [] wv/t2 to egg on, excite
geéhtan [] wv/t1b to acquire, purchase
geelþéodgian [] wv/t2 to make strange, disturb
geelþéodian [] wv/t2 to make strange, disturb
geendadung [] f (-e/-a) finishing
geendodlic [] adj finite
geendung [] f (-e/-a) death
geenged [] adj troubled, anxious
gef see 1. geaf past 3rd sing of giefan; 2. see gif
gef- see gief-
gefána gen pl of gefá
gefangian [] wv/t2 to join, fasten
gefara [] m (-n/-n) traveling companion, comrade
gefaran [] sv/i6 3rd pres gefærð past gefór/on ptp is gefaren to die; sv/t6 ptp gefaren to attack, overcome, capture, obtain
gefæd [] 1. adj orderly, well-conducted; calm, composed; 2. n? (-es/gefadu) discretion [fadian]
gefædera [] m (-n/-n) male sponsor, godfather
gefædere [] f (-an/-an) female sponsor, godmother
gefæderen [] adj born of the same father
gefædlic [] adj fit, suitable, proper; adv ~líce orderly, quietly; craftily? [fadian]
gefæge [] adj popular with, acceptable to [OHG gifag]
gefædred see gefæderen
gefǽgon past pl of geféon
gefægnian [] wv/t2 w.g. to rejoice, be glad, exult; fawn; applaud
gefǽmne [] f (-an/-an) woman;
gefǽlsian [] wv/t2 to pass through
gefæstlíce [] adv fixedly, steadily, constantly; unceasingly; verily, but; strictly
gefǽtnian see gefǽttian
gefǽttian [] wv/t2 to become fat; anoint;
gefættig [] adj fat, rich
gefeald [] n (-es/-) region, abode?
geféalic [] adj joyous, pleasant; adv ~líce
gefeallan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gefielð past féoll/on ptp gefeallen to overthrow; ~ on lufe to fall in love
gefealnis [] f (-se/-sa) ruin
geféanes [] f (-se/-sa) joy
gefearhsugu [] f (-e/-a) sow in farrow
geféawnes [] f (-se/-sa) fewness, paucity
gefeaxe [] adj furnished with hair
gefeaxen see gefeaxe
gefeaxod see gefeaxe
geféðrian [] wv/t2 to load [fóðor]
gefég [] n (-es/-u) joining, joint; composition; diagram [Ger gefüge]
gefégednes [] f (-se/-sa) conjunction, connection; bond, fetter; figure
gefégnes [] f (-se/-sa) association, companionship; conjunction
gefeh see gefeah, past 3rd sing of geféon
gefeht see gefeoht
geféle [] adj sensitive
gefélsian see gefǽlsian
geféogan [] wv/t1b to hate, persecute
gefeoht [] n (-es/-) a fight, battle, contest, war, preparation for war
gefeohtan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gefiehteþ past gefeaht/gefuhton ptp gefohten 1. to fight; 2. to gain by fighting, obtain by fighting, win
gefeohtdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) fight-day, day of battle
gefeohtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) joyfulness
geféolan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gefíelþ past gefæl/gefǽlon ptp gefolen to stick to, persist
geféon [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefiehþ past gefeah/gefǽgon ptp gefegen to be glad, rejoice, exult; manige geféoþ on his gebyrd many shall rejoice at his birth;
geféora see geféra
gefeormian [] wv/t2 1. to entertain as a guest, harbor, receive as a guest, feed, cherish, support; 1a. to harbor (stolen goods); 2. to entertain as an obligation; 3. to feast, feed on, devour;
gefeormian [] wv/t2 to cleanse, form or cleanse out
geféra [] m (-n/-n) associate, comrade, fellow-disciple; wife; man, servant
geféran [] wv/t1b to accomplish, attain, obtain; to fare, speed, undergo, suffer
gefére [] 1. n (-es/-u) company, community; 2. m (-es/-as) companion; 3. adj accessible
geféred [] adj associated
geférlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to associate, unite
geférlic [] adj associated; adv ~líce sociably, together; ~líðlíce
geférrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) companionship, fellowship; friendship; society, fraternity, congregation
geférscipian [] wv/t2 to accompany
gefestre [] f (-an/-an) a giver
gefetan [] sv/i4 3rd pres gefitt, gefiteð past gefæt/gefǽton ptp is gefoten to fall
gefeterian2 [] wv/t2 to fetter, bind
gefetran see gefeterian
gefetrian see gefeterian
gefic [] n (-es/-u, -feocu) deceit
gefiðerhamod [] adj covered with feathers
gefíend [] m pl foes, enemies
gefigo? [] n pl a disease ‘cimosis’
gefihð pres 3rd sing of geféon
gefílan see gefýlan
gefilce see gefylce
gefilde [] n (-es/-u) field, plain [feld]
gefindig [] adj capable
geflǽschamod [] adj incarnate
geflǽscod [] adj incarnate
geflerod [] adj flared?
geflíeme [] adj fugitive
geflitfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) litigiousness
geflitglíw [] n (-es/-) mockery
geflitlíce [] adv emulously
geflog [] n (-es/-u, -fleogu) infectious disease
geflota [] m (-n/-n) floater (whale)
geflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gefléwð past gefléow/on ptp is geflówen to overflow
gefnésan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefnísð past gefnæs/gefnǽson ptp gefnesen to sneeze
gefóg [] 1. n (-es/-) joining, joint; 2. n (-es/-) suitability; 3. adj suitable
gefógstán [] m (-es/-as) hewn stone
gefol [] adj with foal
geforewrit [] n (-es/-u, -gewriotu) prologue
gefótcypsan [] wv/t1b to fetter
gefótian [] wv/t2 to hasten up
gefræge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; mine ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan]
gefrǽge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; mine ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan]
gefrǽge [] 1. 2 n (-es/-u) hearsay, report, knowledge; míne ~ as I have heard say; 2. adj well-known, celebrated, reputable; notorious, disreputable [fricgan]
gefrágian [] wv/t2 to learn by inquiry
gefrédan [] wv/t1b to feel, perceive; [fród]
gefrédendlic [] adj perceptible
gefrédmǽlum [] adv little by little
gefrédnes [] f (-se/-sa) feeling, perception
gefrédra [] adj more acute
gefrége see gefrǽge
gefremðian see fremdian
gefréoge see gefrǽge
gefréogend [] m (-es/-) liberator
gefricgan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gefrigeð past gefræg/gefrǽgon ptp gefrigen, gefrægen to learn, find out by inquiry
gefriðsum [] adj safe, fortified
gefríend [] m pl friends
gefrýnd see gefríend
gefullan see gefyllan
gefultuma [] m (-n/-n) helper
gefulwihtnian [] wv/t2 to baptize
gefylce [] n (-es/-u) band of men, army, host [folc]
gefylled [] adj w.d.g. bereft (of)
gefyllednes [] f (-se/-sa) fullness, completion, fulfillment
gefyllendlic [] adj filling, expletive; capable of completion
gefyllingtíd [] f (-e/-e) compline
gefylsta [] m (-n/-n) helper
gefylsta [] m (-n/-n) helper
gefýnd see gefíend
gefyrðring [] f (-e/-a) removal
gefyrnnes [] f (-se/-sa) antiquity
gefyrst [] n (-es/-) frost
gefýstlian [] wv/t2 to strike with the fist
gefyxan [] wv/t1b? to trick
gegadere [] adv together
gegaderednes [] f (-e/-a) gathering, abscess
gegaderwyrhtan [] n pl assembled workmen
gégan [] wv/t1b to cry out
gegán [] irreg v/t to get, gain, conquer, occupy, overrun; observe, practice, exercise, effect
gegang [] n (-es/-) hap, occurrence; passage (lapse) of time
gegænge see gegenge
gegearwungnes [] f (-se/-sa) preparation
gegegnian [] wv/t2 to meet
gegenga [] m (-n/-n) fellow-traveler, companion
gegierelic [] adj of clothes
gegiering [] f (-e/-a) direction
gegifian [] wv/t2 to enrich with gifts
gegilde [] n (-es/-u) membership of a guild
gegildheall [] f (-e/-a) guild-hall
gegíscan [] wv/t1b to close, bolt, bar, yex
gegite [] adj conscious
gegítsian [] wv/t2 to obtain with greed
geglédan [] wv/t1b to make hot, kindle
geglendrian [] wv/t2 to precipitate
geglengan [] wv/t1b to set in order, compose
geglendendlíce [] adv elegantly
geglisc see gagolisc
geglófed [] adj gloved
gegn see gén
gegn- see géan-
gegncwide2 [] m (-es/-as) reply, answer, retort; pl conversation
gegninga see gegnunga
gegnpæð [] m (-es/-paðas) opposing path
gegnslege [] m (-es/-as) battle
gegnum2 [] adv away, forwards, straight on, thither
gegnunga [] adv immediately, directly; certainly, plainly, precisely, truly, certainly; completely, fully
gegnysan see cnyssan
gegot [] n (-es/-u) shedding (of tears)
gegoð see geoguð
gegræppian [] wv/t2 to seize
gegrétlic [] adj commendatory
gegrind2 [] n (-es/-) impact, crash
gegrindswile [] m (-es/-, -as) a swelling caused by friction
gegrínian [] wv/t2 to ensnare
gegripennes [] f (-se/-sa) seizing, snare, captivity
gegrundstaðelian [] wv/t2 to establish firmly
gegrundweallian [] wv/t2 to establish, found
gegrynd [] n (-es/-u) plot of ground
gegyld see gylden
gegyrdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gegyrdeð past gegyrde ptp gegyrded to invest with attributes
gehabban [] wv/t3 3rd pres gehæfð past gehæfde ptp gehæfd to hold, keep from; yfle ~ afflict, torment
gehada [] m (-n/-n) brother monk
gehagian [] wv/i2 impersonal to please, suit; gif him (hine) tó þǽm gehagige if he can afford it
gehala [] m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant, supporter
gehálgigend [] m (-es/-) sanctifier
gehálsian [] wv/t2 to take oath, swear
gehámian [] wv/t2 to establish in a home
gehammen [] adj patched? (of shoes)
gehandfæstan [] wv/t1b to betroth
gehange [] adj disposed, inclined to w.d.?
gehata [] m (-n/-n) enemy, opponent
gehátheortan see háthiertan
gehátland [] n (-es/-) promised land
gehaðerian see heaðorian
gehæcca [] m (-n/-n) sausage [haccian]
gehæftednes [] f (-se/-sa) captivity; snare
gehæftend [] m (-es/-) prisoner
gehæftníedan [] wv/t2 to take captive
gehæg [] n (-es/-hagu) enclosure, meadow
gehǽgan? [] wv/t1b to vex, harass?
gehæld see gehield
gehǽled see hál
gehǽlednes [] f (-se/-sa) healing
gehæp [] adj fit, convenient
gehæplic [] adj fit, convenient
gehæplicnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience, opportunity
gehǽre [] adj hairy
gehǽrede [] adj hairy
gehéafdod [] adj having a head (referring to a ring)
gehealddagas [] m pl kalends
gehealde [] adj contented?, careful?
gehealden [] f (-ne/-na) observance
gehealdendgeorn [] adj continent
gehealdfæst [] adj safe
gehealdsum [] adj provident, economical, frugal; virtuous, chaste, continent; safe
gehéaw [] n (-es/-) gnashing, grinding
gehefed [] adj weighed down
geheige see gehæg
gehéme? [] adj customary
gehendan [] wv/t1b to hold; seize, catch [hand]
gehende [] adj near, at hand; convenient; adv near, at home; closely, in detail
gehendnes [] f (-se/-sa) neighborhood, proximity
geheordung [] f (-e/-a) guard, watch
geheortlíce [] adv cheeringly
geher see éar
geheredlic see gehierendlic
Gehhol see Geohol, Géol
gehield [] n (-es/-u) watching, protection
gehieldelic [] adj safe
gehieldnes [] f (-se/-sa) observance
gehíene [] adj ready to fall, frail
gehíeran [] wv/t1b to judge
gehíerend [] m (-es/-) hearer
gehíerendlic [] adj audible
gehíering [] f (-e/-a) hearing, hearsay
gehíernes [] f (-se/-sa) hearing, report
gehíersumian [] wv/t2 to reduce, subject, conquer
gehilmed [] adj helmeted; covered with foliage
gehíwcúðlician [] wv/t2 to make known or familiar to
gehíwendlic [] adj allegorical
gehíwian [] wv/t2 to transform, transfigure
gehíwlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to form, shape, fashion; color
gehíwodlíce [] adv in form
gehlǽg [] n (-es/-) derision, scorn
gehlæstan [] wv/t1b to load, burden; adorn
gehléapan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gehlíepð past gehléop/on ptp gehléapen to leap upon, mount (a horse)
gehléða2 [] m (-n/-n) companion, denizen [hlóð]
gehlencan [] wv/t1b to twist, bend?
gehléoð [] adj harmonious
gehleodu pl of gehlid
gehlid2 [] n (-es/-hleodu, -u) covering, vault, roof
gehlidod [] adj having a lid
gehlotland [] n (-es/-) allotted land, inheritance
gehlott [] n (-es/-) selection by lot, choice, decision
gehlów [] n (-es/-) lowing, bellowing, bleating
gehlýd [] n (-es/-u) noise
gehlyste [] adj audible
gehlystful [] adj attentive, gracious
gehlyta [] m (-n/-n) companion [hlot]
gehlytta [] m (-n/-n) partner, fellow
gehlyttu [] f (-e/-a) fellowship, lot
gehnǽst2 [] n (-es/-u) collision, conflict, battle [hnítan]
gehnæstan [] wvt/1b to contend with
gehnást2 [] n (-es/-u) collision, conflict, battle [hnítan]
gehnycned [] adj wrinkled?
gehnyscan [] wv/t1b to crush [hnesce]
gehnyst [] adj contrite
gehoferod see hoferede
gehófod [] adj hoofed
gehola see gehala
geholian [] wv/t2 to obtain
gehonge see gehange
gehopp [] n (-es/-) seed-pod
gehorgian [] wv/t2 to defile; spit upon
gehorian [] wv/t2 to defile; spit upon
gehorian see gehorgian
gehornian [] wv/t2 to insult [? = gehorgian]
gehorwigian see gehorgian
gehradod [] adj quick
gehræcan see gereccan
gehrec see gerec
gehresp [] n (-es/-) stripping, spoliation
gehrespan [] wv/t1b to strip, spoil
gehríered [] adj destroyed
gehrifian [] wv/t2 to bring forth
gehrifnian [] wv/t2 to tear off?, to become rapacious?
gehrín see gerín, gerén
gehriorde see gereorde
gehrisian [] wv/t2, wv/i2 to shake together
gehror [] n (-es/-u) calamity, plague, ruin [hréosan]
gehrorenes [] f (-se/-sa) downfall, ruin
gehrorenlic [] adj perishable, transitory, unstable
gehrúxl [] n (-es/-) noise, tumult
gehryne see geryne
gehðu2 [] f (-e/-a) care, anxiety, grief
gehú [] adv in any manner; hé is gecweden hláf þurh getácnunge and lamb and léo and gehú elles he is called bread typically and lamb and lion and in any other way;
gehúfod [] adj with pontifical headband
gehugod [] adj minded
gehúsed [] adj furnished with a house
gehwá [] pron each one, every one, any one, whoever
gehwanon [] adv from every quarter
gehwǽde [] adj slight, scanty, small, young
gehwǽdnes [] f (-se/-sa) smallness, fewness, insignificance
gehwǽmlic [] adj each, every
gehwǽr [] adv everywhere, in all directions; on every occasion, always; somewhere
gehwæt [] neut of gehwá
gehwæðer [] adj? both, either, each
gehwæðere [] adv nevertheless
gehwæðere hand (on) [] f (-a/-a) on both sides
gehwearf [] m (-es/-as) vicissitude
gehwearfnes [] f (-se/-sa) conversion
gehwédnes see gehwǽdnes
gehweorf [] 1. n (-es/-) a turning; 2. adj converted; active?
gehwider [] adv in every direction, everywhere, anywhere, whithersoever
gehwielfan [] wv/i1b to arch, bend over
gehwierfan [] wv/t1b to overturn, destroy
gehwilc [] adj each, any, every (one), all, some, many, whoever, whatever; anra ~ each one
gehwyrfednes [] f (-se/-sa) inclination; conversion
gehwyrfenes [] f (-se/-sa) inclination; conversion
gehwyrftnes [] f (-se/-sa) return
gehýan see héan 3
gehycglic [] adj considerable
gehýd [] 1. adj furnished with skin; 2. past participle of héan; 3. see gehygd
gehýdelicnes see gehýðelicnes
gehýdnes [] 1. f (-se/-sa) comfort; security; 2. see gehýðnes
gehygd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) mind, thought; reflection, forethought
gehýðnes [] f (-se/-sa) advantage; occasion
gehyht [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) comfort
gehyhtendlic [] adj to be hoped for
gehylced [] adj bent, bent apart, curved, bandy
gehyldig [] adj patient
gehylman see helmian
gehýpan see gehéapian
gehypsan see hyspan
gehýre- see gehíere-
gehyrnes see geherenes
gehýrung [] f (-e/-a) hiring
gehyspendlic [] adj abominable
gehyððu [] n (-wes/-) subsistence
gehýðe [] adj appropriate, convenient
gehýðelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) opportunitas
gehýðlic see gehýðelic
gehýwan see geíewan
geíeðan [] wv/t1b 1. to alleviate; be merciful; 2. to lay waste, ravage, devastate, destroy
geíeðrian [] wv/i2 to make or become easier
geierfian [] wv/t2 to stock with cattle
geiernan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geiernð past gearn/geurnon ptp geurnen to get to, attain, meet with; occur (to one’s mind); to coagulate; to grow up
geiht [] adj yoked together
geillerocad [] adj surfeited
geimpian [] wv/t2 to busy oneself with
geincfullian [] wv/t2 to offend, scandalize [inca]
geindépan [] wvt/1b to dip in
geinlagian [] wv/t2 to inlaw, to restore to the protection of the law
geinnian [] wv/t2 to include, bring in; to fill, supply, restore, charge, make good
geinseglian [] wv/t2 to seal, to impress with a seal
gelac2 [] n (-es/-u) tumult, motion, commotion, tumultuous assembly, play; sweorda ~ battle; crowd, host
gelácan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gelǽcþ past geléc/on, geleolc/on ptp gelácen to play a trick on, delude
gelácian [] wv/t2 to present, bestow, give, present one with a thing; accompany with gifts
gelácnian [] wv/t2 to heal, cure
gelagu [] m (-a/-a) extent, surface (of sea)
gelan see ágelan
gelanda [] m (-n/-n) compatriot, kinsman
gelandod [] adj having landed property
gelang [] adj dependant on, attainable from, present in, belonging to (+ æt or on)
gelangian [] wv/t2 to send for, summon, call; apprehend, seize
gelástful [] adj helpful, serviceable
gelatu [] f (-e/-a) hindrance
gelaured [] adj laurel-flavored
gelǽca see ág~, ellen~
gelǽca [] m (-n/-n) a rival
gelǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to emulate; join with, make common cause with? [lác]
gelǽdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gelǽdeþ past gelǽdde ptp gelǽded to lead, conduct, bear, bring, derive, bring out, bring forth, produce, bring up;
gelǽdendlic [] adj ductile, malleable, what is easily led or beaten out
gelǽdenlic see gelǽdendlic
gelǽr [] adj empty; empty-handed [Ger leer]
gelǽran [] wv/t1b to teach, instruct, guide; enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach; ge~ convert; ge~ 2 recall; ~ forð hand down (to others); lǽred1 learned (as opposed to lǽwed), hence clerical (as opposed to lay), spiritual (as opposed to temporal)
gelǽre see lǽr
gelǽrednes [] f (-se/-sa) learning, skill
gelǽstfullian [] wv/t2 to testify
gelǽt see gelǽte 2
gelǽte [] 1. n (-es/-u) manners, bearing [ON lǽti]; 2. n (-es/-u) junction of roads
geld see gield
geld- see gild-, gyld-
geldan see ágeldan
gelde [] adj sterile
geléaf [] adj leafy
geléaffulnes [] f (-se/-sa) faith, trust, faithfulness
geléafléas [] adj unbelieving
geléafléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) unbelief
geléafléast [] f (-e/-a) unbelief
geléaflýst [] f (-e/-a) unbelief
geléaflic [] adj credible, faithful; catholic; adv ~líce
geléafnesword [] n (-es/-) password
geléafsum [] adj believing, faithful; credible
geleaðian see gelaðian
gelec past 3rd sing of gelacan
gelecc- see gelæcc-
geled [] ? (-?/-?) catasta; see gléd?
geléfed [] adj weak, sickly, aged
geléfenscipe [] m (-es/-as) justification
gelege [] f? (-an/-an) lair, bed
gelegered [] adj confined to bed
gelegergield [] n (-es/-) lupercalia
gelegerod [] adj confined to bed
gelegu see gelege
gelend [] 1. adj furnished with land (by the lord); 2. see gelynd
gelenda [] m (-n/-n) one rich in land
gelendan [] wv/t1b to endow with land
gelengan [] wv/t1b to call for
gelenge [] adj belonging to, related to; addicted to
geléod [] m (-es/-as) fellow-countryman, compatriot
geléomod [] adj having rays of light
geléorendlic [] adj transitory
geleoðuwácian [] wv/t2 to mitigate, soften
geles see gelise
geléwed [] adj weak, ill?
gelíc [] 1. adj (+ dat) like; alike, similar, equal; suitable; likely; gelícost double, twin; 2. n (-es/-) something like another thing; similitude
gelíca [] m (-n/-n) an equal
gelícbisen [] f (-e/-a) an imitation; an imitator
gelícbisnung [] f (-e/-a) imitation
gelíce [] f (-an/-an) an equal; adv as, like, equally, similarly; ~ and like as if
gelíchamian [] wv/t2 to clothe with flesh
gelíchamod [] adj incarnate
gelícian [] wv/i2 to be or make like; seem likely
gelíclǽtan [] sv/t7 3rd pres gelíclǽteð past gelíclét/on, gelícleort/on ptp gelíclǽtan to liken, compare
gelíclic [] adj fitting, proper; adv ~líce equally
gelícnes [] f (-se/-sa) parable
gelíefan [] wv/t1b to be dear to
gelíefed [] adj believing, faithful, pious
gelíefedlic [] adj permissible
gelíefedlíce [] adv trustfully, credulously
gelíefen [] adj excused
gelíefenscipe [] m (-es/-as) justification
gelíesnes [] f (-se/-sa) redemption
gelíffæstnian [] wv/t2 to quicken
geligere [] n (-es/-u) concubinage, fornication, adultery
geligernes [] f (-se/-sa) concubinage, fornication, adultery
gelíman [] wv/t1b to cement, join, stick together
gelímian see gelíman
gelimp [] n (-es/-) occurrence; misfortune, accident
gelimplic [] adj fitting, suitable; happening; that which happens, a casual event, a chance; adv ~líce
gelimplicnes [] f (-se/-sa) form?, disposition of the limbs?
gelire see geligere
gelise [] n (-es/-leosu) reading, study
gelísian [] wv/t2 to slip, guide
gelíðan [] sv/i1 3rd pres gelíðeð past geláð/gelidon ptp is geliden to arrive
geliðen [] adj having traveled much
gell- see geall-, giell-
gellet [] n? (-es/-) bowl
gelm see gilm
gelo see geolu
gelodr [] f (-e/-a) backbone, spine
gelodwyrt [] f (-e/-e) silverweed
gelodr [] f (-e/-a) backbone, spine
gelogendlic [] adj to be kept in order
gelógod [] adj interpolated; ~ spræc (well)-ordered speech
gelógung [] f (-e/-a) order
gelógian [] wv/t2 ~ úp lay by, deposit; gelógod interpolated; gelógod spræc (well)-ordered speech
gelómed see geléomod
gelómlǽcende [] adj frequent; frequentative
gelomrǽde [] adj frequent
gelómlǽcing [] f (-e/-a) frequency, frequenting
gelómlǽcnes [] f (-se/-sa) a numerous assembly
gelómlic [] adj repeated, frequent, numerous; adv ~líce
gelómlician [] wv/t2 to become frequent
gelómlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) repetition; a numerous assembly
gelostr see geolster
gelumpenlic [] adj occasional; suitable [limpan]
gelustful [] adj desirable
gelustian [] wv/t2 to delight in
gelútan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gelýteð past geléat/geluton ptp geloten to lay down
gelygnod [] adj perjured
gelyndu [] n pl joints of the spine
gelysted [] adj w.g. desirous of
gelystfullíce see lustfullíce
gelýtlung [] f (-e/-a) insufficiency, want
gelyðen see geliðen
gemád [] adj silly, mad
gemagian [] wv/t2 recover (health)
gemáglic see gemálic
gemáhlic [] adj importunate; wanton, shameless; wicked; adv ~líce impudently
gemáhlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) importunity; wantonness, shamelessness; time of need
gemáhnes [] f (-se/-sa) importunity, persistence; shamelessness; boldness; contumacy
geman [] adj having a mane
gemána [] m (-n/-n) community, company; common property; communion, companionship, intercourse; cohabitation; tó ~n in common
gemáne [] adj having a mane
gemang [] 1. n (-es/-) mixture, union; troop, crowd, multitude; congregation, assembly; business; cohabitation; in ~ during; on ~ in the midst of; 2. prep w.d. or a. among
gemangennes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture (1)
gemangnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture (2)
gemanian [] w/vt2 to be restored to health?
gemanian [] wv/t2 to be restored to health?
gemanþwǽrian [] wv/t2 to humanize
gemárian [] wv/t1a to increase
gemartrian [] wv/t2 to martyr, torture
gemartyrian [] wv/t2 to martyr, torture
gemaðel [] n (-maðles/-) speech, talking, conversation, harangue
gemæcca [] m (-n/-n), f (-n?/-n?) mate, equal, one of a pair, comrade, companion; 1 husband, wife
gemæclic [] adj conjugal
gemæcnes [] f (-se/-sa) cohabitation
gemæcscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation
gemǽdan [] wv/t1b to make mad or foolish; past part gemǽd, gemǽded
gemǽdla [] m (-n/-n) madness
gemægenian [] wv/t2 to establish, confirm
gemǽl [] adj stained, dyed
gemǽlan [] wv/t1b to mark, stain
gemǽne [] 1. n (-es/-u) fellowship, intercourse; 2. adj subdued, overpowered; habban ~ to have or hold in common
gemǽnelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) generality
gemǽnnes [] f (-se/-sa) community, fellowship, intercourse, union; sharing; land held in common
gemǽnscipe [] m (-es/-as) community, fellowship; union; common ownership
gemǽnsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) fellowship, participation (in the Eucharist)
gemǽnsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) fellowship, participation (in Eucharist)
gemǽnsumung [] f (-e/-a) administration of the Eucharist
gemǽnung [] f (-e/-a) marriage
gemǽran [] wv/t1b to determine, fix limits; to celebrate, divulge, spread abroad
gemǽrhaga [] m (-n/-n) boundary hedge
gemǽrian see gemǽrsian 2
gemǽrlacu [] f (-e/-a) boundary-stream
gemǽrlacu [] f (-e/-a) boundary-stream
gemǽrtréow [] n (-es/-, -u) boundary-tree
gemǽrung? [] f (-e/-a) ending
gemǽrwyll [] m (-es/-as) boundary-stream
gemæssian [] wv/t2 to attend mass
gemǽte [] adj suitable
gemætgian see gemetgian
gemearcod [] adj baptized
gemeargian [] wv/t2 to be rich, marrowy
gemearr [] 1. n (-es/-) stumbling block, obstruction, error; emptiness, vanity; 2. adj wicked, fraudulent
gemec see gemæc
geméde [] 1. n (-es/-u) consent, good-will, pleasure; covenant; 2. adj agreeable, pleasant; suitable
gemedemian [] wv/t2 to humble; to condescend; to advance, promote, deem worthy
gemédred see gemédren 1
gemédred see médren 1.
gemédren [] adj born of the same mother
gemédu see geméde
geméne see gemǽne
gemengdnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse
gemengedlic [] adj mixed, confused; adv ~líce
gemengednes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse
gemengnes [] f (-se/-sa) mingling, mixture, connection; sexual intercourse
gemengung [] f (-e/-a) confusion
gemeodnes [] f (-se/-sa) dignity [= medemnes]
gemeotu see gemetu nom/acc pl of gemet
gémer- see géomr-
gemerce see gemierce
gemét see gemót
gemet2 [] adj fit, proper, apt, meet; adv ~e
gemétednes [] f (-se/-sa) finding, discovery
gemétend [] m (-es/-) inventor
gemetfæst [] adj moderate, reasonable, modest, meek
gemetfæstan [] wv/t1b to compare
gemetfæstlic [] adj moderate; modest, gentle; adv ~líce modestly, humbly, meekly
gemetfæstnes [] f (-se/-sa) moderation, modesty, sobriety
gemetfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) a measure (vessel)
gemetfest- see metfæst-
gemetgiend [] m (-es/-) ruler, governor
gemethát? [] adj temperate
gemetlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to moderate
gemetlic [] adj measurable; fitting, suitable; moderate; mild, discreet; adv ~líce
gemetlicung [] f (-e/-a) adjustment, regulation
gemetnes [] f (-se/-sa) moderation
gemétnes see gemétednes
gemetodlíce [] adv inevitably
gemetta [] m (-n/-n) sharer in food, guest
gemetting see geméting
geméðgian [] wv/t2 to exhaust, tire out
geméðrian [] wv/t2 to honor
gemidleahtrian [] wv/t2 to reproach
gemidlian [] wv/t2 to halve, divide
gemierce [] n (-es/-u) boundary, limit; sign, token
gemildgian [] wv/t2 to mitigate, make mild or calm [mildian]
gemilscad [] adj honeyed, mixed with honey
gemimor [] adj w.d. well-known; adv ~líce by heart
gemód [] adj of one mind, harmonious, peaceful
gemódod [] adj disposed
gemódsum [] adj accordant, in agreement
gemódsumian [] wv/t2 to agree
gemódsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement, concord
gemolcen [] adj milked
gemong see gemang
gemót [] n (-es/-) conflict, encounter; ~ wyrcan to take counsel
gemótan see métan
gemótléah [] m (-es/-as) meadow of meeting
gemótmann [] m (-es/-menn) orator, counselor
gemótstede [] m (-es/-as) place of meeting
gemstán see gimmstán
gemun [] adj w.g. mindful, remembering
gemunde see gemynde
gémung [] f (-e/-a) marriage
gémungian [] wv/t2 to marry
gémunglic [] adj nuptial
gemunung [] f (-e/-a) remembrance
gemynan see gemunan
gemynd [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) memory, remembrance; memorial, record; act of commemoration; thought, purpose; consciousness, mind, intellect; on ge~ niman to recollect; iernan tó ~e w.d. person to occur to s.o.
gemynddæg [] m (-es/-dagas) anniversary
gemynde [] 1. adj mindful; 2. ? (-?/-?) river-mouth
gemynde- see myndig-
gemyndelic [] adj memorable; hortatory; adv ~líce by heart; thoughtfully
gemyndewyrðe [] adj worth mentioning or remembering
gemyndful [] adj of good memory
gemyndgod [] adj aforesaid
gemyndiglic [] adj memorable; hortatory; adv ~líce by heart; thoughtfully
gemyndiglicnes [] f (-se/-sa) remembrance
gemyndlýst [] f (-e/-a) madness
gemyndstów [] f (-e/-a) monument, tomb
gemyndwyrðe see gemyndewyrðe
gemyne [] 1. adj mindful; 2. pres subj of gemunan
gemynt [] n (-es/-) intention
gemýtan see gemétan 2
gemýðe [] n (-es/-u) (usu in pl) mouth, confluence, junction of two streams
gén [] 1. adv yet, now, still, again; further, besides, also, moreover; hitherto; 2. prep w.d.? against, over against, on the opposite side; 3. adj direct; 4. see gégan, góian
gén- see géan-, gegn-
géna see gén 1.
genacian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, strip
genacodian [] wv/t2 to lay bare, strip
genág [] adj striking, pressing?
genamn [] adj of the same name
genǽman [] wvt/1b to take away
genæmnian see nemnian
gend see geond
gende see gengde past 3rd sing of gengan
génde see gínde, gýnde.
genéah [] 1. 2 ? (-?/-?) sufficiency, abundance; 2. adj closely, seriously; 3. pres 3rd sing of genúgan
geneahhelíce [] adv sufficiently, frequently, usually
genéahian [] wv/t2 to draw near to
genéahwian [] wv/t2 to draw near, approach, cleave to
genéan see genéahwian
genear see gener
genéat [] m (-es/-as) companion, follower (esp. in war); dependant, vassal, tenant who works for a lord
genéatmann see genéat
genéatriht [] n (-es/-) regulations as to the tenure of ‘genéatland’
geneatscolu [] f (-e/-a) band of comrades
genéðelic see geníededlic
geneðerian see geniðerian
genehe see geneahha
genehhe see geneahha
genehhige see geneahha
genéopan? [] sv/t2 3rd pres geníepð past genéap/genupon ptp genopen to engulf, overwhelm
generednes [] f (-se/-sa) deliverance (1)
generrenes [] f (-se/-sa) deliverance (2)
generstede [] m (-es/-as) refuge, sanctuary
genettian [] wv/t2 to ensnare
geng [] 1. see geong; 2. see gang; 3. past 3rd sing of gangan
gengan [] wv/i1b 3rd pres gengeð past gengde ptp is gegenged to go
genge1 [] 1. adj prevailing, effectual, appropriate; seasonable; agreeable; 2. n (-s/-u) troop; 3. f (-an/-an) privy
gengel see æfter~, for(e)~
geniðerigendlic [] adj deserving condemnation
geníðla2 [] m (-n/-n) enemy; enmity, fierceness
geniðred [] adj ignominious
geníededlic [] adj compulsory
genigend see giniend pres part of ginian
genihtian [] wv/i2 to become night, grow dark
geniman [] sv/t4 3rd pres genimð past genóm/on ptp genumen to grasp, comprehend; take to wife; frið ~ make peace; tó rǽde ~ to resolve
genip [] adj darkness, mist, cloud, obscurity
genipful [] adj dark, gloomy
génlád [] f (-e/-a) estuary
géno see gén
genóg [] 1. adj enough, sufficient, abundant; much, many; 2. adv sufficiently; fully, quite, abundantly (1)
genógian [] wv/i2 to be abundant
genóh [] 1. adj enough, sufficient, abundant; much, many; 2. adv sufficiently; fully, quite, abundantly (2)
genotian [] wv/t2 to note
génu see gén
genugan [] impersonal irreg v/t 3rd pres geneah past genohte ptp genugen? to suffice, not lack
genycled see gecnycled
genýdenlic [] adj compulsory
genyðred [] adj ignominious
genyhð see genyht?
genyhe see geneahhe
genyht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) abundance, fullness, sufficiency
genyhtful [] adj abundant, plentiful
genyhtlíce [] adv abundantly
genyhtsum [] adj satisfied, contented
genyhtsumian [] wv/t2 to suffice, abound
genyhtsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) abundance, plenty
genyhtsumung [] f (-e/-a) abundance
genyp see genip
genýt pres 3rd sing of geníedan
géo [] adv once, formerly, of old, before, already, earlier
géoabbod [] m (-es/-as) former abbot
geoc [] n (-es/-u) yoke; yoke of oxen, etc; a measure of land; consort
géoc2 [] f (-e/-a) help, support, rescue; safety; consolation
geocboga [] m (-n/-n) yoke-bow, yoke, the bow or curved part of a yoke
geocða see gicða
géocend2 [] m (-es/-) preserver, Savior
géocian [] wv/t2 (w.g. or d.) to preserve, rescue, save
geocian1 [] wv/t2 to yoke, join together
geocled [] n (-es/-) a measure of land
geocleta [] m (-n/-n) a measure of land
géocor2 [] adj harsh, terrible; bitter, sad; adv géocre
geocsa [] m (-n/-n) sob; hiccough [see gecsa]
geocsian [] wv/i2 to sob
geocstecca [] m (-n/-n) sobbing
geocsticca [] m (-n/-n) the bar of a yoke
geoctéma [] m (-n/-n) animal yoked with another
géodǽd2 [] f (-e/-e) deed of old, former deed
geódon see geéodon
geódon see geéodon
geoðu see geohðu, gehðu
geof- see gief-, gif-
geof see gif
geofen see geofon
geofena gen pl of geofu, see giefu
geoferian [] wv/t2 to elevate [= uferian]
geoferian [] wv/t2 to elevate [= uferian]
geofola [] m (-n/-n) morsel, bit of food [see giefla]
geofon2 [] n (-es/-) ocean, sea, flood
geofonflód [] m (-es/-as) ocean flood
geofonhús [] n (-es/-) ship
geogað see geoguð
géogéara [] adv of old, formerly
géogéare [] adv of old, formerly
géogelere [] m (-es/-as) magician [Ger gaukler]
géoglere [] m (-es/-as) magician [Ger gaukler]
geoguð [] f (-e/-a) youth; young people; junior warriors (as opposed to duguð); young of cattle
geoguðcnósl [] n (-es/-) young offspring
geoguðfeorh2 [] n (-féores/-) time of youth
geoguðhád [] m (-a/-a) state of youth; adolescence
geoguðhádnes [] f (-se/-sa) state of youth; adolescence
geoguðlic [] adj youthful
geoguðlust [] m (-a/-a) youthful lust
geoguðmyrð [] f (-e/-a) joy of youth, tenderness of youth?
geohðu see gehðu
Geohel- see Géol-
Geohhel- see Géol-
Geohhol see Géol
Geohol see Géol
geohsa see geocsa
geoht [] n (-es/-) yoke, pair
géohwílum [] adv of old
Géol [] n (-es/-) Yule-tide, Christmas; ǽrra ~a December; æftera ~a January
Géola [] m (-n/-n) Yule-tide, Christmas; ǽrra ~a December; æftera ~a January
geolca see geoloca
geold see gield
Géoldæg [] m (-es/-dagas) Yule-day, day at Yuletide
geole see geolwe
géoléan [] n (-es/-) reward for past deed
geoleca see geoloca
geoleréad see geoluréad
geolhster see geolster
Géolmónað [] m (-mónðes/-mónðas) December
geolo see geolu
geoloca [] m (-n/-n) yolk
geolorand2 [] m (-es/-as) buckler covered with yellow linden-bark
geolster [] m (-es/-as) matter, pus, poison, poisonous humor, disease
geolstor [] m (-es/-as) matter, pus, poison, poisonous humor, disease
geolstrig [] adj secreting poison, poisonous, purulent
geolu [] adj yellow; gen masc/neut geolwes
geoluhwít [] adj pale yellow
geoluréad [] adj reddish yellow (orange?)
geolwe [] adj yellowish
geolwes ádl [] f (-e/-a) jaundice
geolwian1 [] wv/i2 to become yellow
géomagister [] m (-es/-as) former teacher
géomann2 [] m (-es/-menn) man of past times
géoméowle2 [] f (-an/-an) aged wife?, one who was a maiden long ago, an old woman
géomer- see géomor-, géomr-
géomor [] adj troubled, sad, miserable; adv ~e
géomorfród [] adj very old
géomorgidd2 [] n (-es/-) dirge, elegy
géomorlic [] adj sad, painful, miserable; adv ~líce
géomormod [] adj sorrowful
géomornes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation
géomorung see géomrung
géomrian [] wv/i2 to be sad, complain, lament, bewail, mourn
géomrung [] f (-e/-a) groaning, moaning, grief
geon [] adj, pron yon, (that)
geon- see geond-
géona see géna, gén
geonað pres pl of geonian
geond [] 1. prep w.a. throughout, through, over; up to, as far as, during; ~…innan throughout; 2. adv yonder, thither
geondan [] prep w.a. beyond
geondbláwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondblǽwð past geondbléw/on ptp geondbláwen to inspire, illuminate
geondbrǽdan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geondbrǽdeð past geondbrǽdde ptp geondbrǽded to cover entirely; enlarge, extend
geonddrencan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geonddrenceð past geonddrencte ptp geonddrenced to drink excessively, get drunk
geondeardian [] wv/t2 3rd pres geondeardað past geondeardode ptp geondeardod to inhabit
geondfaran [] sv/t6 3rd pres geondfærð past geondfór/on ptp geondfæren to traverse, pervade [listed as sv/t7]
geondféolan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondfíelð past geondfealh/geondfǽlon ptp geondfolen to fill completely [irregular past pl and ptp; should be geondfulgon, ptp geondfolgen]
geondféran [] wv/t1b to traverse, go around
geondflówan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondfléwð past geondfléow/on ptp geondflówen to flow over or through
geondflówende [] adj ebbing and flowing
geondfolen see geondféolan
geondgangan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondgengð past geondgéong/on ptp geondgangen to traverse, go around
geondgéotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres geondgíeteð past geondgéat/geondguton ptp geondgoten, sv/i2to pour, pour upon, suffuse, spread, soak
geondhweorfan2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondhwierfð past geondhwearf/geondhwurfon ptp geondhworfen to pass over, pass through
geondhyrdan [] wv/t1b to harden thoroughly
geondlácan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondlǽcð past geondléc/on, geondleolc/on ptp geondlácen to traverse, flow over
geondleccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondlecð past geondleahte ptp geondleaht to water, irrigate
geondleccung [] f (-e/-a) moistening, watering
geondlíhtan [] wv/t1b to illuminate, enlighten
geondlíhtend [] m (-es/-) illuminator
geondmengan [] wv/t1b to confuse, bewilder
geondrécan [] wv/t1b to fill with smoke
geondsáwan [] sv/t7 3rd pres geondsǽwð past geondséow/on ptp geondsáwen to strew, scatter
geondscéawian [] wv/t2 to look upon; consider, have regard to
geondscínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondscínð past geondscán/geondscinon ptp geondscinen to shine upon, illuminate
geondscríðan [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondscríðeð past geondscráð/geondscridon ptp
geondscriden to pass through, traverse, stride to and fro; ramble (of the mind)
geondscríðung [] f (-e/-a) course, passage
geondsécan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondsécð past geondsóhte ptp geondsóht to search thoroughly; pervade
geondsendan [] wv/t1b to overspread
geondséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres geondsiehð past geondseah/geondsáwon ptp geondsewen to examine
geondspǽtan [] wv/t1b to squirt through
geondsprengan [] wv/t1b to besprinkle
geondspringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondspringð past geondsprang/geondsprungon ptp geonsprungen to penetrate, be diffused
geondsprútan [] sv/t2 3rd pres geondsprýteð past geondspréat/geondspruton ptp geonsproten to pervade
géondstrédan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondstrídeð past geondstrǽd/geondstrúdon ptp geonstróden to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle
geondstrédnes [] f (-se/-sa) dispersion
geondstregdan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geondstrigdeð past geondstrægd/geondstrugdon ptp geondstrogden to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle
geondstyrian [] wv/t2 to stir up, agitate
geondþencan2 [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres geondþencð past geondþóhte ptp geondþóht to reflect upon, consider
geondwadan [] sv/t6 3rd pres geondwædeð past geondwód/on ptp geondwaden to know thoroughly, be versed in
geondwlítan2 [] sv/t1 3rd pres geondwlíteð past geondwlát/geondwliton ptp geondwliten to look over, contemplate, examine, scan
geondiernan [] sv/i3 3rd pres geondiernð past geondarn/geondurnon ptp is geondurnen to run over
geónettan [] wv/t1b to get quickly, seize, occupy
geong [] 1. adj young, youthful; recent, new, fresh; cmp gingra younger; spl gingest youngest; last; 2. see gang; 3. see geng, past 3rd sing of gangan
géong see góung
geonga [] m (-n/-n) young man
geongan see gangan
geongerdóm see geongordóm
geongewifre see gangewifre
geonglǽcan [] irreg wv/i1b to pass one’s youth, to grow up
geonglic [] adj young, youthful
geonglicnes [] f (-se/-sa) youth
geongling [] m (-es/-as) a youth
geongordóm [] m (-es/-as) discipleship, allegiance [OS jungardóm; jungarskepi]
geongorscipe [] m (-es/-as) discipleship, allegiance [OS jungardóm; jungarskepi]
geongra [] m (-n/-n) youth; disciple, follower, dependant, servant, vassal; assistant, deputy
geongre [] f (-an/-an) female attendant, assistant; deputy
geonian see ginian
geonlic see geonglic
geonlícian [] wv/t2 to compare; make like, simulate
geonlícung [] f (-e/-a) likeness
geonlícung [] f (-e/-a) likeness
geonofer [] adv thither
geonsíð [] m (-es/-as) departure hence, death
geonung see ginung
geonwealdian [] wv/t2 to have dominion over, get possession of
geonwealdian [] wv/t2 to have dominion over, get possession of
géopan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gíepð past géap/gupon ptp gegopen to take in
geopenian [] wv/t2 to be open to, exposed to; wv/i2 to become manifest
geopenian [] wv/t2 to be open to, exposed to; wv/i2 to become manifest
geormanléaf [] n (-es/-) mallow
geormenletic [] n (-es/-) mallow
georn [] 1. adj w.g. desirous, eager, earnest, diligent, studious; 2. see gearn, past 3rd sing of geiernan
geornan see giernan
georne [] adv eagerly, zealously, earnestly, gladly; well, carefully, completely, exactly; quickly
geornes see geornnes
georneste see eornoste
geornful [] adj desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, anxious; adv ~líce
geornfullic [] adj desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, anxious; adv ~líce
geornfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) eagerness, zeal, diligence; desire
geornian see giernan
geornlic [] adj desirable; adv ~líce zealously, earnestly, diligently, carefully
geornnes [] f (-se/-sa) desire, endeavor; zeal, industry; importunity
geornung [] f (-e/-a) yearning, desire; diligence
geornust- see eornost-
georowyrde see gearowyrdig
georran see gyrran
georran [] sv/i3 3rd pres georð past gearr/gurron ptp gegorren to sound, chatter; grunt; to creak, grate
georst- see gierst-
georst see gorst
georstu [] interj O! [híeran]
geortríewan [] wv/t1b to doubt, disbelieve
geortríewan [] wv/t1b to doubt, disbelieve
georwénan [] wv/t1b to despair
georwyrðan [] wv/t1b to disgrace
georwyrðe [] adj traduced
géosceaft [] m (-es/-as) destiny, fate
géosceaftgást [] m (-es/-as) doomed spirit
geostra [] m (-n/-n) yester(~day/~night)
geostran [] m (-es/-as) yester(~day/~night)
géot see gíet
géotan [] 1. sv/t2 3rd pres gíeteð past géat/guton ptp gegoten to pour, pour forth, shed; gush, flow, flood, overwhelm; 1 found, cast; 2. see géatan
géotend [] m (-es/-) artery
geotendǽder [] f (-ǽdre/-ǽdra) artery
géotenlic [] adj molten, fluid
géotere [] m (-es/-as) founder (of metal)
géoting see ingéoting, ongéoting
géotton past pl of géotan 2
géow see gíw
géower see éower
géowian see geéowian, geíewan
géowine [] m (-es/-as) departed friend, a friend of old or former times
geox- see geocs-
gép see géap
gepalmtwigian2 [] wv/t2 to deck with palm branches
gepícian [] wv/t2 to cover with ‘pitch’
gepíled [] adj spiked, spiky
geplatod [] adj plated (of gold)
geprician [] wv/t2 to point out
gepyndan [] wv/t1b to impound, shut up
ger- see gær-, gearw-, gier-
gér see géar
geracentéagian [] wv/t2 to chain
gerád [] 1. n (-es/-) reckoning, account; condition, stipulation; intention; reason, wisdom, discernment; accuracy; þus ~ such, of this kind; hú ~es how; 2. adj conditioned, circumstanced, disposed, adapted; wise, clever, skilful; straight, Guth; ~e spræc prose
gerádegian see gerádian
gerádian [] wv/t2 to reckon with, arrange; call to account
gerádlic [] adj proper, fitting; adv ~líce intelligently, clearly
gerádscipe [] m (-es/-as) discretion
Geransingas [] m pl the Gergesenes;
gerár [] n (-es/-) roaring, howling
geráwan [] wv/t1b to arrange in line
gerǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to reach, attain, overtake; give; obtain, seize, take, get, gain; address, speak to; handle, deal with; strike; to wound
gerǽdelíce see gerædlíce
gerǽðle see gerǽde
gerǽdod [] adj harnessed, caparisoned
gerǽf [] adj w.d?g.? brought home to, convicted of
gerǽptan [] wv/t1b to bind, fetter
gerǽwe [] adj arranged in rows
gerǽwed [] adj arranged in rows
gerǽwen [] adj arranged in rows
gerǽwod [] adj arranged in rows
gerd see gierd
gerd- see gyrd-
geréafa see geréfa
geréafian [] wv/t2 to strip [rob, plunder]
gerec [] 1. n (-es/-u, -reocu) rule, government; decree; explanation; 2. n (-es/-u) tumult;
gerecan [] sv/i5 3rd pres gericð past geræc/gerǽcon ptp is gerecen to go, move, rush
gereccan [] irreg wv/t1b to wield (authority), give judgment, decide, direct, control; prove; count, reckon
gereccelic see gereclic
gerecednes [] f (-se/-sa) narrative, history; interpretation; direction, correction; proof, explanation; ánfald/ánfeald/ánfealdlic (ge)~ prose
gerecenes [] f (-se/-sa) narrative, interpretation; direction, correction; proof, explanation
gerecenian [] wv/t2 to explain, recount, relate
gereclic [] adj circumstantial; adv ~líce directly, straight; methodically; smoothly
gerecnes [] f (-se/-sa) direction, inclination
gerecu see gerec-
geredian [] wv/t2 to reach; discover; effect
geréfærn [] n (-es/-) court-house
geréfland [] n (-es/-) land held by a reeve
geréfmǽd [] f (-we/-wa) reeve’s meadow
geréfmann [] m (-es/-menn) official, courtier
geréfscipe [] m (-es/-as) reeve’s office, stewardship; consulate
geréfscír [] f (-e/-a) steward’s office, prefecture
gerén [] n (-es/-) ornament; building
gerendrian [] wv/t2 to peel
geréne [] 1. n (-es/-u) ornament; instrument; building; 2. 1 see ryne1
gerénian [] wv/t2 to arrange, set in order, mend, set (trap); adorn; ~ tó bismere to humiliate, degrade
gerennan [] wv/t1a to coagulate
gerénung [] f (-e/-a) arranging
geréohnung see gerénung
gereorddæg [] m (-es/-dagas) feast-day
gereordgléawnes [] f (-se/-sa) skill in singing
gereordnes [] f (-se/-sa) food, feasting, banquet; satiety
gereordunghús [] n (-es/-) refectory
gereordungtíd [] f (-e/-e) meal-time
geréosan see gehréosan
gererding see gereordung
geresp [] 1. adj convicted of; 2. n (-es/-u) blame
gerestan [] wv/t1b to give rest to, lodge
gerestscipe [] m (-es/-as) cohabitation
geréðre [] adj constant
gerew- see gearw-, gierw-
gerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gereð past gerede ptp gered to clothe
gerid [] n (-es/-u, -reodu) riding; food
gerídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gerídeð past gerád/geridon ptp geriden to ride over, occupy (a country), seize; to ride up to; tó handa ~ to bring into a person’s power or possession
geríf [] ? (-?/-?) garment
gerif [] n (-es/-u, -reofu) seizing, catch (of fish); number caught
gerifian [] wv/t2 to wrinkle
gerihte [] n (-es/-u) right, due; religious rite, office; ~u pl last offices; on ~ straight on; up on ~ upright
gerihtgeswinc [] n (-es/-u) lawful work
gerihtnes [] f (-se/-sa) correction
gerihtreccan [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres gerihtrecð past gerihtreahte ptp gerihtreaht to guide, show rightly
gerihtwísung [] f (-e/-a) justification
gerímbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) calendar
gerímian [] wv/t2 to calculate
gerímtæl see rímgetæl
gerín see gerén
gerínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gerínð past gerán/gerinon ptp gerinen to wet with rain
gerínan see gehrínan
gerinnan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gerinð past gerann/gerunnon ptp is gerunnen to run together, blend, coagulate
gerinnung [] f (-e/-a) coagulation
gerípan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gerípð past geráp/geripon ptp geripen to rob
gerís [] n (-es/-) fury
gerisen [] ? (-?/-?) seizure
gerisenlic [] adj convenient, suitable, becoming, honest, honorable; adv ~líce
gerislic [] adj equal to, like
gerisnes [] f (-se/-sa) congruity
gerisnian [] wv/t2 to agree, accord
geríxian see rícsian
gernwinde see gearnwinde
geródfæstnian [] wv/t2 to crucify
geróscian see róstian
gerósod [] adj of roses
geróstian [] wv/t2 to roast, dry
geróstian see geroscian
gerótsian [] wv/t2 to comfort, gladden
gérscipe [] m (-es/-as) jest?
geruma2 [] m (-n/-n) space, place
gerumpen see gehrumpen, past part of hrimpan
gerúna [] m (-n/-n) counselor, confidant
gerunnen past part of gerinnan
gerw- see gearw-, gierw-
geryddan [] wv/t1a to clear (land)
gerýde [] adj prepared, ready?, easy?
gerynning see gerinning
gerynu see geryne
gerýpan [] wv/t1b 1. to spoil, plunder, rob; 2. n pl sheaves; 3. see rǽpan; 4. see rípan
gerysen- see gerisn-
gerysn- see gerisn-
gés see gós
gesadian [] wv/t2 to satiate, fill
gesaga [] m (-n/-n) narrative
gesamodlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to bring together
gesáwelod [] adj having a soul; endowed with life
gesawenlic see gesewenlic
gesǽlige [] adv happily
gesǽliglic [] adj happy, blessed, fortunate; adv ~líce
gesǽlignes [] f (-se/-sa) happiness, (good) fortune; occurrence
gesǽllic see gesǽliglic
gesǽlnes [] f (-se/-sa) occurrence
gesæltan see syltan
gesǽman see gesíeman
gesæt [] n (-es/-satu) act of sitting
gesǽte [] n (-es/-u) snare, ambush
gesætnes see gesetnes
gesca [] m (-n/-n) hiccough, sobbing
gescádwyrt [] f (-e/-e) oxeye
gescaldwyrt see gescádwyrt
gescáp- see gescéap-
gescapen past participle of scieppan
gescǽnan [] wv/t1b to render brilliant?
gescǽninges [] f (-se/-sa) collision
gescea [] m (-n/-n) hiccough, sobbing
gescéad [] 1. n (-es/-) separation, distinction; discretion, understanding, argument; reason; reckoning, account, statement; accuracy; art, manner, method; 2. adj reasonable, prudent; calculated
gescéadenlíce [] adv severally
gescéadlic [] adj reasonable, discreet, wise, accurate; adv ~líce
gescéadnes [] f (-se/-sa) In gen., a producing, production, invention, cause (rare); originator, inventor; esp, A view, opinion, judgment; Counsel, advice, persuasion, encouragement to something (esp. if made with energy and sustained by the authority and influence of the counselor); Will, pleasure, decision, bidding, command, precept, decree; the will of the Senate; a decree of the Senate; the popular will or decision; Liberty, ability, power, authority to do according to one's pleasure; Might, power, authority, reputation, dignity, influence, weight (very freq.); An example, pattern, model; A warrant, security for establishing a fact, assertion, etc., credibility; meton, the things which serve for the verification or establishment of a fact; A record, document; The name of a person who is security for something, authority; Right of possession; In jurid. lang., a guaranty, security [auctoritas]
gescéadwíslic see gescéadwís
gesceaft [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) condition, nature
gesceaft [] f (-e/-a), m (-es/-as), n (-es/-u) dispensation, destiny, fate
gesceandnes see gescendnes
gesceap [] n (-es/-u) shape, form, created being, creature; creation; dispensation, fate; condition; sex; 1 genitalia
gesceapennes [] f (-se/-sa) creation, formation
gesceaphwíl [] f (-e/-a) fated hour
gesceaplíce [] adv ably, fitly
gesceððendlic [] adj hurtful
gescendþ [] f (-e/-a) confusion
gescendðu [] f (-e/-a) shame, confusion
gescendnes [] f (-se/-sa) shame, confusion
gescentu [] f (-e/-a) shame, confusion
gesceorf [] n (-es/-) irritation of the stomach
gesceorfan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gescierfð past gescearf/gescurfon ptp gescorfen to scrape, shred
gescert see scyrt past participle of scyrtan
gescíe see gescý
gescieldod [] adj furnished with shields
gescierpiendlíce [] adv fittingly [i or l?]
gescierpla [] m (-n/-n) clothing, garments
gescierplendlíce [] adv fittingly [i or l?]
gescierpt [] adj acute (accent)
gescínan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gescínð past gescán/gescinon ptp gescinen to shine upon, illuminate
gescinciu [] n pl the fat about the kidneys
gescipe [] n (-es/-u) fate
gescirian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gescireð past gescirede ptp gescired to mark off, count, reckon
gescola [] 1. m (-n/-n) fellow-debtor; [sceal]; 2. m (-n/-n) companion; [scolu]
gescot [] n (-es/-u) scot, payment
gescota [] m (-n/-n) fellow-soldier
gescotfeoht [] n (-es/-) shooting, battle
gescrǽpe see gescrépe
gescrence [] adj withered, dry
gescrencednes [] f (-se/-sa) tripping up
gescréope see gescrépe
gescrépnes [] f (-se/-sa) convenience
gescrif [] n (-es/-u, -screofu) judgment, edict; ceremony
gescý [] n pl pair of shoes
gescýgean [] wv/t1b to furnish with shoes
gescyldan [] wv/t1b to accuse
gescyldigian [] wv/t2 to place in the position of a criminal, render liable to
gescyldru nom/acc pl of sculdor
gescyndnes see gescandnes
gescynian see scunian
gescýrdan see gescrýdan
gése [] adv yes
geséaw [] adj succulent; soaked
gesecgan [] wv/t3 3rd pres sægð past sǽde ptp gesǽd to avoid
gesecgan [] wv/t3 to avoid?
gesédan [] wv/t1b to satisfy; [sæd]
gesegen [] f (-e/-a) conversation, speech, statement; report, story, legend; séo hálga ~ Holy Writ
gesegenlic see gesewenlic
geseglan [] wv/t1b to equip with a sail
geseglian [] wv/t2 to equip with a sail
gesegnes [] f (-se/-sa) expression
geselda2 [] m (-n/-n) comrade, retainer
gesele [] m (-es/-as) tabernacle
geselenes [] f (-se/-sa) giving
gesellan [] irreg wv/t1b feorh ~ to die
gesém [] n (-es/-) reconciliation
gesen [] m (-es/-as) entrails, intestines
geséne see gesíene
geséon [] sv/t5 3rd pres gesiehð past geseah/gesáwon ptp gesewen to provide
gesetednes see gesetnes
gesetenes see gesetnes
gesetennes [] f (-se/-sa) sitting
gesetl [] n (-es/-) assembly
gesetla [] m (-n/-n) one sitting beside; assessor, fellow-judge
gesettan [] wv/t1a to people, garrison
gesettednes see gesetnes
gesettendlic [] adj appointed, canonical
gesetu [] n pl of geset
geséðedlic [] adj probable
geséðnes [] f (-se/-sa) affirmation
gesewenlic [] adj visible; adv ~líce evidently
gesibnes [] f (-se/-sa) affinity, relationship
gesibsumian [] wv/t2 to reconcile, be reconciled
gesibsumung [] f (-e/-a) peace-making
gesidian [] wv/t2 to arrange, set right, order; [sidu]
gesiehð see gesiht
gesíene [] adj seen, visible, evident, plain; adv plainly
gesíenelic [] adj visible; adv ~líce
gesierwan [] wv/t1b to fit out, arm, equip
gesig [] n (-es/-u) victory
gesigfæstnian [] wv/i2 to be crowned as victor
gesihðe see gesehðe
gesihðnes [] f (-se/-sa) vision
gesiht [] f (-e/-a) faculty or act of sight; aspect; what is seen, vision, apparition
gesíhte see gesýhte past 3rd sing of gescýcan
gesíne see gesíene
gesingalian [] wv/t2 to continue
gesingallician [] wv/t2 to continue
gesinge [] f (-an/-an) wife; [=gesinie?]; [compare sinig]
gesinhíwen [] adj married
gesinig [] adj marriage
gesinigan [] wv/t2 to marry
gesinigscipe see sinscipe
gesinlíce [] adv often; diligently
gesinscipe [] m (-es/-as) married couple
gesinsciplic [] adj conjugal
gesinscippend [] adj married
gesittan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gesitteð past gesæt/gesǽton ptp geseten to sit out, finish; wið earm ~ to lean
gesíð [] 1. m (-es/-as) comrade, companion; 2 follower, retainer, warrior; count, thane; [rare dative singular ~an]; 2. n (-es/-) company
gesíðcund [] adj fit to rank as a thane
gesíðcundlic [] adj intimate
gesíðlic see gesíðcundlic
gesíðmægen [] n (-es/-) band of warriors
gesíðmann see gesíð
gesíðrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) troop
gesíðscipe [] m (-es/-as) fellowship, society
geslæhte past 3rd sing of gesleccan
gesléan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gesliehð past geslóg/on ptp geslagen to strike down; to gain by fighting, win, conquer; wæl ~ to slaughter
gesleccan [] wv/t1a to weaken, disable [sleac]
gesléfed [] adj furnished with sleeves
geslieht2 [] m (-es/-as) battle
geslit [] n (-es/-u, -sleotu) rending, biting, bite; something to be torn or rent; backbiting, calumny
geslitglíw [] n (-es/-) raillery
gesméah [] n (-es/-) intrigue
gesmicerod [] adj well-fashioned
gesmyltan [] wv/t1b to appease; assuage
gesneorcan [] sv/i3 3rd pres gesniercð past gescnearc/gesnurcon ptp is gesnorcen to shrivel, dry up
gesnerc past of sneorcan
gesnot [] n (-es/-u) mucus
gesod [] n (-es/-u) cooking, boiling; trial
gesóm [] adj unanimous, peaceable, friendly
gespan [] n (-es/-u) suggestion, persuasion, allurement
gesparrian [] wv/t2 to shut, bar
gespédiglíce [] adv prosperously
gespédsumian [] wvt/2 to prosper
gespelia [] m (-n/-n) vicar, substitute, representative
gespeoftian [] wv/t2 to spit upon
gesperod [] adj armed with a spear
gesplottod [] adj spotted
gespon see gespan
gesprǽce [] adj eloquent, affable
gesprǽcelic [] adj incapable of being used alone (of the inseparable prepositions)
gesprǽdan [] wv/t1b to stretch forth, extend
gesprec [] n (-es/-u, -spreocu) faculty of speech; talk, discussion
gesprecan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gespricð past gespræc/gesprǽcon ptp gesprecen to agree
gesprecendlic [] adj that should be spoken
gesprintan [] wv/t1b to emit, utter
gest- see geist-
gestál [] n (-es/-) plaint, accusation, confession?; contention
gestala [] m (-n/-n) accessory in theft
gestandan [] sv/i6 3rd pres gestendeð past gestód/on ptp is gestanden to stand up, keep one’s feet
gestandan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gestendeð past gestód/on ptp gestanden to attack, assail; perform
gestaðolfæstian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish
gestaðolfæstnian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish
gestaðolfestian [] wv/t2 to make firm, establish
gestaðoliend [] m (-es/-) founder
gestæflǽred [] adj instructed, lettered
gestællan [] wv/t1a to stall, stable
gestæn- see gesten-
gesteal [] n (-es/-u) structure, frame
gesteald2 [] n (-es/-) dwelling, habitation
gestédhors [] n (-es/-) stud-horse, stallion
gestedigian [] wv/i2 to stand still
gesten [] n (-es/-u, steonu) groaning
gestence [] adj odoriferous
géstende see ýstende
gestépan [] wv/t1b to help, support
gestíðian [] wv/t2 to become hard; become strong, grow up, mature; make firm
gestiht [] n (-es/-) dispensation, provision
gestincan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gestincð past gestanc/gestuncon ptp gestuncen to smell; have the sense of smell
gestír- see gestýr-
gestogen past participle of gestígan
gestrengan [] wv/t1b to strengthen; gestrenged formed, made
gestrenged [] adj formed, made; past participle of gestrengan
gestréonful [] adj costly, valuable, precious
gestrician [] wv/t2 to knit together, mend
gestríenendlic [] adj begetting; genitive
gestrod [] n (-es/-u) plunder, robbery; confiscation
gestrud see gestrod
gestrýdan [] wv/t1b to rob, deprive, spoil, waste
gestrýdd see gestrédd past participle of stregdan
gestrynge [] m (-es/-as) wrestler; = gestyrung?
gestun [] n (-es/-u) din, crash, whirlwind
gestund [] n (-es/-) noise (also gestun)
gestyntan [] wv/t1b to make dull, stupefy; to repress [stunt]
gestynðu [] f (-e/-a) coercion
gestyrenes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation
gesufel [] adj with relish added to it? (of bread)
gesufl [] adj with relish added to it? (of bread)
gesund [] adj sound, safe, whole, uninjured, healthy, prosperous
gesundelic see gesyndiglic
gesundful [] adj sound, whole, healthy; prosperous
gesundfullian [] wv/t2 to prosper
gesundfullic [] adj sound, safe, sure; adv ~líce safely, prosperously
gesundig [] adj favorable
gesundiglic [] adv prosperous; safe; healthy; adv ~líce
gesundlic [] adv prosperous; safe; healthy; adv ~líce
gesundrian see gesyndrian
gesúpan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gesýpð past geséap/gesupon ptp gesopen to sop up, absorb
geswápa see geswǽpa
geswát [] adj sweaty, sweating
geswæccan [] irreg wv/t1b to smell; irreg wv/i1b
geswæðian [] wv/t2 to trace out, investigate
geswǽpa [] noun pl sweepings, rubbish [swápan]
geswǽre see swǽr
geswǽred [] adj oppressed, weighed down
geswǽslic [] adj kind, friendly, agreeable, pleasant; adv ~líce kindly; properly; plausibly
geswǽtan [] wv/t1b to oppress
geswearf see gesweorf
gesweðrung [] f (-e/-a) failure
geswefian [] wv/t2 to put to sleep, lull, appease
geswefnian [] wv/t2 w.a. person to appear in a dream
geswegra see geswigra
geswégsumlíce? [] adv unanimously
geswel see geswell
geswelg [] n (-es/-) abyss, whirlpool
geswell [] n (-es/-) swelling, tumor, boil
geswenc [] m (-es/-as) temptation
geswencennes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, affliction, toil
geswencnes [] f (-se/-sa) trouble, affliction, toil
gesweorc [] n (-es/-) cloud, darkness, mist
gesweorcenes [] f (-se/-sa) gloom
gesweordod [] adj provided with a sword
gesweorf [] n (-es/-) filings
geswéoru [] n pl hills
gesweostor [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (1)
gesweostra [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (2)
gesweostra see gesweostor
gesweostru [] f pl sisters; gesweosternu bearn children of sisters (3)
gesweostru see gesweostor
geswétlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to batten
geswic [] n (-es/-u, -sweocu) offence; snare; cessation
geswicednes see geswicennes
geswicennes [] f (-se/-sa) abstention, cessation; repentance
geswícnan [] wv/t1b to clear (of a charge)
geswicu [] f (-e/-a) cessation
geswícung [] f (-e/-a) intermission, cessation
geswifornes see geswipornes
geswigra [] m (-n/-n) sister’s son, nephew, cousin
geswin [] n (-es/-u, -sweonu) song, melody
geswinc [] n (-es/-u) toil, work, effort; hardship; the produce of labor; labor, affliction
geswincdagas [] m pl days of tribulation
geswincednes see geswencednes
geswincfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) tribulation; trouble
geswincnes [] f (-se/-sa) hardship, trial
geswing2 [] 1. n (-es/-) surge, fluctuation; 2. see geswinc
geswipore [] adv cunningly
geswiporlíce [] adv cunningly
geswipornes [] f (-se/-sa) wile, cunning
geswirga see geswigra
geswiria see geswigra
geswogen [] adj in a swoon, silenced, dead
geswogennes see in~
geswógung [] f (-e/-a) swooning
geswópe [] n? (-es/-u) sweepings, refuse
geswówung see geswógung
geswyrf see gesweorf
geswýsnes see geswǽsnes
gesyd [] n (-es/-u) wallowing place [séoðan]
gesydian see gesidian
gesyflan [] wv/t1b to provide with relishes, flavor [sufl]
gesyhð see gesihð
gesyhðe see gesehðe
gesynd- see gesund-
gesyndgian [] wv/t2 to make to prosper
gesyndig [] adj favorable
gesyndiglic [] adj prosperous
gesyndlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to cause to prosper
gesynlíce see gesinlíce
gesynnian [] wv/t2 to commit adultery
gesynt- see gesynd-
gét [] 1. see gǽt, nom, acc pl of gát; 2. see géat past 3rd sing of géotan; 3. see géta, gíet, gíeta
getácniendlic [] adj bearing a sign, significative, typical, emblematic
getácnigendlic [] adj bearing a sign, significative, typical, emblematic
getácnigendlic see getácniendlic
getácnigendlíce [] adv figuratively
getácnung [] f (-e/-a) a sign, signification, token, type
getáh [] n (getás/-) teaching [dat getá]
getale see tæl
getalscipe [] m (-es/-as) multitude
getalu see getæl
getamcian [] wv/t2 to tame, soothe
gétan [] 1. wv/t1b to destroy, kill; 2. see géatan
getang [] prep w.d. in contact with [= past 3rd sing of getingan]; adv ~e
getanglíce [] adv together
getanned [] adj tanned
getarged [] adj furnished with a shield
getáwa [] n pl apparatus, implements; genitalia
getáwu [] n pl apparatus, implements; genitalia
getǽcan fram [] irreg wv/t1b 3rd pres getǽcð past getǽhte, getáhte ptp getǽht, getáht to dismiss
getæl [] 1. n (-es/getalu) number, series; numeral; number of people, tribe; catalog; reckoning, estimation, opinion; 2. adj swift, ready; having mastery of [nom, acc pl getale]
getælcircul [] m (-es/-as) cycle, series
getælcræft [] m (-es/-as) arithmetic
getæld see geteld
getælfæst [] adj measurable
getælful [] adj numerous
getǽsan [] wv/t1b to influence
getǽse [] n (-es/-u) advantage, convenience; useful thing, implement
getǽslic [] adj convenient; adv ~líce conveniently; gently, softly, smoothly
getǽsnes [] f (-se/-sa) advantage, convenience
getǽsu see getǽse 2
getéad past part. of getéon and getéagan
getéagan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres getéageð past getéde ptp getéad to make, prepare, dress, till; þá þæt land þá getéad wæs then the land was prepared;
geteald see geteld
getéama [] m (-n/-n) warrantor, surety
getéd see getéad
getéðed [] adj toothed
geteldgehlíwung [] f (-e/-a) tabernacle
geteldung [] f (-e/-a) tabernacle
geteldwurðung [] f (-e/-a) feast of tabernacles
getelfers see tælfers
getelgan [] wv/t1b to dye
getelgian [] wv/t2 to dye
getelwís [] adj skilled in reckoning
getéman [] wv/t1b to vouch to warranty
getemesed [] adj sifted
getemian [] wv/t2 to suffer, permit; to tame
getemprian [] wv/t2 to temper, moderate, govern, cure
getengan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres getengð past getengde ptp getenged to hasten, join, devote one’s self to
getenge [] adj w.d. near to, close to, pressing upon, resting on, oppressing; oppressing, burdensome
gétenwyrde [] adj consenting, agreeing [géatan]
getéoh [] n (getéos/-) matter, material, universe?; pl instruments, implements, utensils
geteohhian [] wv/t2 to appoint, determine, decree, assign
geteohhung [] f (-e/-a) arrangement, ordering
geteolod [] adj gained
getéon [] sv/t2 3rd pres getíehð past getéah/getugon ptp getogen to draw, lead, incite, excite, constrain, restrain, bring up, instruct, bring to an end, complete, draw or bind together; to dispute; string up, play (instrument)
getéon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres getéoð past getéode ptp getéod to make, form, frame, appoint, determine, decree, ordain, arrange
getéorodnes [] f (-se/-sa) debility, weariness
geter [] n (-es/-u) tearing, laceration; thing torn; tumult, discord
getése see getǽse
getéwian [] wv/t2 to adorn
getíeme [] 1. adj suitable; 2. n? (-es/-u) team, yoke
getillan [] wv/t1a to touch, attain
getimberhálgung [] f (-e/-a) feast of tabernacles
getimbernes [] f (-se/-sa) building up, edification
getimbre [] n (-es/-u) building, structure
getimbru [] f (-e/-a) building, structure
getímian [] wv/t2 to happen, fall out
getinclic see getyngelic
geting see getyng
getingan [] sv/t3 3rd pres getingð past getang/getungon ptp getungen to press against
getingcræft [] m (-es/-as) mechanica, rhetoric
getitelian [] wv/t2 3rd pres getitelaþ past getitelode ptp getitelod 1. to entitle, ascribe, assign; (1) a person to an office, nominate; (2) something to a person, ascribe; twá béc for þǽre gelícnesse his gelogodan sprǽce man getitelode him two books from the likeness to his style are ascribed to him; 2. to place a mark above a letter or a syllable; þes que is sceort mid þrim stafum gewriten oþþe getitelod this que is written short with 3 letters or with a mark q;
getíung [] f (-e/-a) preparation, arrangement
getog [] n (-es/-u, -teogu) tugging, contraction, spasm, cramp; pl traces (of a horse)
getogen [] adj lengthened, long (of vowels)
getogu [] n pl traces (of a horse)
getónamian [] wv/t2 to name besides, surname
getornamian see getónamian
getot [] n (-es/-u, teotu) pomp, parade, vainglory
getregian [] wv/t2 to feel repugnance at
getregian [] wv/t2 to feel repugnance at
getréowed [] adj shafted
getréowfæstnian [] wv/i2 to be trusty
getréowfulnes [] f (-se/-sa) Israel!
getréowléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) treachery, faithlessness; unbelief, heresy
getréownes [] f (-se/-sa) faithfulness
getricce [] adj contented
getrum2 [] n (-es/-u) legion, army, host
getrúwe see getréowe
getrúwung [] f (-e/-a) prop, stay, confidence
getrúwung [] f (-e/-a) prop, stay, confidence
getryccan [] wv/t1a to confide, trust
getryccan [] wv/t1a to confide, trust
getrym [] n (-es/-u) firmament
getrymednes see getrymnes
getrymming [] f (-e/-a) fortress
getúcian [] wv/t2 to bedeck
getunecod [] adj clothed in a toga
getwǽfan [] wv/t1b w.g. to separate from, deprive of; hinder; w.a. put an end to
getwanc [] n (-es/-) collusion, deception
getweosa see getwisa
getwinn [] m (-es/-as); pl twins, triplets
getwinnes [] f (-se/-sa) junction
getwis [] adj having the same parents
getwisa [] m (-n/-n) twin
getýd [] adj skilled, learned
getýdnes [] f (-se/-sa) edification
getýne [] n (-es/-u) entrance, court
getyngelic [] adj polished, elegant, rhetorical; adv ~líce
getynglic [] adj polished, elegant, rhetorical; adv ~líce
getyngnes [] f (-se/-sa) fluency, eloquence
getyrfan [] wv/t1b to strike, afflict [torfian]
getythan [] wv/t1b to stretch, draw, pull; teach, train
geþafa [] 1. m (-n/-n) favorer, supporter, helper; 2. adj agreeing, consenting, acquiescing [cmp geþafera]
geþafettan [] wv/t1b to consent
geþafsum [] adj consenting, agreeing
geþafsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) consent, agreement
geþanc [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) thought, mind
geþancful [] adj thoughtful, ingenious, clever
geþancmetian [] wv/t2 to think over, deliberate [metgian]
geþancol [] adj desirous; suppliant
geþang [] n (-es/-) growth
geþáwenian see geþwǽnan
geþæf [] adj w.g. agreeing to, consenting to, admitting; contented
geþeaht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) thought, consideration, counsel, advice, direction; design, contrivance, scheme; council, assembly
geþeahta [] m (-n/-n) adviser, counselor
geþeahtend [] m (-es/-) counselor
geþeahtendlic [] adj deliberative
geþearfan [] wv/t1b to be in want
geþearfian [] wv/t2 to impose necessity
geþeawe [] adj customary, usual
geþéawian [] wv/t2 to bring up well
geþéawod [] adj well-mannered, moral
geþéd see geþéod
geþénsum [] adj obedient, helpful, useful [þegen]
geþéod past participle of geþéon, þýwan
geþéodan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geþéodeð past geþéodede ptp geþéoded to engage in; translate
geþéode [] n (-es/-u) speech, language; nation; translation; meaning
geþéodendlic [] adj copulative
geþéodlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to adhere, cleave to
geþéodlic [] adj social, intimate
geþéodnes [] f (-se/-sa) joining, suture; conjugation; translation
geþéodsumnes [] f (-se/-sa) agreement
geþéon [] sv/t1 3rd pres geþíehð past geþáh/geþigon ptp geþigen, sv/t3 3rd pres geþiehð past geþeah/geþungon ptp geþungen to receive, take
geþéon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geþéoð past geþéode ptp geþéod to tame, oppress; [also geþéowan]
geþéon [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geþéoð past geþéode ptp geþéod to do, commit, perform
geþéot [] 1. n (-es/-) howling; 2. pres 3rd sing of geþéodan
geþéowa [] m (-n/-n) enslaved person
geþéowan [] wv/t1b to tame, oppress
geþéowian see geþéodan
geþéowrǽden see þéodrǽden
geþéowtian [] wv/t2 to bring into captivity
geþersc [] n (-es/-) thrashing, beating
geþian see geþéon 4
geþicfyldan [] wv/t1b to make dense (the material for a fire), to pile up
geþiegen see geþigen
geþincðo see geþyncðu
geþind [] n (-es/-) swelling
geþingan [] 1. sv/t3 3rd pres geþingð past geþang/geþungon ptp geþungen to thrive; 2. see þingian
geþingan [] wv/t1b 3rd pres geþingeð past geþingde ptp geþinged to determine, fix, destine
geþingð [] f (-e/-a) intercession, agreement; court where claims are settled?
geþingðu see geþyncðu
geþinge [] n (-es/-u) meeting, council; arrangement, agreement, covenant; intercession; fate
geþingsceat [] m (-es/-as) ransom
geþofta [] m (-n/-n) comrade, mate; follower, client
geþoftian [] wv/t2 to join, unite, associate (wið)
geþogen [] 1. adj adult; virtuous, excellent; past part of þéon; 2. noun adult
geþohta see geþofta
geþóhtung [] f (-e/-a) counsel
geþót see geþéot
geþracen [] adj stout of frame, hardy
geþrafu? [] f (-e/-a) compulsion
geþrang [] n (-es/-) throng, crowd, tumult
geþrǽf [] adv unanimously
geþræf [] n (-es/geþrafu) pressure
geþrǽsted [] adj contrite
geþrǽstednes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition; crushing
geþrǽstnes [] f (-se/-sa) contrition
geþrégan see geþréan
geþreodian [] wv/t2 to resolve
geþring [] n (-es/-) crowd, pressure, commotion
geþringan [] sv/t3 3rd pres geþringð past geþrang/geþrungon ptp geþrungen to pinch (with cold)
geþrístian [] wv/t2 to dare, presume
geþrístlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to dare, presume, excite
geþrístlǽcung [] f (-e/-a) presumption
geþrówian [] wv/t2 to suffer
geþrúen past participle of þweran
geþrýde past 3rd sing of geþrýn
geþrýðed [] adj mighty
geþrýl [] n (-es/-) crowd, multitude [þrýn]
geþrýn [] wv/t2 3rd pres þrýð past þrýde ptp geþrýd to press, bind; repress; express
geþryscan [] wv/t1b to weigh down, afflict, oppress [þerscan]
geþrysmian [] wv/t2 to press, oppress, stifle [þrosm]
geþúf [] adj thriving, luxuriant
geþúhsian [] wv/t2 to make misty, dark
geþuhtsum [] adj abundant
geþun [] n (-es/-u) loud noise
geþungen [] adj full grown, thriven; competent, excellent, distinguished, virtuous; noun notable, king’s thane; [past part of þéon]
geþungenlíce [] adv virtuously, soberly
geþúxsian see geþúhsian
geþwǽrlic [] adj agreeing, harmonious; symmetrical; adv ~líce gently
geþwǽrung [] f (-e/-a) consent
geþwéor see buter~
geþwinglod [] adj fastened up?
geþwit [] n (-es/-u, -þweotu) cuttings [þwítan]
geþwórnes see geþwéornes
geþýde [] adj good, virtuous
geþyht [] adj pleasing
geþyld [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) patience
geþyldgian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for
geþyldian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for
geþyldigian [] wv/t2 to be patient, bear, endure; give in, agree; wait for
geþyldmód [] adj patient
geþyldmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) patience
geþyldu see geþyld
geþyldum [] adv patiently, steadfastly
geþyll [] n (-es/-) air, breeze
geþyllic [] adj thick, dense, i. e. consisting of parts crowded together; of the parts themselves which are crowded together, thick, close, set close; In time, of things which take place in close succession, thick, frequent, continuous (mostly poet.), of speech, condensed, concise; In space, thickly, closely, close together; In time, frequently, rapidly, one after the other [densus]
geþylmed [] adj brought down, abashed
geþynge see geþinge
geþyrst [] adj thirsty
geþýrstgian see geþrístian
geþýwe see geþéawe
geuferian [] wv/t2 to raise up, elevate
geuferian [] wv/t2 to raise up, elevate; extol, honor
geunárian [] wv/t1a to dishonor
geunblissian [] wv/t2 to make unhappy
geunhǽlan [] wv/t1b to weaken, debilitate
geunlustian [] wv/t2 to loathe
geunmihtan [] wv/t1b to deprive of strength
geunmihtan [] wv/t1b to deprive of strength
geunsóðian [] adj to falsify, disprove
geunstillan [] wv/t1a to disturb, agitate
geunstillian [] wv/t2 to disturb, agitate
geuntrum [] adj infirm, weakly, sick, ill
geunþwǽrian [] wv/t2 to disagree
geunwendnes see onwendnes
geunwlitegian [] wv/t2 to deprive of beauty
geuppan see geyppan
gewadan [] sv/i6 3rd pres gewædeð past gewód/on ptp gewaden to traverse, pervade
gewana [] adj lacking, wanting
gewand [] n (-es/-) fear; hesitation, scruple; bútan ~e without delay, unhesitatingly [incunctanter] [windan]
gewanhǽlan [] wv/t1b to weaken
gewanhálian [] wv/t2 to make weak
gewǽcednes [] f (-se/-sa) weakness
gewǽdian [] wv/t2 to clothe, dress, equip, furnish
gewæf see gewef
gewǽgan [] wv/t1b to frustrate
gewǽge [] n (-es/-u) weight, measure
gewǽgnian [] wv/t2 to deceive; condemn
gewǽht past part of gewǽcan and gewǽgan
gewældan see gewieldan
gewǽpnu [] n pl arms
gewǽr [] adj w.g. aware (of), watchful, on one’s guard
gewærlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to warn
gewæsc [] n wætera ~ alluvium
gewæstmbǽrian [] wv/i2 to be or make fruitful
gewealc [] n (-es/-) rolling, tossing motion; attack; military expedition
gewealcan [] sv/i7 3rd pres gewielcð past gewéolc/on ptp is gewealcan to go, traverse
geweald [] n (-es/-) might, power, possession; control, command, dominion; bridle; protection; subjection; groin; pudenda; muscles of the neck?; (his) ~es of his own accord. intentionally
gewealden [] 1. adj subject (to), easily controlled; inconsiderable, small; 2. adv moderately
gewealdendlíce [] adv powerfully
gewealdenmód [] adj self-controlled
gewealdes [] adv of one’s own accord, voluntarily
gewealled see geweallod
geweallod [] adj walled
gewéd [] 1. n (-es/-u) fury, rage, foolishness, madness; [wód]; 2. past part of wén
geweddian [] wv/t2 to engage, pledge oneself, covenant, promise, vow; give to wife, betroth; wed, marry
geweder see gewider
gewederu see gewideru
gewedfæsten [] wv/t1b to pledge
gewef [] n (-es/-u, geweofu) woof, web; text, context?
gewegan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gewigð past gewæg/gewǽgon ptp gewegen to fight
gewemmedlic [] adj corruptible; adv ~líce
gewemmednes [] f (-se/-sa) defilement
gewemmendlic [] adj seducing, corrupting
gewemming [] m (-es/-as) profanation
gewemmodlíce [] adv corruptly
gewén [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gewéð past gewéde ptp gewéd to bend, twist
gewend [] adj turned; adv on bæcling/bæclinga/bæclinge ~ having one’s back turned
gewend see gewind
gewéne [] adv perhaps
gewenian [] wv/t2 to tame
geweofu pl of gewef
geweorc [] n (-es/-) work, workmanship, labor, construction; structure, edifice; military work, fortification
geweorht see gewyrht
geweorp [] n (-es/-) throwing, dashing, tossing; what is thrown up
geweorpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gewierpð past gewearp/gewurpon ptp geworpen to reach by throwing
gewerian [] wv/t1a 3rd pres gewereð past gewerede ptp gewered to make an alliance
gewerodlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make sweet or pleasant
gewesan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gewisð past gewæs/gewǽson ptp gewesen to strive, contend; [compare gewosa]
gewesnes [] f (-se/-sa) dissension
gewetfæstan see gewedfæstan
gewidere [] n (-es/-u, -widru) weather (good or bad), storm, tempest; [weder]
gewiderian [] wv/t2 impersonal to be fine weather
gewield [] m? (-es/-as) power, control
gewieldan [] wv/t1b to compel; temper
gewieldend [] m (-es/-) subduer
gewierdlian [] wv/t2 to spoil, injure, destroy, violate, obstruct
gewif [] 1. n (-es/-u) fate, fortune [wefan]; 2. n (-es/-u) a disease of the eye
gewife see gewif
gewifsǽlig [] adj fortunate
gewiglian [] wv/t2 to take auspices, divine
gewilbod [] n (-es/-u) commandment
gewilcð [] n (-es/-) rolling, tossing; [wealcan]
gewilde see gewielde
gewile see gewill
gewill [] n (-es/-) will, wish, desire
gewilling [] f (-e/-a) desire
gewilnes [] f (-se/-sa) desire, wish
gewilniendlic [] adj unbridled
gewind [] n (-es/-) winding thing, winding path; woven thing
gewinde [] adj blowing
gewinful [] adj laborious, tedious, hard; adv ~líce
gewinfullic [] adj laborious, tedious, hard; adv ~líce
gewinnan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gewinð past gewann/gewunnon ptp gewunnen to conquer, obtain, gain
gewintíd [] f (-e/-e) time of affliction
gewintred [] adj grown up, adult; aged
gewinworuld [] f (-e/-a) world of care
gewíred [] adj made of wire; ornamented
gewis see gewiss
gewísfullíce [] adv knowingly
gewísnes [] f (-se/-sa) understanding
gewiss [] 1. n (-es/-) what is certain, certainty, surety; 2. adj certain, sure, trustworthy; knowing; tó ~an/~an1/~um; mid ~e especially, certainly
gewisslíce see gewislíce
gewistian [] wv/t2 to feast
gewistlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to feast, banquet
gewitan [] irreg v/t pres gewát/gewiton past gewisse/gewiste ptp gewiten to ascertain, learn
gewítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gewíteð past gewát/gewiton ptp gewiten 1. to see, behold; 2. to turn one’s eyes in any direction with the intention of taking that direction, to set out towards, start, pass over, to go, depart, withdraw, go away, retreat, retire, die; ~ metodsceaft séon to die; (a) with infinitive of verb of motion; gewíteð on weg faran engel the angel departeth away; gewít þu nú féran go now; (b) with other infinitives; ic gewíte sécan gársecges grund I go and seek the ocean’s bottom; (c) followed by a clause; gewát þæt hé in temple gestód wudlres aldor the prince of glory went so as to stop in the temple; (d) with prep or adv or adj; gif wé gewítað fram þé if we depart from thee;
gewítende [] adj transitory
gewítendlic [] adj transitory, perishable
gewitendnes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death
gewitennes [] f (-se/-sa) departure, death
gewiterian [] wv/t2 to inform; [witter]
gewitfæst [] adj of sound mind
gewitloca [] m (-n/-n) mind
gewitnian [] wv/t2 to confess; [or ?gewítnian]
gewitscipe [] m (-es/-as) evidence, knowledge
gewitt- see gewit-
gewiðerwordian see gewiðerweardian
gewixlan [] wv/i1b to change
gewlǽtan [] wv/t1b to defile, debase
gewlencan [] wv/t1b to enrich, exalt
gewlóh [] adj adorned
gewoman [] wv/t1b w.d. person, w.g. thing to deprive of; [wamm]
gewosa [] m (-n/-n) conversation, intercourse
gewráðian [] wv/r2 to be angry
gewraxl [] ? (-?/-?) wrestling-place, gymnasium
gewrégednes [] f (-se/-sa) accusation
gewrid [] 1. n (-es/-u) thicket?; 2. husk
gewrinclian [] wv/t2 to wind about; gewrinclod serrated
gewrinclod [] adj serrated; past participle of gewrinclian
gewrinclod [] adj wrinkled?
gewring [] n (-es/-) liquor, drink
gewrisc see gewrixl
gewrit [] n (-es/-u) 1. writing, something written, (1) written language; oþ þone first þe híe wel cunnon Englisc gewrit árǽdan until such time as they can read English writing well; (2) a number of written characters; þis man sceal wrítan on húsldisce ++A++CD++ this shall one write on the paten A, C, D; (3) inscription; riht ~ orthography; 2. a writing, (1) a written statement, passage from a book; (2) of official, formal documents, document; (a) of law or jurisprudence; on úrum gewritum in our regulations; (b) a list or catalog; hæbbe se abbod gewrit ealra þǽra ǽhta the abbot may have a list of all the possessions; (c) a letter; (d) text of an agreement; (e) writ, charter, deed; (3) of literary writing, a book, treatise; books dealing with a subject under notice; þæs þe gewritu secgaþ of that which the books say; (3a) of the books in the Bible; scripture, writing; as in holy writ; (α) of the canonical books, the Scriptures; on hálgum gewritum in the holy Scriptures; (β) of the Apocrypha; twéonendlicu gewritu the Apocrypha; 3. stylus
gewrítan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gewríteþ past gewrát/gewriton ptp gewriten to write together the names of things to be granted and make the grant, to make a grant in writing;
gewritrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) written agreement
gewrið [] n (-es/-u, gewreoðu) strap, thong
gewriðelian [] wv/t2 to bind?
gewriðennes [] f (-se/-sa) binding
gewríðung [] f (-e/-a) binding
gewrixl [] n (-es/-u) turn, change; exchange, purchase, intercourse; requital; office
gewrixlan [] wv/t1b to recompense, requite; to obtain
gewrixle [] adj alternate; vicarious
gewrixle [] n (-es/-u) turn, change; exchange, purchase, intercourse; requital; office
gewrixlic [] adj alternating
gewryndan see gegryndan
gewun see gewuna
gewuna [] adj wonted, customary, usual
gewundorlǽcan [] irreg wv/t1b to make wonderful, magnify
gewunelic [] adj usual, customary; accustomed (to), adapted (to); adv ~líce
gewunian [] wv/t2 to remain, continue, stand; to habituate oneself to
gewunlic see gewunelic
gewunnesful see gewinful
gewunod [] adj domiciled
gewynde [] n (-es/-u) weaving
gewynsumian [] wv/i2 to rejoice, exult; make glad, make pleasing
gewyrce [] n (-es/-u) work; proceeds of work, perquisite
gewyrd [] f (-e/-e) condition
gewyrde [] 1. n (-es/-u) speech, conversation; ordinance; 2. adj acknowledging, agreeing with; 3. see gewyrðe
gewyrdelic [] adj historical, authentic; fortuitous; adv ~líce eloquently; accurately, verbatim; wisely
gewyrdelicnes [] f (-se/-sa) eloquence
gewyrdignes [] f (-se/-sa) eloquence
gewyrdlian see gewierdan
gewyrht [] f (-e/-a), n (-es/-u) work, deed, service; desert, merit; transgression; mid ~um deservedly
gewyrhta [] m (-n/-n) fellow-worker; accomplice
gewyrms [] adj purulent
gewyrmsed [] adj purulent
gewyrpe [] n (-es/-u) heap
gewyrtbox [] f (-e/-a) fragrant herb or perfume box
gewyrðe [] n (-es/-u) bulk, contents, amount
gewyrðan [] 1. wv/t1b to value, appraise; 2. see geweorðan
gewýscan [] wv/t1b to adopt
gewýscednes [] f (-se/-sa) adoption
gewýscendlic [] adj desirable; optative (mood); adoptive; adv ~líce
gewýscing [] f (-e/-a) adoption
geyferian [] wv/t2 to exalt
geyppan [] wv/t1a to utter
geyrgan see eargian
gi- see ge-
gib see gif-
giccan [] wv/t1a to itch
gicce [] f (-an/-an) itch
giccig [] adj purulent, itchy
gicel [] m (gicles/giclas) icicle, ice
gicela [] m (-n/-n) icicle, ice
gicelgebland [] n (-es/-) frost
gicelig [] adj glacial, icy
gicelstán [] m (-es/-as) hailstone
gicenes [] f (-se/-sa) itching, itch
gicer [] n (-es/-) acre
gicða [] m (-n/-n) scab, itch, itching; hiccough?
gid- see gyd-
gíd- see gít-
gidd- see giedd-
gíe see
giecða see gicða?
giedd [] n (-es/-) song, poem; saying, proverb, riddle; speech, story, tale, narrative; account, reckoning, reason
gieddian1 [] wv/t2 to speak formally, discuss; speak with alliteration, recite, sing
gieddung [] f (-e/-a) utterance, saying, prophecy, song, poetry, poetical recitation, meter
gief see gif
gief- see gif-, geof-
giefa [] m (-n/-n) donor
giefan [] sv/t5 3rd pres giefð past geaf/géafon ptp gegiefen w.d. and a. to give, bestow, allot, grant; commit, devote, entrust; give in marriage
giefend [] m (-es/-) giver
gíefernes see gífernes
giefl2 [] n (-es/-) morsel, food [see also geofola]
giefnes [] f (-se/-sa) grace, pardon
giefu [] f (-e/-a) giving, gift; tó ~e, ~es gratis, freely; favor, grace; liberality; sacrifice; name of the rune for g
gield [] n (-es/-) service, offering, worship, sacrifice; money-payment, tax, tribute, compensation, substitute; 1 guild, brotherhood; idol, god
gield- see gild-
gieldan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres gieldeð past geald/guldon ptp gegolden to yield, pay; pay for; reward, requite, render; worship, serve, sacrifice to; punish
gieldere see gafol~
gieldra see ieldra, cmp of eald
giella see stángiella
giellan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gielð past geal/gullon ptp gegollen to yell, sound, shout
giellende [] adj yelling
gielp [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) boasting, pride, arrogance; fame, glory
gielpan [] sv/t3 3rd pres gielpð past gealp/gulpon ptp gegolpen to boast, exult; praise
gielpcwide2 [] m (-es/-as) boastful speech
gielpen [] adj boastful
gielpgeorn [] adj eager for glory; arrogant
gielpgeornes [] f (-se/-sa) desire for glory, pride, arrogance
gielphlæden [] adj boastful, laden with glorious words
gielping [] f (-e/-a) glory, boasting
gielplic [] adj vainglorious, boastful; ostentatious, showy; adv ~líce
gielpna [] m (-n/-n) boaster
gielpnes [] f (-se/-sa) boastfulness
gielpplega [] m (-n/-n) war
gielpsceaða2 [] m (-n/-n) boastful enemy
gielpsprǽc [] f (-e/-a) boastful speech
gielpword [] n (-es/-) boast
gielt see gylt
giem see gimm
gíeman [] wv/t1b w.g. or a. to care for, heal; correct, reprove; take notice of, take heed to, regard, observe; take charge of, control
gíeme [] f (-an/-an) care
gíemeléas [] adj careless, negligent; neglected, uncared for, stray; incurable
gíemeléasian [] wv/t2 to neglect, despise
gíemeléaslic [] adj careless; adv ~líce
gíemeléasnes [] f (-se/-sa) negligence
gíemeléast [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, neglect; presumption
gíemelíest [] f (-e/-a) carelessness, neglect; presumption
gíemen [] f (-ne/-na) care, oversight, heed, diligence, rule
gíemend [] m (-es/-) governor; keeper; observer
gíemenes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety
gíemnes [] f (-se/-sa) care, anxiety
gíeming [] f (-e/-a) care, anxiety; custody; rule
gíen see gén
gíena see géna
giend see geond
gieng see geong
gierd [] f (-e/-a) yard, rod, staff, stake, fagot, twig; measure of length; ~ landes an area of land about ¼ of a hide
gierdweg [] m (-es/-as) road fenced on either side?, road made with faggots?
gierdwíte [] n (-es/-u) affliction caused by (Moses’) rod
gierede past 3rd sing of gierwan
gierela1 [] m (-n/-n) dress, apparel, adornment; banner [gearwian]
gierelian1 [] wv/t2 to clothe
gierlian1 [] wv/t2 to clothe
gierian see gearwian
gierman [] wv/t1b to cry, mourn
giernan1 [] wv/t1b w.g. to yearn for, strive, be eager, desire, entreate, seek for, beg, demand [georn]
giernendlic [] adj desirable
giernes see geornnes
gierning see geornung
gierran see gyrran
gierran [] sv/i3 3rd pres gierð past gearr/gurron ptp gegorren to sound, chatter; grunt; to creak, grate
gierst- see giestr-
gierwan1 [] wv/t1b to prepare; cook; deck, dress, clothe, adorn; direct; swǽsende (úp) ~ to prepare a feast;
giest [] m (-es/-as) guest; stranger, enemy [also gæst]
giestærn [] n (-es/-) guest-chamber, guest-place; inn; shelter
giesterdæg [] m (-es/-dagas) yesterday
giesternlic [] adj of yesterday, yesterday’s
giesternhof [] n (-es/-u) guest-house
giesthof [] n (-es/-u) guest-house
giesthús [] n (-es/-) guest-house, guest-chamber
giestian [] wv/t2 to lodge, be a guest
giestig [] adj being a stranger
giesting [] f (-e/-a) exile
giestlic [] adj hospitable, ready for guests
giestlíðe [] adj hospitable, kind to guests
giestlíðian [] wv/i2 to be hospitable
giestlíðnes [] f (-se/-sa) hospitality, shelter, hospitableness, entertainment of guests
giestmægen [] n (-es/-) band of guests
giestning [] f (-e/-a) hospitality, lodging
giestran [] adv yesterday
giestranǽfen [] m (-ǽfnes/-ǽfnas) yesterday evening; adv ~ǽfene
giestrandæg [] m (-es/-dagas) yesterday
giestranniht [] f (-e/-) yesternight; [gen/dat sing ~e; gen/dat pl ~a/~um]
giestsele2 [] m (-es/-as) guest-hall
gíet [] 1. adv yet; still; besides; hitherto; hereafter; even; even now; þá ~ yet, still, further, also; nú ~ until now; hitherto, formerly; any longer; 2. pres 3rd sing of géotan
gíeta see gíet
gietan [] sv/t5 3rd pres gieteð past geat/géaton ptp gegieten to get
gíetsere see gítsere
gíetsian see gítsian
gif [] 1. conj w. indic. or subj. if; whether, though; 2. n (-es/-u?) gift, grace
gifa see giefa
gifan see giefan
gifect see gefeoht
gifel see giefl
gifen [] 1. past participle of giefan; 2. see geofon
gífer [] m (gífres/gífras) glutton
gífere see gífre
gíferlíce [] adv greedily
gífernes [] f (-se/-sa) greediness, gluttony, avarice
gifeðe [] 1. adj granted by fate, given; 2. n (-es/-u) fate, lot
giffæst [] adj endowed, talented; w.g. capable of, gifted with, fitted for
gifheall [] f (-e/-a) hall in which gifts were made
gifian [] wv/t2 to present, endow; glorify; ge~ to enrich with gifts
gifig [] adj rich
gifl see giefl
gifnes2 [] f (-se/-sa) grace, favor
gifol [] adj liberal, generous, bountiful; gracious
gifola [] m (-n/-n) giver
gifolnes [] f (-se/-sa) liberality
gifre [] adj useful
gífre [] adj greedy, rapacious, ravenous; desirous of (+ gen?)
gifsceatt [] m (-es/-as) present
gifstól2 [] m (-es/-as) gift-seat, throne
gift [] n (-es/-), f (-e/-a) gift, portion, marriage gift (by the bridegroom), dowry; pl nuptials, marrage [giefan]
giftbúr [] m (-es/-as) bride-chamber
giftelic see giftlic
giftfeorm [] f (-e/-a) marriage-feast
gifthús [] n (-es/-) house at which a wedding is being celebrated
giftian [] wv/t2 to give in marriage (of the woman)
giftléoð [] n (-es/-) epithalamium
giftlic [] adj nuptial, belonging to a wedding
gifu see giefu
giful see gifol
gifung [] f (-e/-a) consent
gíg see gíw
gígant [] m (-es/-as) giant [L gigantem]
gígantmæcg [] m (-es/-as) son of a giant
gigoð see geoguð
gihsa see geocsa
gihða see gicða
gihðu see gehðu
gild see gield
gild- see gyld-
gilda1 [] m (-n/-n) member of a brotherhood of related persons
gildan [] see 1. gieldan; 2. gyldan
gilddagas [] m pl festival-days
gilde see twigilde
gildet [] adj gelded
gildfréo [] adj free of tax
gildlic [] adj festival
gildrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) guild-membership
gildscipe1 [] m (-es/-as) guild, brotherhood
gildsester [] m (-sestres/-sestras) measure of bulk belonging to a corporate body
gildsetl [] n (-es/-) meeting-place of a guild
gillan see giellan
gillister [] n (-es/-) phlegm, pus, matter [geolster]
gillistre [] f (-an/-an) phlegm, pus, matter [geolster]
gilm [] m (-es/-as) handful; sheaf
gilma [] m (-n/-n) handful; sheaf
gilp [] 1. n? (-es/-) dust, powder; 2. see gielp, grip
gilt see gylt
gilte [] f (-an/-an) young sow, barren pig
gim see gimm
gím- see gíem-
gimbǽre [] adj gem-bearing, set with gems
gimcynn [] n (-es/-) precious stone, gem
gimfæst see ginfæst
gimhróðor [] m (-es/-hróðeras) gem-splendor
gimm [] m (-es/-as) precious stone, gem, jewel; 2 sun, star [L gemma]
gimmian1 [] wv/t2 to adorn with gems
gimmisc [] adj jeweled
gimreced [] n (-es/-) bejeweled hall, palace
gimrodor? [] m (-es/-roderas) draconite (precious stone); see gimhróðor
gimstán [] m (-es/-as) stone capable of being made into a gem, jewel
gímung see gémung
gimwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) jeweller
gin [] 1. n (-es/-u) gap, opening, abyss; yawning deep; 2. adj see ginn
gín see gén
gína see géna
gínan [] wv/t1b 1. to yawn; 2. to drive back
gind see geond
ginfæst2 [] adj ample, liberal [ginn]
ginfæsten [] n (-nes/-nu) great fastness, stronghold?
ging see geong
gingest see geong
gingiber [] f (-e/-a) ginger
gingifer [] f (-e/-a) ginger
gingra [] 1. see geong; 2. see geongra
gingre see geongre
ginian [] wv/i2 to yawn, gape; utter a sound [gínan]
giniend [] m (-es/-) yawning
ginn2 [] adj spacious, wide, ample
ginnan see onginnan
ginnes [] f (-se/-sa) gap, interval
ginnfæst see ginfæst
ginnwísed [] adj very wise; (or? ginnwíse of noble manners)
ginung [] f (-e/-a) opening of the mouth, howling, biting
gío see géo
giofol see gifol
giohðhád see geoguðhád
gíow see gíw
giowian see giwian
gip- see gyp-
gir- see gearw-, geor-, gier-, gyr-
gird see gierd
giren see grín
girsandæg see gierstandæg
girstbítung see gristbítung
girwan see gearwian
giscian [] wv/i2 to sob [geocsian]
gíse see gése
gísl [] m (-es/-as) hostage
gísel [] m (gísles/gíslas) hostage
gísldu [] f (-e/-a) the giving of hostages [also ~ðu]
gíslian [] wv/t2 to give hostages
gist [] 1. m (-es/-as) yeast, froth; 2. see giest
gist- see giest-
gist see ýst
gistran see geostran
gístung see gítsung
git [] dual pron ye two; dat inc; acc incit; gen incer; ~ Johannis thou and John
gít see gíet
gíta see gíeta
gitrife see giðrife
gítsere [] m (-es/-as) miser
gítsian [] wv/t2 to be greedy, long for, covet; ge~ to obtain with greed
gítsiendlic [] adj insatiable
gítsiendnes [] f (-se/-sa) avarice
gítsung [] f (-e/-a) avarice, greediness, covetousness, desire
giðcorn [] n (-es/-) a plant, spurge-laurel?
giðrife [] f (-an/-an) cockle
giðu see gehðu
gíu see géo
giu- see geo-
Giúli see Iúla, Géola
Gíuling [] m (-es/-as) July
Giúluling [] m (-es/-as) July
gíw [] m (-es/-as) griffin, vulture
giwian1 [] wv/t2 to ask
giwung [] f (-e/-a) petition
glád past 3rd sing of glídan
glad- see glæd
gladian [] wv/i2 2 to gleam, glisten; 1 wv/i2 to be glad, rejoice; 1 wv/t2 to gladden, rejoice, gratify, appease
gladine see glædene
gladung [] f (-e/-a) rejoicing; gladdening; appeasing
glappe see glæppe
glase see glæs
gláw see gléaw
glæd [] 1. adj 2 bright, shining, brilliant, gleaming; cheerful, glad, joyous; pleasant, kind, gracious; glad- in oblique cases; 2. n (-es/gladu) joy, gladness
glædene [] f (-an/-an) iris, gladiolus
glǽdestede see glédstede
glædine see glædene
glædlic [] adj bright, shining; kindly, pleasant, agreeable; adv ~líce gladly, joyfully, kindly, willingly
glædman [] adj? hilaris; kind, gracious
glædmód [] adj cheerful, joyous; kind, gracious
glædmódnes [] f (-se/-sa) kindness, bounty
glædnes [] f (-se/-sa) gladness, joy; good-nature
glædscipe [] m (-es/-as) gladness, joy
glǽdstede see glédstede
glǽm2 [] m (-es/glámas) a brilliant light; gleam, brilliance, brightness, splendor, beauty
glæng see gleng
glæppe [] f (-an/-an) buck-bean
glær [] m (-es/glaras) amber, resin
glæren [] adj vitreous, glassy [glæs]
glæs [] 1. n (-es/glasu) glass; 2. a glass vessel
glæsen [] adj of glass, glassy
glæsenéage [] adj grey-eyed
glæsfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) glass (vessel)
glæsful [] m (-es/-as) a glassful
glæsgegot? [] n (-es/-u) poured or molten glass
Glæstinga burg [] f (-byrig/-byrig) Glastonbury
glæhlútor2 [] adj clear, transparent
glæterian [] wv/i2 to glitter
glæterung [] f (-e/-a) shining
glætlic see glædlic
glǽw see gléaw
gléam [] m (-es/-as) revelry, joy, jubilation
gléaw [] adj penetrating, keen, prudent, wise, skillful; 2 good; adv ~e
gléawferhð2 [] adj prudent
gléawhycgende2 [] adj thoughtful, wise, prudent
gléawhýdig2 [] adj thoughtful, wise, prudent
gléawlic [] adj wise, prudent, skillful, diligent; adv ~líce
gléawmód [] adj wise, sagacious
gléawnes [] f (-se/-sa) wisdom, prudence, skill, penetration; diligence; sign, token
gléawscipe [] m (-es/-as) wisdom, thoughtfulness, diligence; proof, indication, test
gléd [] f (-e/-e) glowing coal, ember, fire, flame; instrument of torture [glówan]
gleddian [] wv/t2 to sprinkle, throw over
gléde [] f (-an/-an) glowing coal
glédegesa [] m (-n/-n) fiery terror
gledene see glædene
glédfæt [] n (-es/-fatu) chafing-dish; censer
gledine see glædene
glednes see glædnes
glédscofl [] f (-e/-a) fire-shovel
glédstede2 [] m (-es/-as) altar
glemm [] m (-es/-as) blemish, spot
glencan see glengan
glendran [] wv/t1b to devour, swallow
gleng [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) ornament, honor, splendor
glengan1 [] wv/t1b to adorn, decorate; trim (lamp); ge~ to set in order, compose
glengful [] adj decked out, adorned
glengista? [] ? meaning of this word is doubtful
glenglic [] adj magnificent, brilliant
glengnes [] f (-se/-sa) adornment
glentrian see glendran
gléo see glíw
gléof see gléow 2
gleomu [] f (-e/-a) splendor
gléow [] 1. see glíw; 2. past 3rd sing of glówan
gléow- see gléaw-, glíw-
glésan [] wv/t1b to gloss [L. glossa]
glésing [] f (-e/-a) glossing, explanation
gléw see gléaw
glía see glíga, gen pl of glíg
glid [] adj slippery
glida [] m (-n/-n) kite, vulture
glídan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres glídeð past glád/glidon ptp is gegliden to glide, slip, slide; glide away, vanish
glidder [] adj slippery; lustful
gliddrian [] wv/i2 to slip, be unstable
gliderung [] f (-e/-a) phantom
glíg see glíw
glind [] m (-es/-as) hedge, fence
glioda see glida
glisian [] wv/i2 to glitter
glisnian [] wv/i2 to glisten, gleam
glít pres 3rd sing of glídan
glitenian [] wv/i2 to glitter, shine; be distinguished
glitenung [] f (-e/-a) coruscation, gleam
glitin- see gliten-
glint- see gliten-
glíw [] n (-es/-u) glee, pleasure, mirth, play, sport; music; mockery
glíwbeam [] m (-es/-as) musical instrument, harp, timbrel
glíwbydenestre [] f (-an/-an) female musician
glíwcræft [] m (-es/-as) music, minstrelsy
glíwcynn [] n (-es/-) a kind of music?
glíwdréam [] m (-es/-as) music, mirth
glíwere [] m (-es/-as) buffoon, parasite
glíwgamen [] n (-es/-) revelry
glíwgeorn [] adj fond of sport
glíwhléoðriendlic [] adj musical
glíwian [] wv/t2 to make merry, jest, play (music), sing; adorn
glíwiend [] m (-es/-) performer, player
glíwingman [] m (-es/-menn) mocker, debauchee?
glíwlic [] adj mimic, jesting
glíwmǽden [] n (-mǽdnes, -nes/-u, -nu) female musician
glíwman [] m (-es/-menn) gleeman, minstrel, player, jester; parasite
glíwre see glíwere
glíwstæf [] m (-es/-stafas) melody, joy
glíwstól [] m (-es/-as) seat of joy
glíwung [] f (-e/-a) boisterous laughter, mockery
glíwword [] n (-es/-) song, poem
glóf [] f (-e/-a) glove; foxes ~ foxglove
glófung [] f (-e/-a) supplying with gloves
glófwyrt [] f (-e/-e) glovewort, dog’s tongue, lily of the valley
glóm [] m? (-es/-as) gloaming, twilight
glómung [] f (-e/-a) gloaming, twilight
gloria [] m (-n/-n) doxology
glówan [] sv/i7 3rd pres gléwð past gléow/on ptp geglówen to glow
glowende [] adj glowing, burning
gluto [] ? (-?/-?) glutton
gly- see gli-
glyrende [] adj looking askance
glýs- see glés-
gnád past 3rd sing of gnídan
gnægen see gnagen past part. of gnagan
gnæt [] m (-es/gnatas) gnat, midge
gnagan [] sv/t6 3rd pres gnægð past gnóg/on ptp gegnagen to gnaw
gnást see fýrgnást
gnéad- see gnéað-
gnéað [] adj niggardly; frugal, sparing
gnéaðlicnes [] f (-se/-sa) frugality
gnéaðnes [] f (-se/-sa) frugality; scarcity
gnéðe [] adj scanty, sparing; adv ~líce
gnéðelicnes see gnéaðlicnes
gnídan [] sv/t1 3rd pres gnídeð past gnád/gnidon ptp gegniden to rub, grind together, crumble
gnidil [] m (-es/-as) rubber, pestle
gníding [] f (-e/-a) rubbing
gnít pres 3rd sing of gnídan
gnógon past pl of gnagan
gnorn2 [] 1. adj sad, sorrowful, troubled, depressed; 2. m (-es/-as) sadness, sorrow, trouble
gnornan see gnornian
gnorncearig [] adj sad, troubled
gnorngan see gnornian
gnornhof2 [] n (-es/-u) prison, cell
gnornian [] wv/i2 to be sad, murmur, complain, mourn, lament, grieve
gnornscendende [] adj hastening away in sadness [scyndan]
gnornsorg2 [] f (-e/-a) sadness, sorrow
gnornung [] f (-e/-a) sadness, sorrow, lamentation, discontent
gnornword [] n (-es/-) lamentation
gnuddian [] wv/t2 to rub
gnyran see gnyrran
gnyrn2 [] f (-e/-a) sadness, mourning, calamity; wrong, insult, fault, blemish [gnorn]
gnyrnwracu [] f (-e/-a) revenge, enmity
gnyrran [] wv/t1a to grind the teeth; creak
gnýðe see gnéað
góað pres 3rd sing of góian
góc see géoc
God [] m (-es/-as, -u) a god, image of a god, God, the (Christian) Deity; godlike person
gód [] 1. adj good (of persons or things), virtuous; desirable, favorable, salutary, pleasant; valid, efficient, suitable; considerable, sufficiently great; cmp betera, betra, bettra; spl betest, betst; 2. n (-es/-) good thing, advantage, benefit, gift; good, goodness, welfare; virtue, ability, doughtiness; goods, property, wealth
godæppel [] m (-æpples/-æpplas) quince [see coddæppel]
godbearn [] n (-es/-) divine child, Son of God; godchild
godborg [] m? (-es/-as) solemn pledge (given in church?)
godbót [] f (-e/-a) atonement
godcund [] adj religious, sacred, divine, spiritual, heaven-sent
godcundlic [] adj divine, of or from God, spiritual, celestial; adv ~líce divinely; canonically
godcundlicnes see godcundnes
godcundmæht [] n? (-es/-) divine majesty
godcundnes [] f (-se/-sa) divine nature, divinity, God-head; divine service; oblation
godcundspéd [] f (-e/-e) divine nature, godhead
góddǽd [] f (-e/-e) good work; benefit
goddohtor [] f (-/-) goddaughter
góddónd2 [] m (-es/góddénd) benefactor
goddréam2 [] m (-es/-as) joy of heaven
godé- see god-
godfæder [] m (-es/-as) God the Father; godfather
godfrecnes see godwrecnes
gódfremmend [] m (-es/-) doer of good?
godfyrht [] adj god-fearing
godgeld see godgield
godgesprǽce see godsprǽce
godgesprǽcen see godsprǽce
godgield [] n (-es/-) heathen god, idol; heathen rite
godgieldlic [] adj of idol-worship
godgim [] m (-es/-as) heavenly jewel?
godhád [] m (-a/-a) divine nature
gódian1 [] wv/t2 to improve, get better; make better; endow, enrich
Goding [] m (-es/-as) Son of God
gódlár [] f (-e/-a) good teaching
gódléas [] adj bad, evil
godlic [] adj godlike, divine
gódlic [] adj goodly, excellent; comely, fair
gódlíf [] n (-es/-) good life
godmægen [] n (-es/-) divine power, divinity
godmódor [] f (-/-) godmother
gódnes [] f (-se/-sa) goodness, virtue; good-will, beneficence, kindliness; good thing
godsǽd [] n (-es/-) (God’s seed), divine progeny?
gódscipe [] m (-es/-as) kindness
godscyld [] f (-e/-e) sin against God, impiety
godscyldig [] adj impious
godsibb [] m (-es/-as) sponsor
godsibbrǽden [] f (-ne/-na) sponsorial obligations
gódspédig2 [] adj rich, happy
godspel [] n (-es/-) gospel, glad tidings; one of the four gospels; the gospel (for the day)
godspelbodung [] f (-e/-a) gospel-preaching, new dispensation
godspellbóc [] f (-béc/-béc) book containing the four gospels
godspellere [] m (-es/-as) gospeller, evangelist
godspellian [] wv/t2 to preach the gospel, evangelize
godspellic [] adj evangelical
godspellisc [] adj evangelical
godspelltraht [] m (-es/-as) gospel commentary, homily
godsprǽce [] n (-es/-u) oracle
godsunu [] m (-a/-a) godson
godþrymm [] m (-es/-as) divine majesty
godþrymnes [] f (-se/-sa) divine glory
godwebb [] 1. n (-es/-) fine cloth, purple; fine clothes; curtain; flag; 2. see godwebben
godwebbcyn [] n (-nes/-nu) purple (cloth)
godwebben [] adj of purple; of silk or cotton
godwebgyrla [] m (-n/-n) cloth of purple
godwebwyrhta [] m (-n/-n) weaver of purple
gódwillende [] adj well-pleased
godwræc [] adj wicked
godwræclic [] adj impious, sacrilegious
godwrece see godwræc
godwrecnes [] f (-se/-sa) wickedness, impiety
goffian [] wv/i2 to be vain
gofol see gafol
gólan [] wv/t1b to lament, groan
gól past 3rd sing of galan
gold [] n (-es/-) gold
goldǽht [] f (-e/-a) wealth in gold
goldbeorht [] adj bright with gold
goldbléoh [] adj golden-hued
goldblóma [] m (-n/-n) golden bloom?
goldburg2 [] f (-byrg/-byrg) city in which gold is given?, rich city?; [gen sing ~byrg, ~byrig, ~burge; dat sing ~byrg, ~byrig; nom/acc pl ~byrg, byrig; gen pl ~burga; dat pl ~burgum]
golde [] f (-an/-an) solsequia, marigold
golde- see gold-
golden past part of gieldan
goldfæt2 [] n (-es/-fatu) golden vessel
goldfǽted [] adj plated or adorned with gold
goldfág [] adj variegated or shining with gold
goldfell [] n (-es/-) gold plate
goldfellen [] adj of gilded leather
goldfinc [] m (-es/-as) goldfinch
goldfinger [] m (-fingres/-fingras) ring-finger
goldfrætwe [] f pl gold ornaments
goldfyld [] adj covered with gold
goldfyll? [] n (-es/-) gold leaf, gold foil
goldgearwe [] f pl gold ornaments
goldgewefen [] adj woven with gold
goldgeweorc [] n (-es/-) golden object
goldgiefa2 [] m (-n/-n) gold-giver, prince, lord
goldhilted [] adj golden hilted
goldhladen [] adj adorned with gold
goldhoma [] m (-n/-n) gold-adorned coat of mail
goldhord [] n (-es/-), m (-es/-as) treasure of gold, treasury
goldhordhús [] n (-es/-) treasury
goldhordian [] wv/t2 to collect treasure, hoard
goldhroden2 [] adj ornamented with gold
goldhwæt [] adj greedy for gold
goldlæfer [] f (-e/-a) gold plate
goldléaf [] n (-es/-) gold leaf or plate
goldmæstling [] m (-es/-as) brass [listed as n]
goldmáðm [] m (-es/-as) treasure
goldmestling see goldmæstling
goldóra [] m (-n/-n) gold ore
goldsele2 [] m (-es/-as) hall in which gold is distributed
goldsmið [] m (-es/-as) goldsmith
goldsmiðu [] f (-e/-a) goldsmith’s art
goldspédig [] adj rich in gold
goldtorht [] adj bright like gold
goldþéof [] m (-es/-as) stealer of gold
goldþrǽd [] m (-es/-as) gold thread
goldweard [] m (-es/-as) keeper of gold (dragon)
goldwecg [] m (-es/-as) a lump of gold
goldwine2 [] m (-es/-e, -as) liberal prince, lord, king
goldwlanc2 [] adj brave with gold, richly adorned
goldwlencu [] f (-e/-a) gold ornament
goldwreken [] adj inlaid with gold
goldwyrt [] f (-e/-e) heliotrope, marigold
golfetung see gaffetung
gólon past pl of galan
golpen past part of gielpan
gom- see gam-
góma [] m (-n/-n) inside of mouth or throat, palate, jaws (sing. or pl. used indifferently)
gombe2 [] f (-an/-an) tribute
gomor [] ? (-?/-?) Hebrew measure, omer
Gomorringas [] m pl the people of Gomorrha
gon- see gan-
gond- see gand-, geond-
góp [] m (-es/-as) slave, servant
gor [] n (-es/-u) dung, dirt, filth
gór see gár 3
gorettan [] wv/t1b to gaze, stare about;
gorettung [] f (-e/-a) gazing
gorian [] wv/t2 to gaze, stare about
gors [] m (-es/-as) gorse, furze; juniper; rhamnus
gorst [] m (-es/-as) gorse, furze; juniper; rhamnus
gorstbéam [] m (-es/-as) furze bush
gós [] f (gés/gés) goose; [gen sing gés, góse; dat sing gés; nom/acc pl gés; gen pl gósa; dat pl gósum]
góseflǽsc [] n (-es/-u) gooseflesh
gósfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) goose
góshafoc [] m (-es/-hafecas) goshawk
gost see gorst
góst see gást
Gota [] m (-n/-n) a Goth; 1. Visigoths or West Goths, under Alrica, 382-410 AD; 2. Ostrogoths, or East Goths, under Ermanric, Þéodric, 475-526 AD;
goten past ptp of géotan
gotennes see tó~
Gotisc [] adj of the Goths
Gotland [] n (-es/-) Gothland
Gotonisc [] adj of the Goths
gótwoðe [] f (-an/-an) goatweed [gát]
góung [] f (-e/-a) groaning [góian]
grád [] m (-es/-as) step, grade, rank [L]
gráde [] f (-an/-an) step, grade, rank [L]
gráf [] n (-es/-) grove
gráfa [] m (-n/-n) grove
grafan [] sv/t6 3rd pres græfð past gróf/on ptp gegrafen to dig, dig up; grave, engrave, carve, chisel
grafere [] m (-es/-as) sculptor, graver
grafet [] n (-tes/-tu) trench
gram [] adj angry, cruel, fierce; oppressive, hostile; noun enemy
grama [] 1. m (-n/-n) rage, anger; trouble; 2. devil, demon
gramatisccræft see grammaticcræft
grambǽre [] adj passionate
grame [] adv angrily, fiercely, cruelly
gramfǽrnes [] f (-se/-sa) wrath [same as grambǽrnes]
gramhegdig see gramhýdig
gramheort2 [] adj hostile-minded
gramhycgende [] adj hostile
gramhýdig2 [] adj hostile, malignant
gramian [] wv/t2 to anger, enrage; gramigende raging
gramigende [] adj raging
gramlic [] adj wrathful, fierce, cruel, severe; adv ~líce
grammatic [] adj grammatical [L]
grammaticancræft see grammaticcræft
grammaticcræft [] m (-es/-as) art of grammar
grammaticere [] m (-es/-as) grammarian
grammatisc see grammatic
grammód [] adj cruel
gramword [] n (-es/-) evil speech
grand past 3rd sing of grindan
grandorléas [] adj guileless
gránian [] wv/t2 to groan, lament, murmur [listed as sv/t2]
Grantabrycgscír [] f (-e/-a) Cambridgeshire
Grantaceaster [] f (-ceastre/-ceastra) Grantchester, a village near Cambridge
Grantabrycg [] f (-e/-a) Cambridge, the chief town in Cambridgeshire, and seat of the University
granu [] f (-e/-a) moustache
gránung [] f (-e/-a) groaning, lamentation
gráp [] 1.2 f (-e/-a) grasp, grip [grípan]; 2. past 3rd sing of grípan
grápian1 [] wv/t2 to feel for, lay hold of, seize, touch; attain, reach
grápigendlic [] adj tangible
grápung [] f (-e/-a) sense of feeling, touch
gráscinnen [] adj made of grey skins or grey fur [ON gráskinn]
grasian [] wv/t2 to graze
grasu see græs
gratan see grotan
graðul [] ? gradual, an antiphon sung between the Epistle and the Gospel at the Eucharist, so called because it was sung at the steps of the altar
grǽd [] m (-es/grádas) grass
grǽda see gréada
grǽdan [] 1. wv/t1b to cry, call out; crow; 2. dat sing of wk adj grassy
grǽde 1. adj grassy; 2. see grǽd
grǽdig [] adj greedy, hungry, covetous; eager; adv ~líce
grǽdignes [] f (-se/-sa) greediness, avarice
grǽdum [] adv greedily
græf [] 1. n (-es/grafu) cave, grave, trench; 2. n (-es/grafu) style for writing [L graphium]
grǽfa [] m (-n/-n) bush, bramble, grove, thicket; brush-wood (for burning), fuel
græfe [] f (-an/-an) bush, bramble, grove, thicket; brush-wood (for burning), fuel
græfen past participle of grafan
græfhús [] n (-es/-) grave
græfsex [] n (-es/-) graving tool [seax]
græft [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a), n (-es/-) graven image, carved object, sculpture
græftgeweorc [] n (-es/-) graven image
græfð pres 3rd sing of grafan
grǽg [] adj grey
grǽggós [] f (-gés/-gés) grey (wild) goose
grǽghǽwe [] adj grey
grǽghama [] adj grey-coated
grǽgmǽl [] adj grey-colored
grǽgós see grǽggós
græm- see grem-
græn- see gren-
grǽp see grép
græs [] n (-es/grasu) grass, blade (of grass), herb, young corn, hay, plant; pasture [also gærs]
græsgréne [] adj grass-green
græshoppa see gærshoppa
græsmolde [] f (-an/-an) greensward
græswang2 [] m (-es/-as) greensward
grǽt [] 1. pres 3rd sing of grǽdan, grétan; 2. see gréat
gréada [] m (-n/-n) lap, bosom
gréat [] adj great, tall, thick, stout, massive; coarse [cmp gríetra, spl gríetest]
gréatewyrt [] f (-e/-e) meadow saffron [a type of plant]
gréatian [] wv/t2 to greaten, become great or large, become enlarged [listed as sv/t2]
gréatnes [] f (-se/-sa) greatness
Gréc [] ? (-?/-?) Greek (language); cweðende in Gréc saying in Greek;
Grécas [] m pl Greeks
Grécisc [] adj Greek, Grecian
Grécland [] n (-es/-) Greece
gréd see grǽd
gref- see græf-
gréf- see grǽf-
grég- see grǽg-
Gregórius [] m (-es/-as) Gregory; [gen Gregóries; dat Gregórie; acc Gregórium]; Gregory the Great, Pope 590 – 604 AD, who sent Augustine and other missionaries to England in 597; Gregórius = Latin Vigilantus = Englisc Wacolre
grem- see grim-
gremet- see grymet-
gremian1 [] wv/t2 to enrage, provoke, irritate; revile
gremman see gremian
gremung [] f (-e/-a) provocation
Grénawíc [] n (-es/-) Greenwich, near London
Grendel [] m (Grendles/Grendlas) Grendel
gréne [] adj green; young, immature; raw; growing, living; noun
grénhǽwen [] adj green-colored
grénian [] wv/i2 to become green, flourish
grénnes [] f (-se/-sa) greenness; in pl green things, plants
grennian [] wv/t2 to grin, gnash the teeth
grennung [] f (-e/-a) grinning
gréofa [] m (-n/-n) pot, pan [Ger griebe]
gréop see grép
gréosn [] n (-es/-) gravel, pebble [Ger greiss]
gréot [] n (-es/-) grit, sand, earth
gréotan [] sv/t2 3rd pres gríeteð past gréat/gruton ptp gegroten to cry, lament
gréothord [] n (-es/-) body
gréow past 3rd sing of grówan
grép [] f (-e/-a) ditch, furrow, drain; privy
grépe [] f (-an/-an) ditch, furrow, drain; privy
gres- see græs-
grét- see gréat-
grétan [] wv/t1b 1. 1 to greet, salute, accost, speak to, challenge; 1 to seek out, approach, visit; ill-treat, attack; touch, take hold of, handle, deal with; have an effect upon; cohabit with; hearpan ~ play the harp; 2. 2 to weep, bemoan, lament, deplore
gréting [] f (-e/-a) greeting; present
grétinghús [] n (-es/-) audience chamber
grétingword [] n (-es/-) word of greeting
gretta see grytta
greðe [] m? sodalis?, a companion? [a mate, fellow, intimate, comrade, crony, boon-companion; A fellow or member of a corporation, society, fraternity, college, etc.; In a bad sense, a participator, accomplice in unlawful secret associations (esp. for buying votes, plotting against the State, etc.):]
gréwð pres 3rd sing of grówan
griellan see grillan
gríetra see gréat
griffus [] m (-es/-as) griffon
gríghund [] m (-es/-as) greyhound
grillan [] wv/t1a to provoke, offend; gnash the teeth
grim see grimm
gríma2 [] m (-n/-n) mask, helmet; ghost
grimena [] m (-n/-n) bruchus (a kind of locust without wings), caterpillar?
grimet- see grymet-
grimful [] adj fierce, violent
grímhelm2 [] m (-es/-as) helmet (with visor)
gríming [] m (-es/-as) specter
grimlic [] adj fierce, blood-thirsty, cruel, terrible, severe; adv ~líce
grimm [] adj fierce, savage; dire, severe, bitter, painful
grimman2 [] sv/t3 3rd pres grimð past gramm/grummon ptp gegrummen to rage; hasten on
grimmán [] n (-es/-) terrible sin
grímme [] adv savagely, cruelly, severely
grimnes [] f (-se/-sa) ferocity, cruelty; severity
grimsian [] wv/i2 to rage
grimsung [] f (-e/-a) harshness, severity
grin [] n? (-es/-) ilium, region of the groin
grín1 [] n (-es/-u), f (-e/-a) snare, gin; halter, noose
grindan1 [] sv/t3 3rd pres grindeð past grand/grundon ptp gegrunden to rub together, grate, scrape; gnash; grind, sharpen
grinde [] f (-an/-an) shingle
grindel [] m (grindles/grindlas) bar, bolt; pl grating, hurdle
grindere [] m (-es/-as) grinder
grindetóð [] m (-téð/-téð) grinding tooth, molar
grindle [] f (-an/-an) herring
gring see cring
grint pres 3rd sing of grindan
grinu [] adv avidius (said of some color)
gríosn see gréosn
gripa [] m (-n/-n) handful, sheaf
grípan1 [] sv/i1 3rd pres grípð past gráp/gripon ptp gegripen (w.d.g. on or tó) to seek to get hold of, assail, attack; sv/t1 (w.g.) to seize, snatch, take, apprehend
gripe [] m (-es/-as) grip, grasp, seizure, attack; gúðbilla ~ shield; handful
grípend [] m (-es/-) seizer, robber
grippan1 [] wv/t1a to seize, obtain
gripu [] f (-e/-a) kettle, cauldron
gripul [] ? capax
grísan see agrísan
grislic [] adj grisly, horrible
gríst [] n (-es/-) action of grinding
gristan? [] wv/t1b to gnash, grind
gristbát- see gristbit-
gristbite [] m (-es/-as) gnashing
gristbitian [] wv/t2 to gnash the teeth, rage
gristbitung [] f (-e/-a) gnashing of teeth
gristle [] f (-an/-an) gristle
gristlung [] f (-e/-a) gnashing
grístra [] m (-n/-n) miller, baker
gritta see grytta
griþ [] n (-es/-?) truce, (temporary) peace; protection of the person, asylum, sanctuary, guarantee of safety
griþbryce [] m (-es/-as) breach of ‘griþ’; penalty for such a breach
griðian1 [] wv/t2 to make a truce or peace
griþlagu [] f (-e/-a) law of temporary or local peace
griþléas [] adj unprotected
groe- see gré-
gróf past 3rd sing of grafan
grom see gram
gron- see gran-
grond past 3rd sing of grindan
gronwisc [] ? acus
gróp [] f (-e/-a) ditch
gropa [] m (-n/-n) a liquid measure
grópian see grápian
groren see begroren
grorn [] 1. m (-es/-as) sorrow, sadness; 2. adj sad, agitated; 3. adv grorne sadly, agitatedly
grornhof [] n (-es/-u) sad home, hell
grornian [] wv/i2 to mourn, complain
grorntorn [] n (-es/-) sadness
grornung [] f (-e/-a) complaint
grost [] m (-es/-as) cartilage
grot [] 1. n (-es/-?) particle; meal; 2. pl noun (grotan) groats, coarse meal
grotig [] adj earthy
grówan1 [] sv/i7 3rd pres gréwð past gréow/on ptp is gegrówen to grow, increase, flourish; germinate
grówende [] adj growing
grównes [] f (-se/-sa) growth; prosperity
grummon past pl of grimman
gruncian [] wv/t2 to desire
grund [] m (-es/-as) ground, bottom; foundation; abyss, hell; plain, country, land, earth; sea, water
grundbedd [] n (-es/-) ground, soil
grundbúend2 [] m (-es/-) earth-dweller
grunddéope [] ? depths of the sea
grunden past participle of grindan
grundeswelge [] f (-an/-an) groundsel
grundfús [] adj ready for hell, hastening to hell
grundhyrde [] m (-es/-as) keeper of the abyss
grundinga see grundlinga
grundléas [] adj bottomless, unfathomable; boundless, vast
grundléaslic [] adj boundless, vast
grundling [] m (-es/-as) groundling (fish)
grundlinga [] adv from the foundation, completely; to the ground, prone, prostrate
grundon past pl of grindan
grundscéat2 [] m (-es/-as) region
grundsele [] m (-es/-as) abysmal dwelling
grundsopa [] m (-n/-n) cartilage, gristle (in animals)
grundstán [] m (-es/-as) foundation-stone
grundwæg [] m (-es/-wagas) earth
grundwang2 [] m (-es/-as) (ground-plain), the earth; bottom (of a lake)
grundweall [] m (-es/-as) foundation
grundwela [] m (-n/-n) earthly riches
grundwiergen [] f (-ne/-na) water-wolf, accursed monster of the deep
grunian [] wv/t2 to grunt; desire
grunnian [] wv/t2 to grunt; desire
grunnettan [] wv/t1b to grunt
grunung [] f (-e/-a) grunting, bellowing
grunnung [] f (-e/-a) grunting, bellowing
grut [] m (-es/-as) gulf, chasm, abyss; stone, rock
grút [] f (grýt/ grýt) groats, coarse meal; grains, the spent grain after brewing; [gen sing grýt, grúte; dat sing grýt; nom/acc pl grýt; gen pl grúta; dat pl grútum]
grutt see grut
grutte see grut
grylian see grillian
grymettan [] wv/t1b to grunt, roar, rage
grymettian [] wv/t2 to grunt, roar, rage
grymetung [] f (-e/-a) grunting, roaring, bellowing
grymettung [] f (-e/-a)grunting, roaring, bellowing
grymm see grimm
grymman [] 1. wv/t1a to mourn, wail; 2. see gremian
gryn see gyrn
grýn see grín
gryndan [] 1. wv/t1b to set, sink (of the sun); 2. ge~ to found (of a house); 3. see grindan
grynde [] n (-s/-u) abyss
grynel see cyrnel
grýnian see grínian
grynsmiþ [] m (-es/-as) worker of ill
grýpe [] f (-an/-an) ditch, drain
gryre2 [] m (-es/-as) horror, terror; fierceness, violence; horrible thing
gryrebróga2 [] m (-n/-n) terror, horror
gryrefæst [] adj terribly firm
gryrefáh2 [] adj (used as noun) spotted horror
gryregæst [] m (-es/-gastas) terrible stranger
gryregeatwe [] f pl war-gear
gryrehwíl [] f (-e/-a) terrible time
gryreléoð2 [] n (-es/-) terrible song
gryrelic2 [] adj terrible, horrible
gryremiht [] f (-e/-e) terrible power
gryresíð [] m (-es/-as) dangerous expedition
gryrran [] wv/t1a to gnash
grys- see gris-
grýs- see grís-
grýt [] 1. pres 3rd sing of gréotan; 2. see grút
grýtan [] wv/t1b to flourish [gréat]
grýtt [] n (-es/-) dust, meal
grytta [] f pl coarse meal, bran, chaff
gryttan [] f pl coarse meal, bran, chaff
grytte see grytt [was f spider]
grýttra see gríetra, cmp of gréat
grýtu [] f (-e/-a) greatness [gréat]
gryð- see grið-
gryum see grim(m)
see géo
gullisc [] adj gilded
guma2 [] m (-n/-n) man, lord, hero
gumcynn2 [] n (-es/-) human race, men, nation
gumcyst2 [] f (-e/-e) excellence, bravery, virtue, liberality; adv ~um excellently
gumdréam [] m (-es/-as) enjoyment of life
gumdryhten [] m (-dryhtnes/-dryhtnas) lord
gumféða [] m (-n/-n) troop
gumfréa [] m (-n/-n) king
gumian see ofergumian
gummann [] m (-es/-menn) man
gumríce2 [] n (-s/-u) kingdom, earth
gumrinc2 [] m (-es/-as) man, warrior
gumstól [] m (-es/-as) ruler’s seat, throne
gumþegen [] m (-þegnes/-þegnas) man
gumþéod [] f (-e/-a) folk, people
gund [] m (-es/-as) matter, pus
gundeswilge see grundeswelge
gundig [] adj goundy, mattery
gung see geong
gung- see ging-
gungon past pl of gangan
gunnon past pl of ginnan
gupe [] f (-an/-an) buttock, clunibus, renibus, coxe
gurron past pl of gyrran
guton past pl of géotan
guttas [] m pl guts, entrails
gúð2 [] f (-e/-a) combat, battle, war
gúðbeorn [] m (-es/-as) fighting hero
gúðbill2 [] n (-es/-) battle-bill, sword; ~a gripe shield
gúðbord2 [] n (-es/-) war-shield
gúðbyrne [] f (-an/-an) corselet, coat of mail
gúðcearu [] f (-e/-a) war trouble
gúðcræft [] m (-es/-as) war craft
gúðcwén2 [] f (-e/-e) warrior queen
gúðcyning2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior king
gúðcyst [] f (-e/-e) troop, warrior band?; bravery?
gúðdéað [] m (-es/-as) death in battle
gúðfana [] m (-n/-n) gonfanon, war-banner, ensign, standard
gúðflá [] f (-n/-n) battle arrow
gúðflán [] m (-es/-as), f (-e/-a) battle arrow
gúðfloga [] m (-n/-n) winged fighter
gúðfona see gúðfana
gúðfréa [] m (-n/-n) warlike prince
gúðfrec [] adj bold in battle, greedy for destruction
gúðfreca2 [] m (-n/-n) warrior
gúðfremmend2 [] m (-es/-) warrior
gúðfugol [] m (-fugles/-fuglas) bird of war, eagle
gúðgeatwe2 [] f pl armor
gúðgelǽca [] m (-n/-n) warrior
gúðgemót2 [] n (-es/-) battle, combat
gúðgeorn [] adj tempting, looking for a quarrel
gúðgetáwe see gúðgeatwe
gúðgeþingu2 [] n pl battle, contest
gúðgewǽde2 [] n (-s/-u) war-dress, armor
gúðgeweorc2 [] n (-es/-) warlike deed
gúðgewinn2 [] n (-es/-) battle
gúðhafoc [] m (-es/-as) war hawk, eagle
gúðheard [] adj bold in battle
gúðhelm [] m (-es/-as) helmet
gúðhere [] m (-es/-as) warlike host, army
gúðhorn [] m (-es/-as) war-horn, trumpet
gúðhréð [] m (-es/-as) martial glory
gúðhwæt [] adj fierce in battle
gúðléoð [] n (-es/-) war-song
gúðmæcga [] m (-n/-n) warrior
gúðmaga [] m (-n/-n) warrior
gúðmód [] adj of warlike mind; warlike mind [~ig deleted]
Gúðmyrce [] m pl Ethiopians, warlike border dwellers?
gúðplega2 [] m (-n/-n) attack, battle
gúðrǽs2 [] m (-es/-rásas) battle-rush, onslaught
gúðréaf [] n (-es/-) armor
gúðréow [] adj fierce in battle [hréow]
gúðrinc2 [] m (-es/-as) warrior, hero
gúðróf2 [] adj brave in battle
gúðscearu [] f (-e/-a) slaughter in battle
gúðsceaða [] m (-n/-n) ravaging invader
gúðsceorp [] n (-es/-) armor
gúðscrúd [] n (-es/-) armor [dat ~scrýd]
gúðsearu2 [] n (-es/-) armor [~searo also]
gúðsele [] m (-es/-as) hall of warriors
gúðspell [] n (-es/-) tidings of a war
gúðsweord [] n (-es/-) sword
gúðþracu2 [] f (-e/-a) hostile attack
gúðþréat [] m (-es/-as) warlike troop
gúðweard2 [] m (-es/-as) war-lord, king
gúðweorc [] n (-es/-) warlike deed
gúðwérig [] adj wounded
gúðwiga [] m (-n/-n) warrior
gúðwine2 [] m (-es/-as) battle-friend, weapon
gúðwudu [] m (-a/-a) spear
gy- see ge-, gi-
gyc- see gic-
gyd see gid(d)
gyden [] f (-ne/-na) goddess [god] [occasional gen sing gydenan] [1st common variant]
gydenu [] f (-e/-a) goddess [god] [occasional gen sing gydenan] [2nd common variant]
gydenlic [] adj of a goddess; nunlike, vestal, (vestalis (dealis?))
gydig [] adj possessed (by a spirit), insane
gyf see gif
gyf- see geof-, gief-, gif-
gýf- see gíf-
gyhða see gicða
gyhðu see gehðu
gyld see gield
gyld- see gild-, gylt-
gyldan1 [] 1. wv/t1b to gild; 2. see gieldan
gylden1 [] adj golden
gyldenbéag [] m (-es/-as) crown
gyldenbend [] f (-e/-a) golden band [also m, n]
gyldenfeax [] adj golden-haired
gyldenhilte [] adj golden-hilted
gyldenhíwe [] adj golden-hued
gyldenmúða [] adj golden-mouthed (Chrysostom)
gyldenwecg [] m (-es/-as) gold mine
gylece? see pylece
gylian [] wv/t2 to yell, shout
gyliende [] adj garrulus
gyllan [] wv/t1a to yell, shout
gylm see gilm
gylp see gielp
gylt [] m (-es/-as) guilt, sin, offense, crime, fault
gyltan1 [] wv/t1b to commit sin, be guilty
gyltend [] m (-es/-) sinner, debtor
gyltig [] adj offending, guilty
gylting [] f (-e/-a) sin
gyltlic [] adj sinful; adv ~líce faultily
gyltwíte [] n (-s/-u) fine for unpaid tax; fine for a crime
gylung? [] f (-e/-a) garrulitas
gym see gimm
gym- see gim-
gým- see gíem-
gymian see gymmian
gymm see gimm
gymmian1 [] wv/t2 to cut the flesh
gyn- see geon-, gin-
gýn- see gín-
gýpe see ǽgýpe
gypigend [] m (-es/-) yawning
gypung [] f (-e/-a) gaping, open mouth
gyr [] 1. m (-es/-as) filth, mud, marsh; 2. fir tree
gyr- see geor-, gier-
gyra see gyr 1
gyrdan1 [] wv/t1b 3rd pres gyrdeð past gyrde ptp gegyrded to gird (sword); encircle, surround; ge~ to invest with attributes
gyrdel [] m (gyrdles/gyrdlas) girdle, belt, zone; purse
gyrdelbred [] n (-es/-) writing-tablet (carried in the purse?)
gyrdelhring [] m (-es/-as) girdle, buckle [listed as n]
gyrdels see gyrdel
gyrder see gyrdel
gyrdil- see gyrdel-
gýren see grin
gyrlgyden [] f (-ne/-na) goddess of dress
gyrman see grymman
gyrn2 [] m (-es/-as), n (-es/-) sorrow, misfortune
gyrnstafas [] m pl injury, affliction
gyrnwracu2 [] f (-e/-a) revenge for injury
gyrran [] sv/i3 see gierran, georran
gyrretan [] wv/t1b to roar (of lions)
gyrsandæg see giestrandæg
gyrtréow [] n (-treowes/-) fir-tree
gyru [] 1. adj muddy; 2. f see gyr
gyrwan see gierwian
gyrwefenn [] n (-es/-) marsh
gýse see gése
gýsel see gísl
gyst see 1. giest; 2. gist
gyst- see giest-
gisternlicdæg see gierstandæg
gyt see git pron
gýt 1. pres 3rd sing of géotan; 2. see giet
gýt- see gíet-, gít-
gyte [] m (-es/-as) pouring forth, shedding; flood [géotan]
gytt [] m (-es/-as) pouring forth, shedding; flood [géotan]
gytesǽl [] m (-es/-sálas) joy at winepouring, carousal
gytestréam [] m (-es/-as) running stream
gytfeorm [] f (-e/-a) ploughing-feast
gyð- see gið
gýu see géo


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